The eternal love triangle..

Bachelor's MarriageBachelor’s Marriage by Akshat Pradeep Solanki
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There is a basic advantage for the readers reading a story of romance. Ask me-what is the advantage? Since romance has its appeal direct to the heart-there will be a good exercise of heart. Sometimes the heartbeat will run faster-sometimes slower-it is good jogging for heart all the way! In contrast-suppose if you reading a thriller. Thrillers these days are so much researched upon, that it is an excessive taxation for the brain. While reading-sometimes you have to jump to Wikipedia, sometimes to encyclopedias just to know the background of the story. And who does not know excess work by the brain will ruin your health. So, to be in good health always read romance. More so, if these stories are something of the nature of a fluid read like the Bachelor’s marriage.
Jokes apart, the appeal of a story of romance is eternal. Particularly so, when the story ends in a tragedy. The sad tune of the song is always in resonance with the frequency of heart. Sacrifices in love, two hearts unable to be united always have a direct impact on the heart. Romeo Juliet, Heer Ranjha –all are stories of tragedy. But that does not necessarily means Bachelor’s Marriage will end in a tragedy. After all if you know the conclusion-then why are you going to read the story? But the statement that I would like to make –don’t miss the end. It is where the storyline reaches the climax-or in the words of the writer –reaches its beginning.
Bachelor’s Marriage is the debut novel of romance by the writer by Akshat Pradeep Solanki. Simply speaking this is a pure story of love triangle-no adulteration. If you ask what adulteration can be expected in a story of romance- I shall answer there are romance stories where villains with big moustache, red eyes, burly bodes make the life miserable for the protagonists, where the families of the love birds turns against each other, where the life seems to be a game of thrones. This story is not like these one-here the hero gets to love her girl uninterruptedly, even it is the love at first sight for both the sudh desi romances on which the whole story revolves around.
So let us take a little sneak peek at the story. The story starts with a bit of recollecting the flashback events by the protagonist Sujoy, with a bit of nostalgic revolution by future Mr. Ambani-now a proud student of IIM. We will try to make it as secret as possible. After all it is the matter of hearts. Matter of hearts should always be as close as possible. And so did Sujoy Solanki-brilliantly hiding his love affairs from his friends-for so long. However, as the old proverb says truth will emerge-his love affair was finally revealed to his friends. But I think we are a little out of track-so let us return to the mainstream of the story.
Sujoy –the intelligent, handsome boy had never imagined that it could have happened with him. He had a first hand experience of the proverb-bolt from the blue. In an accident involving an insane bus driver-killing and injuring several on the rush hours of the Pune roads-he made a valiant attempt to rescue one of the injured girls. If you ask-why particularly he saved the girl? Why not any boy? Well-then I will tell it is all at the mind of the cupid. Anyway he took her to hospital –and informed her parents –and left without taking his number. But a little technological innovation made him to make contact with her-thanks to social networking sites of today and wondrous apps of android phones. ( I can hardly make a call from my Smartphone-so I am the last person to explain all the tit bits of this technological marvel to you.) . Anyway his heart melts like the ice with the warmth of the beautiful girl-Gunjan!
‘I am’ I took her hands in mine. The scene was already romantic. We looked into each other’s eyes. The garden fell into a hush; even the birds stopped chirping to watch us.
‘Gunjan,I love you.’ I said, I leaned closer to her, holding her with my arms. Our lips locked. I kissed her. It lasted for a whole moment. We kissed again. Her eyes closed.’
Short direct sentences, carefully chosen words had increased the attraction of narration. He has been able to put up a visual illusion with his narrations. As a debut author you need to be exceptionally confident about yourself to make such magical effect with your words.
Now let us get back to the story once again. Jyoti is another girl who has already entered into his life-almost at the same time as Gunjan. Call it a mere coincidence or the irony of fate-she is almost identical to Gunjan-be it appearance or be it behavior. And our smart boy was clever enough to hide his feelings towards the girls from his well wishers. To make things doubly difficult for him-his parents choose Jyoti as their ‘would be daughter in law’. Now Sujoy is in a dilemma. Whom to choose? Whom to reject? Surprisingly bioth the girls proved out to be a committed lover .After all he is a good bargainer and a good businessman. But will his sense of business help him in this matter of hearts?
Where the story will take the three-at the crossroad of life?
The gang of four-Sujoy and his friends who played the pivotal role in the story throughout are also on a business idea from their college days. They started running one mobile accessories shop. Their moments of sharing feelings, standing at each other’s hard times, enlivened up the whole story.
‘I was thinking about the day the four of us became friends. It was like we took an oath to never leave each other for the rest of our lives. Later, I came in contact with their girlfriends, who were my first girl friends. Later Gunjan and Jyoti came into my life. I felt like I didn’t need anything more now. I had everything.’
Another aspect of the story is the near perfect description of Maharashtra and its culture. The story is plotted around Pune-so Maharastra has its place. The landscape and culture of Rajasthan has also come to the story-making the whole story reflecting the diverse culture of India.
However the love affairs of Sujoy have came too bit easily, like a cakewalk. It was all too nice, all too easy. It was jingle all the way. And to me the love affairs were too much platonic. I am not saying this is unnatural-but twenty-first century generation will keep themselves within the periphery of heavenly feeling of platonic love-within any physical advancement-is a bit unexpected for me.
After all spices add taste to cuisine……..


