Emotion of romance- a review attempt of The Activist and the Capitalist by Vibha Batra

It may not be possible for you to complete this annoying review, so I prefer to tell you, my dear readers-a word on behalf of the writer and the publisher. This book is yet to be published (at the proofreading stage) and the writer and the publisher will be obliged if you kindly add a word of comment and advice to enrich the story. Your input will be a valuable tool for them. So readers- please add your valuable comments-if you have enough patience to complete this trash review!
Now back to the book and the review of course-

Sometimes a moment is enough to change the destiny of one’s life- a monotonous life is transformed into a colorful one by the touch of magic stick- shades of grey transformed into shades of violet, blue….all shades of rainbow!
It comes like the fragrance of the April; it comes like a splash of shower after a drought- makes our heart wet- waiting for something to happen, waiting for a transformation.
Our story is a snapshot of that moment- moment that was enough to change the destiny of two protagonists of the story. The Activist and the Capitalist by Vibha Batra is the story of that magical moment- a story of celebration of life!
The curtain of the story unfolds in a hot summer day-in Chennai-where a real estate tycoon- well, young, dashing and handsome he is on a visit to the heritage jackpot they had just acquired. It is now a neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride for them- as every real estate biggie was circling above the prized property like vultures and ultimately our protagonist –Jai had the fortune-after all he has a Midas touch!
And there she was- leading a demonstration against the sell off of the heritage property. Destiny gave them another chance of meeting, after that magical moment- the moment which has conducted the orchestra of the story throughout-

“They stared at each other in silence. For an agonizingly brief moment, the past came rushing back into sharp focus. And everything else faded .The milling crowd, Rasa Vihar, the shock of seeing each other, the obvious animosity, the latent attraction. So that was how they were going to play it, Jai thought with a twinge of irritation. Avoid all mention of the past. Steer clear of any references to their shared history. Pretend as if it had never happened. Let’s see how long you hold up, Jai challenged her silently, resolving to do everything in his power to make her bring it up.”
The world has erased before them for moments-only two souls-facing each other-as if they are standing facing each other from the dawn of the creation- ages have passed since their first meeting- nothing has changed in between. And Jai the tycoon remembered the first time jab they met
“She was wearing a shimmery baby pink lehenga and her wrists were covered with glass bangles. They made a jingling (and not altogether unpleasant, Jai noted) sound each time she moved her hands. But he wasn’t looking at her bangles; he couldn’t take his eyes off her face, lit as it was in the gentle moonlight. Her dark eyes and rosebud lips stood out, in stark contrast to her porcelain skin. Her hair cascaded down her shoulders in a riot of thick, glossy curls.”
It was a marriage-a beautiful colourful marriage that preserves the aroma of Indian culture, however a word of regret from us- the south Indian culture has not unearthed itself in the storyline-it is north India all the way- although the ambience gave us some other expectations. However it is the opinion of us…..
When frequency matches, resonance occurs. It is the resonance of two hearts-our lady had a past relation-but she completely forgot the world, it was music through the air-jingle all the way
“Did it really happen? Anusha asked herself. The chemistry, the conversation, the banter, it all seemed so surreal now. She had never felt that way with anyone. And here she was, a good twelve hours later, still experiencing all the crazy sensations, still replaying the evening in her head. Every little detail, every word, every gesture, every expression. She knew she was being silly but she couldn’t help herself. It’s not a date, it’s not a date, it’s not a date, she told herself repeatedly. Except, it really felt like one. Should I tell Mom, she wondered. But it was just a friendly dinner. No, there was no need for anyone to know anything, she decided.”
But now they are soldiers from two enemy camps- she is determined to protest and he is determined to go with his projects. Now the question is who will win? It is a different ball game now.

And more importantly-whom will they listen- the heart or the brain?
Discover this fresh romance story- a story that will take you to the deepest of human heart- in a journey of emotion.
Emotion of romance………..

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