A tale of love and….?

It is a never ending quest.
It is a quest for somebody who will be our true soul mate- who will happen to be somebody who will come to life and life will get transformed, as if by a magician’s stick- from a grey, dull shade to the shades of rainbow – who will share the joy and sorrow, grief and despair.
It is the eternal hope of the human soul that someday somebody will come in our lives- somebody who will seem to be known to us for centuries, from the earlier births, since the creation.
And who will just look at us and ask-‘where were you for so many days?’
Pardon me readers- I am not retelling you the classic love stories of Radha and Krishna, or Romeo and Juliet. I am only telling you the story of a corporate single standing at the crossroad of life………
So the Chase of Choices by Dr. Hari Parameshwar presents the story of a single, with two adoring children and in a journey to discover a love of his life once again. Incidentally our author, a man of many talents is also a dotting father of two children and a confirmed (?) single.
Well – nobody knows when the arrow of cupid can strike.
Enough of researches on Dr. Hari’s life – and let us come to the story.
They were wife and husband- for fifteen long years. But she had never been his soul mate. Leave aside being soul mate-she always hated him in mind. They did have slept under the same roof-but there was no mental string attaching two souls. no mental attachment- life was like the fire of hell for him. Biological needs might have done its work- but without any respect for each other. A relation that had scripted its destiny on the very first day of their marriage! She was forced to marry Raj-our protagonist at the behest of her mother.
‘You are such an awful person that no woman on earth, besides me would live with you, even for a few days. You have built a false image of yours to the external world; the one who stays close to you only can realize how disgusting you are. you are a horrible, filthy….’ he saw scarily the flames in the eyes of a frantic woman yelling at him.’
There was no mutual trust and respect and so they bade adieu to each other. And our protagonist was left in the lurch with his two children.
They need attention and care from somebody who will devote some time to the children- and desperate Raj put up an advertisement in the matrimonial website. First it was an endless list of rejection from the prospective brides, until Raj understood the mantra of the game and put up a more detailed advertisement citing his salary figure and profile photos.
Soon our protagonist realised the eternal truth of human behaviour! Not one, not two but four ladies came to her life through the matrimonial sides in a whisker.

“Slowly, an image of a tall figure-with cheerful face, a teeny black mole on the chin and dimpled cheeks-emerged in his mind: Anjali-And melodious ghazals, sung in her child like sweet voice, echoed inside his skull……in a flash, an image of another lady appeared in his mind’s screen ;Meenu with cropped curly hair and a cute face….in a continuous, flowed in thoughts of the still fearless Priya, her unrelenting nature, unconditional commitments to his objectives of life….”
It is a dilemma for the poor guy indeed. And to make things worse, another unknown lady popped in. and to add spice to his dilemma-every lady are unique in some senses. Meenu- an architect at government Public works is a moody type of girl-sometimes she is an iron lady and sometimes a lady with a butter heart. And her attitude does not carry the impression that she will be devoted to his children. And more than it- she wants a child of her own.
Next come Anjali the modest! She is an eminent poet who has sacrificed her carer as a lecturer for the sake of literature. Well-she may be loving, caring, dedicated and words synonymous from the dictionary to his children. But she too wants a child of her own.
Our protagonist was making a strength, weakness, opportunity and threat analysis of these two ladies-when one fine evening an elderly lady called her in respect of the matrimonial alliance of her daughter. Then it was a sort of tug of war in between thee lady and Raj. Then Priya-the daughter entered the stage. She is a kind of person who is not going to leave her fish so easily – every possible way was her way.
Poor Raj-he may be a corporate guy-but he was still to discover that human relation does not flow like the equation of physics-the SWOT analysis does not go well inj real life.
When our protagonist was strangled with these three strangers- a stranger from far away land changed the scenario completely.
She is from the U.S.A and passionate about India. So much so that she had married a Pakistani, relishes Indian khana, enjoys Indian dresses and what’s more made the three girls in Raj’s life past history. She came like autumn after summer- filled his life with the fragrance of jasmine-
“The scent of jasmine persisted….the wheel decelerated to his college days. He loved to sit behind a girl named Vijaya, who was famous for her long hair adorned with jasmine…he kissed her forehead first, then her sharp nose-her silky soft lips, neck and ….then he lost himself in the fragrant world of jasmine.”
When she first met Raj-she had declared that as if she knew him for ages-that he is her man-even she went to the extent of saying that she is Radha-on a quest for her Krishna and finally found him……
But through all ages- the fate of Radha is the same. Radha always loves-but never gets her man. her love matures in sacrifice. Will there be any exception this time?
Narration is direct and reader will encounter sudden surprise elements in the story. There are some situational humours which are sharp –but this is not a hilarious book. Any book that describes the fabrics of human emotion can never be a funny book. Life is not fun-not a cakewalk either. It always does not flow in the known channel. Dr. Parameshwar has presented to his readers a picture of these changing moments, changing emotions and changing life. Language and style makes it a read that can not be easily lost into oblivion.
However I felt a little uneasy with the writer’s impression or the rule of life as the author has described it at the end of the chapters. Somehow the pace of the story has slowed up with these rules- and obviously this is my personal opinion.
Contrast makes the life –after all worth living!

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