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The wonder that was INdia

LegacyLegacy by Mohan Prasad
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is not merely a story of a boy-but it is a snapshot of the period of his growth-the time, the history, the culture’ is how you can try to explain ‘Legacy’ by Mohan Prasad in an one sentence expression.
Legacy’ is the perfect name for the book. A nation is born awaking from the sleep at the stroke of the midnight after a long history of struggle for independence-erasing a long history of colonial occupation. But that was just the beginning-tryst with destiny of the country was a mix of hope and despair, joys and tears. Just after independence dreams of millions were shattered-thousands rendered homeless after the line of Radcliffe passed straight through their hearts-bleeding them. It was a journey of nightmare for laths-often trains crossing the borders were found to contain only dead bodies-only past, who were very much alive, very much present when the trains had started their journey. And after partition-it was not an unmixed bliss too. More has to come-there was poverty, there was famine, there was corruption, there was racial discrimination, and there were riots in the name of religion. But there was progress to. India marches ahead in the field of education, science, technology-you name it. And the backdrop of the newly independent country was changing rapidly too-there were rapid changes in almost every aspect-older thought giving way to the newer ones-communist and socialistic ideologies sprouted –religious organizations like RSS started to make a clear cut impact on public minds. Border truce with neighboring countries taught India to become self reliant in the field of defense. In a nutshell-there were signs that India was maturing-taking noteworthy strides towards being a nation in making. It was just like the story of a boy getting grown up-he makes countless errors-countless blunders in his childhood, boyhood, youth hood, adulthood…. In spite of all these errors he makes progress-he grows up-he gets matured. It is pretty much the same story with a big family-there is invisible and visible stress and strains in a family-there are errors in decisions-but there is a bond that sews the family member’s together-like flowers of a garland. ‘Legacy’ is the story of seeing the nation getting matured from the perspective of an individual. ‘Legacy’ is the story of an individual gradually getting grown up, too.
If I say-this is the story of Darshan Swami-who was once lovingly called Dalai by his parents-then thorough injustice will be done to the story. it is not merely a story of an individual-it is also a story of generations- it is the story of traditions that flows like the river Baghmati where the story had first begun-where the little Dalai had his first lessons in the lessons of life from his father. Here the little boy first knew how their family flourished-with dreams and aspirations how the great, great predecessors of the family started their business, how the ups and downs came in their lives. It was like the journey of the pilgrim for little Dalai-down the memory lane, knowing his roots-knowing his destiny. Here from the father –the little boy got his first lessons of history, civics and politics of a young nation-as young as the boy himself-throbbing with excitement, boiling with enthusiasm, leaping with vigor. His father was his first guru (it may seems a little out of context, but today is teacher’s day. Is not that coincidental?)
