Life endless

She has looked to the body of the lady –covered in white clothes-for the last time.
Maybe after a long time-she is absorbing the company of her mother with all her senses- after a long, long time!
Because what memory she has of her mother is the painful haunting nightmare of her-getting her snatched away from the company of her mother-from the warmth of her family- to the dark cold corner of the orphanage-when she was merely five-and was not able to recognise what cruel joke the destiny has played with her. When the kid is expected to enjoy the company of her doting parents-she was exiled from the home.
For the rest of her life-it is all blurred nightmare- her father always thought she is the witch of the family-who is going to ruin the fortune of the family.
She has asked god a million times-looking at the dark night sky-twinkling with million zillion diamonds-‘why me god? What wrong have i done to deserve this?’
The god remained silent!

And now- she is in front of her mother-her lifeless, cold body-for the last time –or you maybe say for the first time in so many years.
And her father-or rather whom she has hated throughout his life being her father- is still abusing her-yelling at her
‘Don’t you dare touch her, you filthy whore’
Thunder of thousand rivers is nearly to explode in her mind-all the atoms that has made her is about to start a chain reaction-unleashing of anger is going to be like the eruption of a volcano after thousand years of dormancy.
Everything is getting erased up-her memory, soul, future.
Darkness everywhere-is there any light?
KLASS by Prita Yadav is the story of a girl-who has to fight with the ghost of the past to survive in the present or more precisely surviving in the future- because she has chosen her present to be like an aimless ship. That’s why when her parents got her admitted in the KLASS-an elite sports school in the state of Maharashtra-her single point agenda was to behave so strangely so that she might get expelled from the school in no time. If you think it is self destruction-then I am afraid you are quite right. But from psychological viewpoint –her only wish was to see her parent’s endeavour being crashed. In the word of the writer-
‘Just the ideal school where I always dreamt of studying’. Jo thought looking around the majestic school. ‘Then why do I have this nagging feeling in my heart? It is only because she selected this school for me? Why do I feel I don’t belong here? Is it because of the other people or is it because of the Kelvin Jordan? I need to teach him a good lesson.’

It is hard to express the dilemma of a girl who has gone through this storm-persistently since her childhood and who is about to step into adolescence. Prita has made that challenging work look amazingly easy with her free flowing style of narration-story –line is spontaneous-like a fountain or you may say- like the first experience of unbound adolescence.
So let us return back to the story. From day one she is determined to challenge the rules and regulations of the elite institutions at every step, so that the authority may have no option but to expel her from the school. And her start was perfect- on her way to the school-in the bus. She had an encounter with Nick and Somesh-her would be classmates.
‘But before Somesh could complete his statement,Jo casually stood up, stretched her limbs and landed a hard punch on his stomach. Somesh let out a cry and in blind rage flung himself as Jo, she moved out of his way just in time and he went crashing down the aisle.’
But human mind sometimes plays with the individual. Brain commands one way- and the heart directs the other way. Little did she knew that she will encounter a mofussil girl –with her hair smeared in mustard oil- wearing an typical dress-who will change her destiny?
In the class she is amid confusion-lots and lots of confusion. Only the extremely meritorious students are admitted to the school. Then how come she-an average student or rather what she projects of herself got her admitted. How come her class teacher knows all about her parents? How did she-who had proudly told the world that she is jack of no trade, have her ranked in the blue house? (Blue house students excel in one sport.)
She is also a mystery to her friends. Why she always inside a hard shell? Why her past haunts her present? Why she likes to attack the outside world? Does she believe in offence is the best defence policy-or it has something to do with her past-shrouded in mystery.
It is a story of friendship-love –hate, of infatuation and of romance, of emotion and relation, a story of a dream being woven and a dream being broken. Emotional moments of her reunion with her mother- amid the silence of the tomb-has really transformed this story into a classical perturbation.
But as life never stops at anything-as life has the force to dominate over all fragility of life-so has the story-it does not stop at the last page.
Voyaging towards endless possibilities………….
Possibilities of life………

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The Pparahan Oracle by I.J. Roy- a critical analysis

