A straightforward story

Suppose, a men-like thousands, who built up the pyramid -got a chance to write about his experience in building up the great monument. Further suppose that his writing somehow survived the claws of time. What will we have today? The story of once a free man in chains or of endless blood and sweat or of endless sufferings or of new bonds –new relations thicker than blood being identified.
Or perhaps we get a combination of all of them.
I don’t know why-but that’s the first impression that crossed my mind when I started reading Nikhil Ramteke’s ‘The 365 Days.’
Times have changed. We are now hundreds of year’s ached of Uncle Tom’s days. Slavery is merely a nightmare to the civilized world today. Human races across the nations have accepted that equality, fraternity and justice will be their guiding principles.
Or are they merely jargon? Slavery has changed its proportion-in the past Gladiators fought for the compulsion of their lives. These days’ modern serfs are lured for a better living to go to alien conditions-completely unknown to them. It may sound May Fly jumping to fire- but everything has logic. And when you are from an underdeveloped country-with very limited work opportunity and lesser economic freedom –what more can you expect.
So like thousands from his native state Kerala -Shirjukutty- from an ardent fisherman family-migrated to Dubai-in quest of a golden future. The recruiting agent had promised him the rainbow- One thousand five hundred Dirham per month plus good accommodation and good food with a mild job in a construction company. But when our protagonist had landed in the land of opportunities with a hefty burden of loan on his shoulder-he shockingly discovered the sad truth behind the proverb-all that glitters is not gold.
The story is of broken faith, mislead promises and of labor that no civilized labor law can script down. His story began with his confrontation with the camp boss- a sporting person to whom his workers are….what we can say? May be Merely machines or cattle? And the story continues with workload that can bend anybody’s spine in a single day- the work hour stretched beyond imagination-food that is may be suitable for minimum calorie value intake ,but from the viewpoint of giver, not the taker-and a residential condition that can remind you of fascist Concentration camps!
Nikhil has a trustworthy style of narration. His long association with gulf countries and his association with migrant workers gave him a simple yet intriguing style of storytelling. Do not expect something dramatic-something stunning- it is simple truth –but as they have said- truth is stranger than fiction.
In between there are precise creation of artistic pictures of festivals-celebration for somebody and despair for the others. The contrast of colors-bright and dark gave these narrations vivid looks.
Nikhil has also portrayed a number of characters-they came to serve the purpose of the story. They are portrayed with considerable ease to make the flow of the story spontaneous.
Sketches are assets of the book-from the viewpoint of story they serves the purpose more than required. We will wait for the day when a book of illustration of Nikhil to be published.
Let us come to the story once again. In spite of all the suffering that our protagonist and his friends experienced-some strong bond did develop between them. Instead of having vacant eyes- what made their eyes gleaming? What was the mystery of their driving life force?
Life is fragile- but the human will indomitable.
And what happens at the conclusion? Will our protagonist and his friends were able to be called the fittest as per Darwin’s theory of evolution?
Life is strange folks and possibilities are endless!

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শেষ রাতের ক্লান্ত সহর। রাতজাগা কিছু পাখি ছাড়া সবাই ঘুমে আছন্ন। অথবা প্রস্তুতি নিচ্ছে একটা নতুন দিন- একটা নতুন যুদ্ধের। ফুটপাতের কুকুরগুলো বোধহয় এবার ঘুমিয়ে পরবে।
নিয়নের বাতিগুলর ক্লান্তিহীন চোখ একইভাবে জ্বলছে নিবছে।
এমন সময় সে এসে দাঁড়ালো বাড়িটার সামনে। আশ্চর্য ! এত লঘু তার চলা-বাতাসের মত- কুকুরগুলো টের পেল না তার উপস্থিতি। তারা একটুও আওয়াজ করে উঠলো না। বুঝতেই পারল না তাদের রাজ্যে হানাদারের উপস্থিতি ।
নিয়নের আলো পিছলে পরেছে তার রেশমি স্রোতের মত অবিন্যস্ত চুলের উপর দিয়ে। আধো আলো অন্ধকারে তার মুখ যেন রহস্যময়ী স্ফিংক্স। তার সবুজ দুটি চোখে কোন রহস্যময় দুর্জ্ঞেয় ইংগিত ।
বিষণ্ণ এক নারী- যে নারী বিষণ্ণ হলে পুরুষের রক্তকণিকা চঞ্চল হয়ে ওঠে – যে নারীর সৌন্দর্য পুরুষকে উন্মাদ করে – সেই নারীর বিষণ্ণতা দেখার জন্যে কেউ পথে জেগে নেই ।
সবার মত সেও এসেছিল একদিন এই মহানগরের বুকে- যে মহানগর সবাইকে কাছে টেনে নেয় । সেদিন অন্তত সে তাই জানত । শুনেছিল অনেকের মুখে – এই মহানগার হীরের সমঝদার –প্রতিভা থাকলে কারুকে এই সহর ফেরায় না । সে জানতো সে অভিনয়টা ভালই করে- অভিনয়ের মধ্যে প্রাণ ঢেলে দেয় । ছোটবেলা থেকে সবাই বলত । আসকল নকল অভিনয়ের সময় এক হয়ে জায় ।
অথবা তার জানা ভুল ছিল । মহানাগার এর অন্য এক রূপ সে দেখেছে । এক পাপ-পঙ্কিল রূপ। আলোর নীচে অন্ধকার । ক্লেদাক্ত এক পঙ্কিল আবর্তে আবর্তিত হতে হতে আশাহীন, আশ্রয়হীন , কর্মহীন সেই নারীর জীবনে এলো এক সর্বনাশের রাত ।
হটাত বাড়ির দরজা দুটো হাট করে খুলে গেল । স্ট্রেচার তা বয়ে নিয়ে এলো দুজন ডোম ।
‘এ ভাইয়া , থোড়িসি বানাই দেনা ‘; একজন বলল ।
বলে পীচীক করে থুতু ফেলল ।
নির্লিপ্ত ভঙ্গী । নিরাসক্ত স্বর । মৃত্যুর সাথেই তাদের ঘরবার ।
মেয়েটা একটু ঝুঁকে পরল । কেমন দেখাচ্ছে নিজের মুখটা । কিন্তু তখন বড্ড ভিড় বাড়িটার সামনে। ভিড় ঠেলে এগোন মুশকিল । তবু মেয়েটা চেষ্টা করতে লাগল ।
আশ্চর্যের ব্যাপার –কারু চ মুখে শোকের ছায়া-মাত্র নেই ।
নামহীন গোত্রহীন যে মানুষ মারা যায় – জার মৃত্যুতে দুফতা চোখের জল কেউ ফেলে না- তার জন্মে আনন্দ করার জন্যে ওপারের বাসিন্দার অভাব হয় না ।