Every story has a prologue. How can here be exception? Let us take a sneak peek into the story of Shankar-the father of little Dalai. A robbery at their house makes him realize how desperately he needs to protest-in the face of unjust. So he joined a RSS camp-where he was taught the art of self defense. But strength often accompanies arrogance and pride-and he challenged a burly man in mock duet. And as he was no ‘Dharmaraj’, he caused wound of his opponent, breaking laws. And that was his end with RSS. He returned back to his hamlet and never ever came with active contact with RSS again.
The story of Dalai is a story of a boy who loved to fly like a bird under the sky-who loved to live the life at its fullest. At the hostel, they were like lords of wishes. Dalai and gang devised ways to escape from hostel, attend other’s weddings and enjoy lavish meals, steal from the kitchen –just name any devil’s plan and the boys are on their toes. Dalai was at the seventh heaven until his luck ran out one day-he was caught in his act of escape from the hostel. His father was summoned and charge of visiting the brothel was alleged against Darshan. His father knew that the boy had not committed the sin, but
‘shankar stayed back for the night in the hostel’s small guestroom. With the first rays of the morning, they left for Baeshwar. With a heavy heart, Dalai took leave of his friends-the brothers in arms and partners in crime. They would also leave soon, for the summer vacations were due in a week. The sole difference was Dalai wouldn’t return to the same address. In fact, the events that led to Dalai’s expulsion had started some months earlier, before the previous summer.’
But life does not remain static, it is dynamic. So the story goes on and on-and with that Dalai. At the crossroad of life-he meets Anita and life takes a new turn. Life starts to bear a new perspective-a new meaning.
At some point of time-their life diverges .dalai became a spiritual leader and Anita a firm believer in extremist ideologies. But what will become of their dreams? The dreams they once shared together-with new song of hope in their minds.
Destiny plays cruel jokes with men-it makes and it breaks.
Life is the game of making and breaking.
‘Legacy ‘ is everyone’s story-everyone can realize the reflection of his or her traits in the characters-in the hope, grief, joy, sorrow, aspirations of the protagonists everyone can discover themselves. The characters are so naturally portrayed that never the reader will realize that he is reading a fiction-it will rather be a journey of identification. Romance is an essential ingredient of the journey of two protagonists-but it is rather a secondary part.
As we have already discussed that the story culminates around India- the land and the people have been trapped inside the book with all the splendors, with all the contrasts and with all the diversities. However one aspect that is needed to be pointed out that as the time period of the story is rather a long one-from the forties to eighties-the contemporary events make the fabric of the story. However-long dialogues depicting events may be too tiresome for the reader. Only raw facts without any fictional elements might break the rhythm-and sometimes may disturb the coherency and flow of the story.
After all-after finishing ‘Legacy’ the story will echo in the minds of the reader………

