The eternal love triangle..

Bachelor's MarriageBachelor’s Marriage by Akshat Pradeep Solanki
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There is a basic advantage for the readers reading a story of romance. Ask me-what is the advantage? Since romance has its appeal direct to the heart-there will be a good exercise of heart. Sometimes the heartbeat will run faster-sometimes slower-it is good jogging for heart all the way! In contrast-suppose if you reading a thriller. Thrillers these days are so much researched upon, that it is an excessive taxation for the brain. While reading-sometimes you have to jump to Wikipedia, sometimes to encyclopedias just to know the background of the story. And who does not know excess work by the brain will ruin your health. So, to be in good health always read romance. More so, if these stories are something of the nature of a fluid read like the Bachelor’s marriage.
Jokes apart, the appeal of a story of romance is eternal. Particularly so, when the story ends in a tragedy. The sad tune of the song is always in resonance with the frequency of heart. Sacrifices in love, two hearts unable to be united always have a direct impact on the heart. Romeo Juliet, Heer Ranjha –all are stories of tragedy. But that does not necessarily means Bachelor’s Marriage will end in a tragedy. After all if you know the conclusion-then why are you going to read the story? But the statement that I would like to make –don’t miss the end. It is where the storyline reaches the climax-or in the words of the writer –reaches its beginning.
Bachelor’s Marriage is the debut novel of romance by the writer by Akshat Pradeep Solanki. Simply speaking this is a pure story of love triangle-no adulteration. If you ask what adulteration can be expected in a story of romance- I shall answer there are romance stories where villains with big moustache, red eyes, burly bodes make the life miserable for the protagonists, where the families of the love birds turns against each other, where the life seems to be a game of thrones. This story is not like these one-here the hero gets to love her girl uninterruptedly, even it is the love at first sight for both the sudh desi romances on which the whole story revolves around.
So let us take a little sneak peek at the story. The story starts with a bit of recollecting the flashback events by the protagonist Sujoy, with a bit of nostalgic revolution by future Mr. Ambani-now a proud student of IIM. We will try to make it as secret as possible. After all it is the matter of hearts. Matter of hearts should always be as close as possible. And so did Sujoy Solanki-brilliantly hiding his love affairs from his friends-for so long. However, as the old proverb says truth will emerge-his love affair was finally revealed to his friends. But I think we are a little out of track-so let us return to the mainstream of the story.
Sujoy –the intelligent, handsome boy had never imagined that it could have happened with him. He had a first hand experience of the proverb-bolt from the blue. In an accident involving an insane bus driver-killing and injuring several on the rush hours of the Pune roads-he made a valiant attempt to rescue one of the injured girls. If you ask-why particularly he saved the girl? Why not any boy? Well-then I will tell it is all at the mind of the cupid. Anyway he took her to hospital –and informed her parents –and left without taking his number. But a little technological innovation made him to make contact with her-thanks to social networking sites of today and wondrous apps of android phones. ( I can hardly make a call from my Smartphone-so I am the last person to explain all the tit bits of this technological marvel to you.) . Anyway his heart melts like the ice with the warmth of the beautiful girl-Gunjan!
‘I am’ I took her hands in mine. The scene was already romantic. We looked into each other’s eyes. The garden fell into a hush; even the birds stopped chirping to watch us.
‘Gunjan,I love you.’ I said, I leaned closer to her, holding her with my arms. Our lips locked. I kissed her. It lasted for a whole moment. We kissed again. Her eyes closed.’
Short direct sentences, carefully chosen words had increased the attraction of narration. He has been able to put up a visual illusion with his narrations. As a debut author you need to be exceptionally confident about yourself to make such magical effect with your words.
Now let us get back to the story once again. Jyoti is another girl who has already entered into his life-almost at the same time as Gunjan. Call it a mere coincidence or the irony of fate-she is almost identical to Gunjan-be it appearance or be it behavior. And our smart boy was clever enough to hide his feelings towards the girls from his well wishers. To make things doubly difficult for him-his parents choose Jyoti as their ‘would be daughter in law’. Now Sujoy is in a dilemma. Whom to choose? Whom to reject? Surprisingly bioth the girls proved out to be a committed lover .After all he is a good bargainer and a good businessman. But will his sense of business help him in this matter of hearts?
Where the story will take the three-at the crossroad of life?
The gang of four-Sujoy and his friends who played the pivotal role in the story throughout are also on a business idea from their college days. They started running one mobile accessories shop. Their moments of sharing feelings, standing at each other’s hard times, enlivened up the whole story.
‘I was thinking about the day the four of us became friends. It was like we took an oath to never leave each other for the rest of our lives. Later, I came in contact with their girlfriends, who were my first girl friends. Later Gunjan and Jyoti came into my life. I felt like I didn’t need anything more now. I had everything.’
Another aspect of the story is the near perfect description of Maharashtra and its culture. The story is plotted around Pune-so Maharastra has its place. The landscape and culture of Rajasthan has also come to the story-making the whole story reflecting the diverse culture of India.
However the love affairs of Sujoy have came too bit easily, like a cakewalk. It was all too nice, all too easy. It was jingle all the way. And to me the love affairs were too much platonic. I am not saying this is unnatural-but twenty-first century generation will keep themselves within the periphery of heavenly feeling of platonic love-within any physical advancement-is a bit unexpected for me.
After all spices add taste to cuisine……..


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