B.S., Incorporated, by Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss

B. S. Incorporated, by authors Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss, was released in May 2016, published by Wise Ink Creative Publishing.

Funny, insightful, and heartfelt, B.S. Incorporated has been compared to The Office, The Devil Wears Prada, and Office Space.

Although it is a work of fiction, B.S. Incorporated draws from the authors’ real-life corporate experiences. It is a feel-good story about people finding themselves and coming into their own while simultaneously skewering every aspect of life in corporate America.

“After yet another mind-numbing, daylong meeting about a project, we fled to a bar patio in the shadow of our company’s office building”, says Jennifer on the origin of the novel. “There, we drank to excess and swapped hilarious and heartbreaking tales about life in corporate America. At that point we realized we had a story—actually, many stories—worth telling, and we pinky swore that after sobering up, we’d write a book about our experiences.”


Business Solutions, Inc. is in a state of chaos. While the employees spend their time rendezvousing in the stairwells, the CEOs are running their business into the ground through the use of shady consultants. Will Evans, warehouse-worker-turned-white-collar-employee, is put in charge of implementing the consultants’ plans. Here he finds himself thrust into a muddle of absurdity and responsibility that he never expected.

When the plans push BSI to the brink of bankruptcy, Will teams up with Anna Reed, a corporate mercenary with heels as high as her ambition. He needs her cunning and courage to pull off his covert plan to save the company. Can Anna, the consummate job jumper, find a reason to go all-in on BSI? Or is she better off bailing and letting the company go down in flames?


“B.S., Incorporated exposes the crazy, funny underbelly of an institution and skewers the heck of out it. Be ready to laugh and want more!” – Jayne J. Jones, Author, Capitol Hell, 2013 USA Best Book of the Year

“Funny as hell, with sharp observations and cunning insights. It reads like the best happy-hour story you’ve ever heard.” – Matt Kramer, CEO, Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce

“I enjoyed the hell out of this book. It harpoons the bloated, mindlessly self-destructive tendencies of American corporations. But it’s also a human story. Which is why–despite the absurdity and arrogance and plain ol’ stupidity on display at BSI–I’d kind of like to work there. Are they hiring?” – Bill Anderson, President, One Voice Creative Media

“B.S. Incorporated is a book that anyone with any experience in the business world will get a huge kick out of. Authors Jennifer Rock and Michael Voss have written an incredibly engaging read that will have their readers laughing uproariously and turning the pages just as quickly as they can in order to find out what happens next. The authors clearly have vast experience in the business world, because so many of the scenarios they impart are things that many of us have encountered in our day to day careers.” – 5 Stars, Readers’ Favorite

“Rock and Voss balance their cynical and comical writing style with engaging dialogue; alternating character scenes punctuated with fictional business news, Wall Street articles, and company email memos; romantic interests; and a flurry of unexpected moments. A fun read that definitely has wide audience appeal!” – Red City Review

“A book that reads obsessively until the last pages in which action and thriller take the place of the story with a powerful novel, complex, brilliantly written that transforms before our eyes, just like a masterpiece that reveals new parts of itself according to the observation point.” – Booktica

About the Authors

Jennifer and Michael have a shared passion for storytelling that goes back – way back – to when Jennifer published haikus in her first-grade newsletter, and Mike entertained other kids on the school bus with his creative fiction.