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Full circle of life…

Mistress of HonourMistress of Honour by Bhaavna Arora
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Their first meeting was not in a romantic environment-warm, cozy, bright. Rather it was the time when all hell broke loose-fire leaping at the eyes of her eyes-she is going through torment that no individual ever desires to undergo-and he, has been hit by a bullet. A deadly wound-but still he has to serve his motherland-until the last drop of life remains in his body.
Even if there is no blooming of flower- it was spring! Even at inferno-spring does come….
Mistress of Honour by Bhavna Arora is a multi layered book of romance, where events flow like a streaming river-where pure romance is not the only narrative on which the story survives. It is a strong writing by a coming of age writer –developed amid the backdrop of anti insurgency operation in the golden temple and aftershock events that shook India.
Separatist movement on the demand of free Khalistan might be a cliffhanger to the insurgency groups and Indian government, but for millions of innocent Sikh people it was a nightmare. The aftershock of the operation Blue Star was devastating, as it played like a catalyst in the minds of common Sikh people to be sympathetic to the separatist movement. Many a sleeping cells from the ordinary Sikh people originated as an aftereffect of the counter insurgency operation of the Indian army in the golden temple –the seat of the Akal Takht, the holiest place of the Sikh religion. Suddenly people from other majority religions started to view people from Sikh religion as somebody alien- somebody who is carrying devil’s plan under the turban. Those who peacefully lived as friends-and hoped to live happily ever after as friends started to view each other with suspicion! The assassination of smt. Gandhi –the, the then prime minister of India at the hands of her Sikh bodyguards acted like a matchstick on a pile of hay-riots that broke out in Delhi and all over the country made us forget that words like love, sympathy, friendship do exists in the dictionary-men had lost their reasons and acted like a headless monster- blind with rage, furious with sense of revenge. In the words of the writer
‘A man has grabbed a lady who was struggling to free herself to save her husband from two other men who were beating him with hockey sticks because he was a Sikh. The poor woman screamed in despair, but the men showed n mercy. Her wails of anguish were drowned in the chaos all around. No one came to their rescue. Right in the middle of a street, the men burned the Sikh man alive till he died from the burns, leaving his wife helpless and alone in her misery.’
At this point the story does not merely get confined being a story of romance-but transits being a testament of contemporary time-a chronicle of shame! In this backdrop the mental dilemma of Pansy-our beautiful half British half Sikh protagonist has been portrayed brilliantly. She has lost her parents in the counter insurgency operation. Still the flames-the scram-the death plays before her eyes every minute. Can she trust anybody in her entire life? Can she love anybody? Can she ever dream of making a relation again?
There are some close descriptions of physical intimacy-but never has it crossed the hurdle of obscenity! Descriptions are rather symbolic of the seesaw relation between the protagonists-Potnis and Pansy. And the flower of romance blooms-beautiful Rhina comes to the lap of Pansy. It was happiness all around and both the protagonists tied the marriage knot. But here too questions left for the reader to be answered-was it a marriage under compulsion? Will Pansy, who have seen her parents die before her own eyes-can ever be a loving wife and a caring mother?
Bhavna has assembled many characters in the story who have done their bits in developing the storyline. Shamser-a comrade in arms of Potnis-a loyal trusted follower and friend is one such character. His characterization is so real that the reader can easily fall in love with the man. Of course it is platonic love …. Contemporary times have given another dimension to the story. The activity of Indian peacekeeping force in Srilanka, the aggression of the LTTE –all have their places of mention in the romantic novel. And as I have already told that is where the novel is so different-it is not a traditional boy meets girl story-well, they meet no doubt but it is rather a saga of love, courage and sacrifice as the author dubbed in the blurb.
As I have already told that Bhavna has assembled many characters in the story line. Advik is one such character. He is as uncommon as his name suggests. As a child of parents-who have been separated-normally you can expect him to be a spoiled, mission less child-a disturbed soul-but amazingly Advik is different. His single point agenda is to get entry in Indian Air Force-it is like a passion for him. And he is somebody who can readily sacrifice one precious year of training in the academy so that his friend too can be trained along with him.
Military operations and campus life has became an integral part of the fiction-rendering colours to the hitherto bright canvas of the picture.
Destiny takes him close to Rihana-a relation that can be best described as completing the circle of life. He was able to touch her heart-there was a stormy night of physical intimacy-storm inside and outside-but will that love transpires to relation? At the crossroads of life-they have to take decisions?
Country, passion, romance, love-all combined to form a beautiful mosaic of human emotions.
What decision will it be? Will history repeats itself?

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The next door girl…..

