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Power Shift: From Fossil Energy to Dynamic Solar PowerPower Shift: From Fossil Energy to Dynamic Solar Power by Robert Arthur Stayton
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Wheels of progress of human civilization have been moving too fast I for the last two centuries or so. Scientific inventions are added up to the existing knowledge every day like downpour in a black clouded day. In science and technology- species Homo sapiens is making remarkable strides to expand the sphere of human knowledge to its zenith. Newer inventions are making lives easier for them.
But every convenience comes at a price. To achieve the peak of human convenience mother earth has to make too many sacrifices. To make human species cool- coolant gases are increasing the temperature of the earth-in every passing second. To account for increasing energy hunger of electric turbines billions of tones of black gold has to be used. For increasing traffic billions and billions barrels of fossil fuels have to be used. For knowledge thirst of human species-millions of trees are cut each day. As a result the biological balance of the blue planet is facing a crisis of existence. Due to enhancement of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere- global warming is threatening the existence of some of the countries like Bangladesh. Thousands of species of flora and fauna are getting sacrificed at the expense of the human prosperity. It is all because the ecosystems of sensitive vegetation regions are in danger. And like a chain reaction a small gap somewhere can pave out the way for bigger erosions. And it is all due to the increasing energy thirst of human civilization.
Is there any way out? Cleaner-safer energy may be a possible alternative. We keep on talking about renewable energy- but nobody takes it seriously as the popular myth is that renewable energy can never account for the geometrical progression wise population multiplication. Power Shift by Robert Arthur Stayton is a popular science book that depicts the use of solar energy as a viable alternative for the world of tomorrow! In a language that can easily be grasped by even a layman the writer describes how the world of tomorrow will be facing energy crisis in a planet where the reserve of fossil fuel is fast exhausting.
Robert starts with the very definition of energy and how the chariot of mankind is dependent on it. The energy monoester is threatening to pollute our air so badly, making the effect of global warming felt so badly that some environmental measures needs to be taken fast and taken seriously. The second problem is that the reserve of conventional sources of energy like wood, coal, fossil fuel, natural gas is limited and getting exhausted fast. Within a gap of 50-60 years there is every possibility that the global reserve of such energy sources will reach the bottom. Both developed and developing countries are signing treaty after treaty on the control of indiscriminate use of conventional energy- but nothing substantial is getting produced of it. Standing on that crossroad there is need of safer, cleaner and most importantly abundant sources of energy. To the writer solar energy is the answer. In his words-
‘ The good news is that despite the inability of world governments to agree on a path forward, the transition to clean solar energy is already proceeding at a rapid pace. The greatest progress is being made by individuals, business, and organizational deciding for themselves to switch to carbon free energy. You have that choice too. It is actually easier for you for big governments and energy corporations.’
The discussion started as early as the dawn of civilization when human species was yet to muster the art of weapon making or fire production. From that time beyond count- human is closely dependent on energy in his struggle for existence. As time passed-species Homo sapiens or more correctly the predecessors of the species Homo sapiens got acquainted with newer and newer forms of energy like fire from burning of fuels etc. which is nothing but merely a conversion. Tamed animals served the purpose of being the source of mechanical energy to our forefathers. Then wheel was invented and human civilization took a giant leap. With the advancement of chemistry newer forms of energy conversions started to add up to the prosperity of mankind.
But nothing can be compared to the discovery of steam as a source of constant production of mechanical and kinetic energy. It was a revolution- both in the industrial and the transport sector. And then gradually came more and more inventions making life easier for men. But at the same time those inventions accounted for the pollutions of the surface of the earth, threatening the existence of certain sensitive biospheres. At the same time the limited reserve of conventional sources of energy portrays a gloomy picture for the world in the years to come.
Robert has made an in depth analysis of the various uses of solar energy and a sustainable plan that might be able to solve the energy crisis n the years to come. At the same time this may be the answer to the endangered biospheres, effects of global warming and ozone hole. Towards the conclusion he has made a socioeconomic analysis of the hindrances that still holds us back I using solar energy.
Robert does not believe in easier said than done principle. He is the rarest of the rare who believes that it is best to teach the world by doing the same what he preaches and let the world follow him. So he and his wife built up a passive solar home and outfitted it with an off-grid solar photo voltaic system.

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An anthology of futuristic stories