Not surprisingly, their jones for crafting a tale fueled their individual career paths, where each held roles in journalism, advertising, public relations, marketing and corporate communications. Jennifer and Michael had the good fortune to work for and with companies that spanned industries and impact – from privately held start-ups to Fortune 50 powerhouses to, now, their own communications agency.

Both authors live near Minneapolis where they work as speakers and consultants. They share their best stories during happy hour. B.S., Incorporated is their debut novel. For more information, visit http://www.rockandvossbooks.com/.

Traditional style and feel

The cradle is elegant- structurally it looks and feels sturdy. Dimension of the assembled set is better than expected. The design is ornamental also. The hooks are made up of sufficiently thick steel rods-resulting a secure and safe swinging experience for the newbie.
Bakelite joints and screws are also made up of thick material-which again is a safety measure which will comfort both the newborn and parents alike. The sky blue steel colour combination looks aesthetically perfect.
The assembling was easy-we did not have any problem. Demonstration is also available on youtube.
The net used in the cloth bed is ideal for the protection of the baby from the insects. However thicker cloth can be used for the bed –to suit the older age group. Otherwise such a beauty would be used by the baby for a very short span.
And to accommodate all the assembly components-the bag would have been made a little larger!
Overall it is a very good product-recommended up to the age of six months.
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Dastun-redi GO-the car of young India

There are so many models of four wheeler in the market to suit the need of generation Y. Some offer style, some offer comfort-some models claim that they have the futuristic design to suit the need of speed passionate new generation- some claim that the space inside the vehicle is truly unparalleled. But is that all? Does today’s generation only believe in comfort and space-and on nothing else? That ‘s why Dastun has come out with a new model that can truly satisfy the need of young India- an India that believes in getting the fullest out of life!  So for us-who are the representative of always ready for the challenge young Indians- here is Dastun redi-Go – a car that is always ready to take the challenge-always ready for the move- -just like young Indian champions!

With a touch of silver in the body –the stylish Dastun redi-Go looks every inch a true winning model- its compact and sleek outline- its space- its user friendly yet  stylish instrument panel all are sure to crate an impression in mind before anybody actually starts driving. When you will have the first look of the vehicle- you will be marveled by the D-cut grill-the honeycomb pattern and the gem like chrome bezel- that truly speaks of the class. The vehicle has 185 mm of ground clearance- that is sufficient to give your vehicle to avert obstacles on the road. It is best of the class ground clearance,too! The daytime running lamps is an added feature that adds safety and hassle free journey for you! And the projector head lamps –an extended one- extended from the grille to the fender will not only make your road virtually a road of light- but also help your car to be watched among all other cars. The classy tail lamps are also distinguishable from all other cars.

Now let us take our eyes off the exterior of this gorgeous car-and take a glance at the interior. It has ample space for everyone-with enough leg space and head space. Five people can seat comfortably on the car with ample space for luggage.  Now let us come to the dashboard- which its truly a neighbors envy-owner’s pride affair. The digital computer always alerts the driver about the fuel economy-while the digital tachometer provides a sophisticated touch- both look wise and function wise to the  vehicle. And the soft stylish seat fabric is all set to impart a dreamy feeling inside you while you are on the go. But please beware of it-if you have the driver’s wheel in your hand.  Combined with the  all inclusive Radio,CD, MP3, USB, Aux-in is all set to make you feel dreamy on the go. The ease of operation of power window-both by the driver and the front seat passenger is also an added comfort to your journey.

Let us now take our gaze at the ease of driving of Dastun redi-GO-it’s 5 speed manual transmission is all set to offer you a silky smooth journey.

Instantaneous and average mileage, distance to empty, fuel remaining, and much more is displayed right in front of your eyes. The digital computer of the instrument panel will display all necessary information for you. The shift indicator will show ideal time to shift for maximum optimization of efficiency.

These are some of the salient features of the new vehicle from Dastun that is all set to make me passionate about driving this car.
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Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.

Small glitering delight

The Vanity Box by Kurtzy India comes to you in a simple yet sober white package- but once you do unwrap the small sized box- it becomes a glittering experience for you. The vanity box is made up of good quality plastic imparting a sturdy structure to the box. The exterior is glittered with beautiful heart shapes. The startling silvery handle, making it easy to carry along and the decent looking lock – working good having two keys give a delightful first impression about the product.
Once you have opened it is an optimum utilization of space for storage of jewellery. Actually three red layers are all set to welcome precious jewellery inside. It has ample space .the design is innovative for the layered structure of the product. In the bottom layer fragrances can find a perfect rest while the upper two layers can be used for storage of jewellery. But i do personally feel it would have been wonderful if a little more space is added to it.
The twofold closure of the box is also a part of the experience. It is smooth; it is as perfect as the staircase structure of the product when fully opened.
Overall it is a perfect gift for your valentine.
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