There's Something About YouThere’s Something About You by Yashodhara Lal
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Figures are dancing in front of her eyes-fearsome figures! Some figures reminds her of her monthly rent of the apartment she lives in-some figures are of her living cost-one simple figure is the cost of petrol of the second hand car she had purchased…………….
But things were not as depressing as of now, barely some minutes ago. She is a pleasantly plump lady and pleasantly plump girls are jovial in nature-like her. And she is happy about her job-despite being a regular late bird. And only today her new boss-a substitute of Apollo on earth had called her to his office- obviously she can expect her new boss might have gone crazy over her after several months of joining the office and overlooking her for so long. Might be a hormonal effect-of her new musk based perfume-or might be her work skill that caught his attention!
But as soon he started to come to the subject-he has a reputation of weaving a magical spidery web on the simplest of subjects-she started to sweat in the comfort of the air-conditioned chamber. It has nothing to do with her splendor or skill-rather it is targeted on her late attendance skill. ‘Those nasty biometric things’-she was probably thinking. But it was only the tip of the iceberg-a prologue before he enters to the main subject. They are starting a new fashion and lifestyle site-for which they have hired fresh talents from the field of design. And creating a new structure means destroying-or in corporate jargon-rationalizing the existing structure. And well-you can imagine the rest…..
Everything went into a dizzy. What to do now?
‘There’s Something about You’ by Yashodhara Lal is a story of romance where the writer has shown rare courage to step out of conventional romance stories. It is a story where the romance has taken the back seat and the story has taken the driver’s seat. Already authoring two best sellers-in this novel Yoshodhara portrays the hope and aspiration-dejection and despair of a young girl called Trish-our pleasantly plump girl.
She is the next door girl-coming from a middle class socio economic background- living in the city of Mumbai-with her parents. Her mother talks a lot-and sometimes turns out to be irritating to the listener. And her dad- is in complete contrast with her mom. And now her relatively high paying job has vanished like a mirage-she has to chalk out her next course of action. But to her utter dismay-her mother is making her world still more difficult for her-with passing comments and discussing about her future with everyone around her possible. Yashodhara has created situations and conversations –which show her brilliant sense of humour-where smile is sure to come at the lips of the reader-even when the situation is apparently grave!
‘And now she was going to be out on the streets within a matter of months, with two senile parents to somehow care for. She imagined holding out a begging bowl, her father lying prone on a tattered sheet behind her, while her mother nagged her continuously from next to him ,’who will believe that someone so fat doesn’t gets food regularly? I’ve told you many times before to watch your weight. Even this begging business you’ve managed to mess up for us.’
Story has a flow of its own-a momentum of its own-more momentum than our protagonist when she runs for her life. But she has not run for her life-but imagine if she had to. After all she is now unemployed-and idle brain is devil’s workshop and all sorts of crazy ideas fill the brain when it has nothing to do. So she saved a drowning man. So she had accepted an offer for a part time job from one of her former colleagues for writing some itchy answerers to the queries of readers on anything (no, I am serious. It is ANYTHING) for their column. So she answered in a caustic way to their questions. So her ex colleague and friend (well-if you listen to their conversations then you will wonder who will need enemies if you have friend like these) got furious with her.
But they loved it. They mean the mango man of course-the readers of the newspaper. And so her status gets elevated-she get a permanent writing assignment from being a proxy writer in someone’s absence. She gets to see Zee-the chief editor of the newspaper (does not the name sounds like an Egyptian empress!), on the condition of being anonymous. After all everyone expects somebody rich and famous and gorgeous answering their queries-not somebody like Trish-hopelessly out of shape, hopelessly failure…….
Somebody is tracking her-like a Sherlock Holmes without any Watson. Somebody needs her help in resolving life problems. Somebody needs to talk to her face to face. And their first encounter was too heavy for that somebody-heavy in the literary sense-
‘She didn’t quite trust him, but she was confident she could pin him down again if it came to that. Of course, he might run away, but that would be no big deal, she had seen his face closely enough to identify him. With a grunt, she finally released her grip on his throat. She pushed her heavy off his, teetered a bit and finally managed to rise to her feet in an uncertain and rather undignified manner.’
At that point she wanted to get rid of him-but can she really? Or was it their first and the last meeting-or they met second, third, fourth…..and then lost count of it! After all trap of love is everywhere-anybody can easily get caught on it!
And what about her rather unconventional column? At some point of time she realizes that real people with real problem need real solution-and then she runs into a conflict. She is caught in a dilemma-will she solve their problem or meekly surrender to the need of the market. This conflict has imparted twist to the tale-giving it a very refreshing aroma.
Where the destiny will take the lady with the potential?

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Shadow of life….

