Review contact form for writeers

Please note that we are based in India and we accept physical copies for review.
For interview with writers and guest post all the formats are eligible.



5 thoughts on “Review contact form for writeers

  1. Dear Jayasree,

    Hello there! I am writing on behalf of Scylla William, who has written a book, Ectopy. I noticed from your blog you frequently read and review books to share with others who also love reading.

    We love your blog and think Scylla’s latest book Ectopy would be well received by you and your readers. Below is a bit more about Scylla and her book. If you think you might be interested in reading Ectopy and posting an honest review or giveaway on A New Dimension In Review I’ll gladly send a complimentary copy in eBook or print, if you’ll reply with your postal mailing address. There is no obligation of course.

    Scylla William is a physician whose professional career has included laboratory research, lecturing, and the practice of medicine in both hospital and clinic settings. She lives with her husband in the San Francisco Bay area. Scylla’s first release; Ectopy is an engaging read that will appeal to fans of strong female protagonists, romance, chick lit and medical fiction.

    Dr. Zara Pendergast is a cardiologist, a woman who spends long hours at the hospital tending to the needs of other people’s hearts, often to the detriment of her own. When Zara is appointed acting chief of medicine at the teaching hospital where she works, it seems like the years of discipline and hard work are finally paying off.

    Sometimes, Zara learns, she should be careful what she wishes for. In her new position, Zara discovers a large malpractice scam and must decide between exposing the perpetrators and protecting her own career. As professional pressures mount, Zara meets a wealthy and successful businessman who introduces her to society life and sweeps her off her feet right when she’s longing for escape. But will saying yes to him strip her of too much of her identity? And with patient safety on the line, how long can Zara keep quiet?

    I look forward to hearing from you! I hope we can discuss a way we can work together to promote this new page-turner.

    Best Regards,

    Kelsey Bechtel
    Studio 41 Creative


  2. Hello,

    My name is Sophia Tallon and I run the blog ! Currently I’m looking for blog tour hosts for a 14 day blog tour starting on the 24th of August and ending on the 7th of September for the Young Adult book, Locket Full of Secrets by Dana Burkey! I will provide you with all tour materials needed including a pdf of the book for those willing to review it. (Pdf can be sent directly to kindles or regular email if requested)

    Tour stops available:
    Author Spotlights
    Guest Blogs

    If you want to participate in this blog tour please reply to this email with:
    Your blog name and url (if a vlog also include YouTube channel url)
    A couple suggested dates you’d prefer during the tour
    The type of stop you wish to host
    And let me know if you want to review

    If you want to review please include what email you wish to have the pdf copy sent to. If to a kindle please add to your approved emails list.

    If interested in a guest blog please include an idea or two for the author or just ‘author’s choice’.

    Note: tour giveaway will include 2 signed paperback copies to U.S. residents and 2 ebook copies through kindle to non-U.S. residents.

    If you are chosen as a blog tour host you will receive a confirmation email including tour materials as quickly as possible.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!
    Sophia Tallon
    Casting Call Pro:


  3. Dear Jayasree,

    Would you be interested in reviewing a collection of 15 true coming-of-age stories written by African women? It’s called “Crossroads: Women Coming of Age in Today’s Uganda.” Each personal story describes different challenges women face as they grow up in a society where traditional culture clashes with their women’s modern outlook and goals. I think you would find that the issues will resonate with Indian readers, as they do with readers in other parts of the world.

    You can learn more at can contact me directly at

    The book was published in North America, and while a copy can be obtained through Amazon, I wonder if you would accept a digital copy in the case given the high cost of shipping one?

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Christopher Conte (editor)


  4. Dear Jayasree,

    I’d be delighted to do an interview or a guest post for your blog relating to my mystery/humor novel, Dead Down East. I have completed a couple of essays that might work:

    1. Writing with Humor – 700 words
    2. The Importance of a Good Editor – 540 words

    If you prefer to do an interview, that would be great. I have no specific time frame requirement for a guest post.
    Kind regards,
    Carl Schmidt

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    Facebook Page:

    Link to my website:

    Link to paperback Amazon:

    Link to Kindle Amazon:



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