The Pparahan OracleThe Pparahan Oracle by I.J. Roy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When angels fear to tread- demons appear in the clout of angels.
What is religion? It’s debatable- no doubt. To an atheist it is the opium of the people. To a philosopher it is the expression of a man in the solitude, and the way of valuing most comprehensively and intensively. To a man like me it is the frescos of Ajanta, the choir song at churches or the unbelievable architecture of the Jama Masjid. Or to a common man- a god fearing man, religion is a set of tradition, faiths and customs.
And when the common man is chained by the customs, faith and traditions deliberately created by the propagators of religious practices on earth ,it really becomes the opium of the commoner. History is the witness- that through the ages when state power has messed up with the so called propagators of god- the plight of the people reached its zenith! When there is absolute power at the hands of those who demands that they have divine orders- it corrupts absolutely. It may be the saga of old, medieval or modern world- the picture remains the same.
In this backdrop let us take glimpses of an appealing story- the story of sacrifice of a mother to the lust of one of those so called ‘ sons of god’ , her indomitable attitude to save her daughter from that demon in the clout of an angel . ‘ The Pparahan Oracle’ by I.J. Roy is the story of the relentless struggle of an individual against the society and the all prevailing religious institutions- set up in the backdrop of the forgotten days of the ancient India. It is my estimate that the storyline dates back to the days of Indus valley civilization when there is a well developed city state was in vogue and direct trade links were established with countries- near and far away!
They called their lands Givenland- as because they are very proud of their origin. And they should be- because the city state bore the signature of a rich cultural, ethnic and technological identity. Let us take a sneak peak from the description of the city
“In Pparahan, except for the Baths, granaries and a few other communal buildings, all the houses were built on similar sized plots. Each block created by the streets was divided into twenty –five plots, with narrow lanes leading to the inner houses. The only exceptions were the plots enclosed by the central streets. These plots were two and a quarter times the size of the other plots. A few of them were occupied by the High priests and Dassas, but most of them by young families, who had to keep ready two of their rooms for children whose family had taken ill and had been quarantined.”
You must be trying to visualize this society and thinking what a developed technology and social structure- what a planned way of establishing social order and justice. Well-you are wrong, horribly wrong.
Things were not so smooth in those days-just like today. Let us come to our story.
Beautiful Zayyaa- the snow white girl was not a native of the Pparaha. There are rumours that she and her father had migrated from Darromohe-another city of the Givenland. One day, she has encountered a youth-
“The moment she saw the youth smiling, Zayaa started blushing. Looking around she saw that his smile seemed to be affecting everyone. Now she looked at the youth with new interest. When she saw the youth’s soft but intelligent and kind but confident eyes, still fixed on the little girl, she became irrationally jealous and it was exactly then that she had fallen in love with him.”
Isn’t it a lovely piece of narration to describe the advent of first spring into the minds of an innocent girl. And smooth it was indeed, like a cakewalk she had married her prince charming- the man of her dream –Vyaan. But she was soon to realize that in the mortal world nightmares do coexist with dreams.
At their marriage ceremony- rituals were performed by none other than the chief High Priest Apaan- and the newly wedded couple were too innocent to fathom what a deadly plan was playing through his devilish head after first seeing Zayaa.
And one day
…and two days after Vyaan had left, two High Priests came over to Zayaa’s house…..
‘Great tidings, indeed.’ the other High Priest repeated and shouted out to the neighbourhood, ‘the gods have spoken. The daughter of this house, Zayaa, shall be a Daasa. Praise be to Zaaya, our new Daasa.”
According to the chief High Priest the girl is destinated to be the servant of god. Considering the social fabric of those days, it was a prestige. The why her father protested unto the last?
He had to give up – considering the reason in mind of leaving his native city and the girl had to face the inevitable. It was a long journey to the once innocent girl- long journey of slow death of her soul in the clout of divinity.
So when she saw that the same fate is awaiting her little girl Tiraa and that too from her tormentor- she became determined to avert it.
but will it be so easy to fight back against the all prevailing priestdom? (It is a new word I have used-consciously. only if you read the story you will realize.)
it is a quest- full of surprises all the way- a quest of a father an d a daughter in search of a safe haven- a quest of a man from a far away land in search of white gods- a quest of twin brothers who have fought a crusade for the sole purpose of fulfilling the dreams of others. It is the struggle against the tyranny- a fight against a brutal system that threatens the human dignity in the name of god.
The writer has created many characters in the story who have propelled the pace of the narration. Extensive research works have been done to make the story a true reflection of the 2000 century B.C. and the positive point is that in spite of being a historical novel- the storyline will never let you breathe slowly- always you will find your anxiety increasing , pulse rate increasing- just to know what will happen next. And yes-it is not a Dan Brown thriller-it is a historical novel- yet having all ingredients to be a thriller.)
Wondering what will happen to the tormentor-well read the novel.
To know whether the sword of Nemesis can strike the powerful?
Will justice prevail?

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