Glittering ShadowsGlittering Shadows by Manish Ranjan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It has no form-no shape- no definite identity.
But still it has a specific identity- because it differs from person to person.
It does not have any death-it does not have any decay-it does know all.
When you like at the night sky-your mind wings to fly thousands of light years away- away from the milky way- away from galaxies-to the kingdom where zillions of stars sparkle like diamonds.
Are you really up there to the kingdom of stars?
But your wish has the speed to beat light- beat anything-to propel your shadow to the kingdom where there is no death- no decay!
In the words of the Gita
na jayate mriyate va kadacin
nayam bhutva bhavita va na bhuyah
ajo nityah sasvato ‘yam purano
na hanyate hanyamane sarire
(For the soul there is never birth nor death. Nor, having once been, does he ever cease to be. He is unborn, eternal, ever-existing, undying and primeval. He is not slain when the body is slain.)
So a point comes where philosophy and imagination coalesces- where there is everything ‘ satyam ,shivam ,sundaram’.

It is all utopian-you may say! These are all dreams-you may say!
It is all imagination…..
I will say it is imagination-that is why it is beautiful. And truth is beauty- beauty is truth!
Glittering Shadows by Manish Ranjan is dedicated to the imagination of human soul. in writer’s words_”far beyond this realm there is a valley of roses, a river of peace, a mountain of serenity, an ocean of hope, and air echoing my words of perpetual love, a world of my dreams, where it is just you and me; a word where the days are bright with positivity and nights filled with festivity; a world where even pain has a love; a world where shadows glitter.”
The slim looking book is divided into three sub sections- love and be loved, life and reflection and womanhood and her crisis. In most of the poems dedicated to the first theme-love and affection is the central theme. That Old Banyan Tree is such a poem. The poem began with a poetical narration of a old lonely tree- rising high above all for ages-witnessing the story of the life flown around it-a silent spectator of many a drama of love ,pain, happiness maybe tears that were acted around it.
“It was aging, but it still had the majestic presence.
Its thick branches were spreading wide, as if willing to embrace me.”
Suddenly the narrator discovers the signs of an unfinished love story that was once acted around it. The unfinished etching of a love sign that displayed only the girl’s name has taken him to the past. The sign is now hard to read-probably due to time and perhaps like the characters who have played the protagonists of the story once. Or maybe it is silent love where the boy has expressed his love-and the girl never knew it?
What was the end?
“Did the girl herself engrave it? Or her lover anonymously professed his love?
I sat under for a while, thinking about the mystery and someone’s stupidity.”
The poem ended in optimism-optimism for a better world-optimism for light-where he found the name of the boy. Where?
It is the climax of the story-an eternal story that found its way on the pages of book!
Her tears are like the perfect shaped pearls of time-valueless but invaluable. It is a pain disguised in a smile-a mystic smile-that spoke a thousand words. Sometimes silence is more golden than words. Her ocean blue eyes are now moist with the sign of an incoming storm-in her eyes there are depths of Pacific Ocean.
“Those beautiful blue eyes now looked heavy, attaining scarlet,
Tears gripping together, composing an ample, ponderous droplet.”
Will her effort to conceal her pain will be concealed-or her trembling lips will say it all! Can our narrator-wipe away her tears?
‘I find these droplets special; it’d have taken an account of love full of swirls
To belong to that beautiful plaintive soul, and its turbulent vastness.
I envy them; I wish your pain belonged to me, withal those dropping pearls,’
Multi dimensional poems are true reflections of different layers of writer’s thinking. It is a story book-where the stories have been told in poems. Every poem speaks of a story- a story that is sometimes riddled with pain-sometimes smiling with joy.
Just like the story of life- because poems are the true reflections of life,

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A tale of love and….?

