Fountain of life….

she loves to dream- with wide open eyes she dreamed of the coming days when songs written by her are on every lips, her song storming the world- not only with stage performances, sales with chart busters or in award ceremonies –but in the mind of her millions of future fans!
But the road to success is often bumpy. For the time being she is a struggle trying hard to float. ‘The fourteenth, done in oil and not on a Möbius strip, depicts the only love song I’ve ever written.’ and one day …….
She has created edge less pictures of life-pictures of life without any corner. will there be an edge in her own life?
The Big Wide Calm by Rich Marcello is a saga of the journey of our protagonist in quest of that edge of life!
Life sometimes takes us to such crossroad where dream and reality coalesces. Our protagonist-Paige Plant got such an opportunity which might be the stepping stone to her future. John Bustin-now sixty-but once a respected songwriter of his times was giving an opportunity to use his recording studio for free-for singer-songwriters-of course they have to create resonance with his mind’s frequency!
And our young protagonist meets John-the old man. the first impression of the lady of the old fellow has been immaculately described by the writer- letting readers seeing the personality in front of their eyes-
“His face is all old and brown-spotted, and when he smiles, the wrinkles around his eyes are like Grand Canyon deep, but his eyes could heal the planet if he would let them. When he looks at me and isn’t judging, even for a short time, I have to look away. It’s too much. Too much power.”
And impressed he was after listening her- so much so that he offered his facility, accommodation, transport and a stipend- you just name more! She grabbed her luck with both hands (who will show the foolishness to refuse it.).
Soon John gets to know a little about her dream
““Why do you want to be famous?”
“The spotlight,” I say. “The recognition. The stuff you can buy with money.
” “And the songs?”
“The songs will get me there.”
And something more- more of her dreams
““The big wide calm.”
“What do you mean?”
“For years, I’ve been wandering around with this phrase, the big wide calm, never exactly sure what it meant. I even wondered if you’d touched it yourself when I first met you. Maybe it has something to do with the place underneath emotion.”
And here she met Bono Yorke-who is also at John’s place with one year’s apprenticeship contact. And they started well- but will an out of his times songwriter can really help her to touch her rainbow was the million dollar question. This story has enough surprises at every corner-as real life presents in every moment. So let it be a surprise for the reader at the moment.
Let us take a glimpse for the moment between the relation of Paige and John- for the time being. She discovers shades of emotions within the man-the loneliness, the depression and the inner man. A curious kind of relationship starts to take shape between them- something far from being conventional!
At this point of time-a crucial juncture of her life-Ian stepped in-lethally handsome and young-and a master of the business-with a capability of promoting our future star! and after all she had dreamed of changing the world with her potential-music is her first love. In the words of the writer
“But I don’t want to be a flash in the pan. Staying power is the name of the game. All of the great songwriters— Dylan, Cohen, Lennon, McCartney, Aimee Mann, Ani DiFranco —were able to touch something and channel it into their songs.”
So what she will do? Will she listen to the heart? Will she let the brain win over the heart? What will be the fate of her carer?
From here the story takes the surprising turn-as life presents new surprises at every moment. The writer has described the mental dilemma of the girl with artistic precision-
“ I do love John. That’s not the question. And for sure, the man pushes the limits of what it means to be flawed. That’s also not the question. But what a colossal mistake. I mean, I just don’t know if I can forgive him.”
A complex geometry of relations and emotions between the trio has given this story of romance a new dimension. It is not only love, not only carer, not only passion for music, not only two minds getting attracted to each other like magnets getting attracted to iron- but a combination of all those and more!
And most importantly will they be able to reach the height of their dreams?
An absorbing story of romance, which will put you sometime into joy, sometime into tears.
Because life may be fragile, but the human will is indomitable.
And that four letter simple word-LOVE has enough power to make impossible into I AM POSSIBLE.
So dream, because you can do it…….

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