It is a never ending quest.
It is a quest for somebody who will be our true soul mate- who will happen to be somebody who will come to life and life will get transformed, as if by a magician’s stick- from a grey, dull shade to the shades of rainbow – who will share the joy and sorrow, grief and despair.
It is the eternal hope of the human soul that someday somebody will come in our lives- somebody who will seem to be known to us for centuries, from the earlier births, since the creation.
And who will just look at us and ask-‘where were you for so many days?’
Pardon me readers- I am not retelling you the classic love stories of Radha and Krishna, or Romeo and Juliet. I am only telling you the story of a corporate single standing at the crossroad of life………
So the Chase of Choices by Dr. Hari Parameshwar presents the story of a single, with two adoring children and in a journey to discover a love of his life once again. Incidentally our author, a man of many talents is also a dotting father of two children and a confirmed (?) single.
Well – nobody knows when the arrow of cupid can strike.
Enough of researches on Dr. Hari’s life – and let us come to the story.
They were wife and husband- for fifteen long years. But she had never been his soul mate. Leave aside being soul mate-she always hated him in mind. They did have slept under the same roof-but there was no mental string attaching two souls. no mental attachment- life was like the fire of hell for him. Biological needs might have done its work- but without any respect for each other. A relation that had scripted its destiny on the very first day of their marriage! She was forced to marry Raj-our protagonist at the behest of her mother.
‘You are such an awful person that no woman on earth, besides me would live with you, even for a few days. You have built a false image of yours to the external world; the one who stays close to you only can realize how disgusting you are. you are a horrible, filthy….’ he saw scarily the flames in the eyes of a frantic woman yelling at him.’
There was no mutual trust and respect and so they bade adieu to each other. And our protagonist was left in the lurch with his two children.
They need attention and care from somebody who will devote some time to the children- and desperate Raj put up an advertisement in the matrimonial website. First it was an endless list of rejection from the prospective brides, until Raj understood the mantra of the game and put up a more detailed advertisement citing his salary figure and profile photos.
Soon our protagonist realised the eternal truth of human behaviour! Not one, not two but four ladies came to her life through the matrimonial sides in a whisker.

“Slowly, an image of a tall figure-with cheerful face, a teeny black mole on the chin and dimpled cheeks-emerged in his mind: Anjali-And melodious ghazals, sung in her child like sweet voice, echoed inside his skull……in a flash, an image of another lady appeared in his mind’s screen ;Meenu with cropped curly hair and a cute face….in a continuous, flowed in thoughts of the still fearless Priya, her unrelenting nature, unconditional commitments to his objectives of life….”
It is a dilemma for the poor guy indeed. And to make things worse, another unknown lady popped in. and to add spice to his dilemma-every lady are unique in some senses. Meenu- an architect at government Public works is a moody type of girl-sometimes she is an iron lady and sometimes a lady with a butter heart. And her attitude does not carry the impression that she will be devoted to his children. And more than it- she wants a child of her own.
Next come Anjali the modest! She is an eminent poet who has sacrificed her carer as a lecturer for the sake of literature. Well-she may be loving, caring, dedicated and words synonymous from the dictionary to his children. But she too wants a child of her own.
Our protagonist was making a strength, weakness, opportunity and threat analysis of these two ladies-when one fine evening an elderly lady called her in respect of the matrimonial alliance of her daughter. Then it was a sort of tug of war in between thee lady and Raj. Then Priya-the daughter entered the stage. She is a kind of person who is not going to leave her fish so easily – every possible way was her way.
Poor Raj-he may be a corporate guy-but he was still to discover that human relation does not flow like the equation of physics-the SWOT analysis does not go well inj real life.
When our protagonist was strangled with these three strangers- a stranger from far away land changed the scenario completely.
She is from the U.S.A and passionate about India. So much so that she had married a Pakistani, relishes Indian khana, enjoys Indian dresses and what’s more made the three girls in Raj’s life past history. She came like autumn after summer- filled his life with the fragrance of jasmine-
“The scent of jasmine persisted….the wheel decelerated to his college days. He loved to sit behind a girl named Vijaya, who was famous for her long hair adorned with jasmine…he kissed her forehead first, then her sharp nose-her silky soft lips, neck and ….then he lost himself in the fragrant world of jasmine.”
When she first met Raj-she had declared that as if she knew him for ages-that he is her man-even she went to the extent of saying that she is Radha-on a quest for her Krishna and finally found him……
But through all ages- the fate of Radha is the same. Radha always loves-but never gets her man. her love matures in sacrifice. Will there be any exception this time?
Narration is direct and reader will encounter sudden surprise elements in the story. There are some situational humours which are sharp –but this is not a hilarious book. Any book that describes the fabrics of human emotion can never be a funny book. Life is not fun-not a cakewalk either. It always does not flow in the known channel. Dr. Parameshwar has presented to his readers a picture of these changing moments, changing emotions and changing life. Language and style makes it a read that can not be easily lost into oblivion.
However I felt a little uneasy with the writer’s impression or the rule of life as the author has described it at the end of the chapters. Somehow the pace of the story has slowed up with these rules- and obviously this is my personal opinion.
Contrast makes the life –after all worth living!

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Fountain of life….

she loves to dream- with wide open eyes she dreamed of the coming days when songs written by her are on every lips, her song storming the world- not only with stage performances, sales with chart busters or in award ceremonies –but in the mind of her millions of future fans!
But the road to success is often bumpy. For the time being she is a struggle trying hard to float. ‘The fourteenth, done in oil and not on a Möbius strip, depicts the only love song I’ve ever written.’ and one day …….
She has created edge less pictures of life-pictures of life without any corner. will there be an edge in her own life?
The Big Wide Calm by Rich Marcello is a saga of the journey of our protagonist in quest of that edge of life!
Life sometimes takes us to such crossroad where dream and reality coalesces. Our protagonist-Paige Plant got such an opportunity which might be the stepping stone to her future. John Bustin-now sixty-but once a respected songwriter of his times was giving an opportunity to use his recording studio for free-for singer-songwriters-of course they have to create resonance with his mind’s frequency!
And our young protagonist meets John-the old man. the first impression of the lady of the old fellow has been immaculately described by the writer- letting readers seeing the personality in front of their eyes-
“His face is all old and brown-spotted, and when he smiles, the wrinkles around his eyes are like Grand Canyon deep, but his eyes could heal the planet if he would let them. When he looks at me and isn’t judging, even for a short time, I have to look away. It’s too much. Too much power.”
And impressed he was after listening her- so much so that he offered his facility, accommodation, transport and a stipend- you just name more! She grabbed her luck with both hands (who will show the foolishness to refuse it.).
Soon John gets to know a little about her dream
““Why do you want to be famous?”
“The spotlight,” I say. “The recognition. The stuff you can buy with money.
” “And the songs?”
“The songs will get me there.”
And something more- more of her dreams
““The big wide calm.”
“What do you mean?”
“For years, I’ve been wandering around with this phrase, the big wide calm, never exactly sure what it meant. I even wondered if you’d touched it yourself when I first met you. Maybe it has something to do with the place underneath emotion.”
And here she met Bono Yorke-who is also at John’s place with one year’s apprenticeship contact. And they started well- but will an out of his times songwriter can really help her to touch her rainbow was the million dollar question. This story has enough surprises at every corner-as real life presents in every moment. So let it be a surprise for the reader at the moment.
Let us take a glimpse for the moment between the relation of Paige and John- for the time being. She discovers shades of emotions within the man-the loneliness, the depression and the inner man. A curious kind of relationship starts to take shape between them- something far from being conventional!
At this point of time-a crucial juncture of her life-Ian stepped in-lethally handsome and young-and a master of the business-with a capability of promoting our future star! and after all she had dreamed of changing the world with her potential-music is her first love. In the words of the writer
“But I don’t want to be a flash in the pan. Staying power is the name of the game. All of the great songwriters— Dylan, Cohen, Lennon, McCartney, Aimee Mann, Ani DiFranco —were able to touch something and channel it into their songs.”
So what she will do? Will she listen to the heart? Will she let the brain win over the heart? What will be the fate of her carer?
From here the story takes the surprising turn-as life presents new surprises at every moment. The writer has described the mental dilemma of the girl with artistic precision-
“ I do love John. That’s not the question. And for sure, the man pushes the limits of what it means to be flawed. That’s also not the question. But what a colossal mistake. I mean, I just don’t know if I can forgive him.”
A complex geometry of relations and emotions between the trio has given this story of romance a new dimension. It is not only love, not only carer, not only passion for music, not only two minds getting attracted to each other like magnets getting attracted to iron- but a combination of all those and more!
And most importantly will they be able to reach the height of their dreams?
An absorbing story of romance, which will put you sometime into joy, sometime into tears.
Because life may be fragile, but the human will is indomitable.
And that four letter simple word-LOVE has enough power to make impossible into I AM POSSIBLE.
So dream, because you can do it…….

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