Free to Good Home: collected short storiesFree to Good Home: collected short stories by Anne Kelleher
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Human civilization has progressed beyond expectations in the recent times and so has increased the complexity of life. Society has undergone a radical change over the last five decades or so. It will not be an exaggeration of facts if we say that the definition of relation between human is on the verge of a question mark. Particularly after the internet being the controlling force of the world-every definition of terms that defines human psychology are virtually redefined. Today friendship does not mean an emotional relation-but friendship in social networking sites means a bunch of unknown individuals ready to provide likes for the most ridiculous of posts. Gone are the days of romance when there was another type of thrill in biting the forbidden fruit. It is the age of speed dating now. We are virtually heading towards a blind lane of evolution. No doubt we the human species are the fittest till now, but are we making a firm stand on the question of survival? Or we are heading to a point of no return? If the pace of ‘progress’ remains unaltered for the next couple of decades or so-then what will be our future?
‘Free to Good Homes’ by Anne Kelleher is an anthology of short stories. There are seven stories in the collection namely-Free to good home, After the rapture, Enhanced, Conjuring Johnny deep, Finding south side journey, Raising Jerry Garcia and Walking with Elvis. All the stories are portrayed on a futuristic background. But they are not science fiction stories. Anne has made a picture of the world of a future where all the human emotions, all the human sentiments are no longer the same. It s a world where the old values, the ethics have been replaced by codes of conduct, more suited to humanoids. It is the story of the future –projected by the present.
Let us start the discussion of the anthology with the very first story-Feel to Good Homes. In our society we are seeing a radical change towards the outlook of the old. Particularly after the Second World War, family values have been started to be redefined in the west. Even in the eastern countries-the concept of family is getting a new perspective. It is now the nucleus family-where the family members of the generation Y no longer consider the elders as an inseparable part of the family. Elder family members are forced to live a life of the destitute-sometimes literally. Particularly in our Indian society there are daily instances on newspapers where the son or daughter drives away his or her parents out of house, forcibly takes away their possession. And believe me –they are neither instances of horror stories nor exceptional. Nobody these days looks after their emotional needs. They are now truly burden of the family. They are forced to create a life of their own and lives within a cocoon.
In this backdrop Anne glances towards the future-the future where the older generations are literally considered orphans and can be put up for adoption. Anne has a fascinating style of making ideas clear-where a harmless looking advertisement tells the whole story
‘He glanced down as the dino-bot places a plate with a slice of lemon meringue pie in front of him. The pamphlet reads-‘When it’s time to sever the cord’ and features a photograph of a smiling gray haired woman embraced by a younger couple and children, as another younger couple drives off waving the background.’
However our protagonist had some initial hesitation, which means some residue of old values are left within him-but his wife-who is rather interested in raising kittens than children did not have so. However they were not feeling the pinch as their mother was not with them. However, soon he was forced to reconsider his decision amid a rather emberracing situation for himself. He got a call from the cops and discovered that his mother was detained for selling her legal medico drugs in an illegal way. And in the way back home-or rather that should be a home-he had a firm decision.
But could he convert that decision into reality? Or rather still-was he given any opportunity to convert his wish into reality? The reader was compelled to stand on the mirror-to have a look at him-to themselves. It is a crude reality when humanity has been merged into an all prevailing hollowness. The last quote from the mother says it all
‘We are so lucky it’s not the old days.’ She says ‘when people thought the only way to make a family was with blood.’
Anne has a direct approach of saying her things-an approach that can hurt her readers like a sharp pointed arrow. But that does not mean she is a pessimist- she does not think in all negativity. She has only showed the blunt reality-where the wheels of progress can lead us into. The truth is more barely represented in the second story of the anthology-After the rapture.
Many writers have written stories-possibly science fiction stories on the days of holocaust. How it might come-how it is going to hurt the people-and so on. Very few of them have lived off the expectations. ‘After The Rapture’ is the story where the days of holocaust have taken up a new dimension. Throughout the whole story the writer has played with the psychology of the protagonists. It is the game of uncertainty-the theory of improbable that dominates the story. Even after finishing the story the readers minds starts swinging between yes and no-the reader can not get certain whether he had finished a story where the main characters passed through illusions or it was reality. This makes it a remarkable read.
Overall the futuristic stories have all the recipes of being a perfect anthology of short stories.

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Wizards of Mystica

The Dream Walker, Land of Mystica Series Volume 1The Dream Walker, Land of Mystica Series Volume 1 by Michelle Lee Murray
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

World of fantasy is a strange world. It is the world where improbable becomes probable. It is the world where imagination and reality peacefully coexists and they live happily ever after. It is the world where magic and supernatural thrives- but always ultimately is used for the benefit of the good. And oh yes-I nearly forgot to mention in the land of fantasy the good always ultimately wins over the evil. That’s why the orphan girl gets the prince as his husband- the prince slew the demon to regain his kingdom. It is the world where a rabbit can easily speak-not only speak but put up some philosophical questions to put even a scholarly mind into jeopardy.
That is why we are all at absolute love with fantasy. We can observe our internal wishes to come alive in the story. That’s why fantasy stories did have a psychological appeal to the old and young alike and will probably continue to have towards the end of genesis.
From that viewpoint The Dream Walker (Land of Mystica series Volume 1) is a story as precious as a pearl. Not because every ingredients of a successful fantasy are present inside but also the author is a professional storyteller-she has to tell the story day and night to her two very young twins. Never the imagination of a mother can be bypassed by a professional writer who does not have the practical experience of venturing into the psychological kingdom of the young mind. That’s why people like J. K. Rowling always ultimately win.
We have enough of critical discussions. Let for the time being focus on the story. The story begins with enough suspense. A small boy- Mortimer-and a very curious too-living in the palace of the king of Mystica finds a stone-a black polished stone-as plain as a mirror-as black as a moonless night. At the first chapter we will not have any clue what the stone is all about. And it will not be unjust to say that for the later part of the story this boy will have very limited scope in building the story. This is another feature of the writing of Michelle is that she has created lots of characters –but most of them have very limited role in the development of the story. They just came like actors in a stage- performed their role-and then have their exits-and then never reappear again. The good effect of such a style is that it does not crumple the young mind with unnecessary complexity- straightforward characters give the mind the sheer joy of reading.
Again let us return to the main story. Writer took us to past days when there were wizards who controlled the land of Mystica. And one of the wizards became super powerful-started dreaming of controlling the other wizards and stole a spell book from the temple of the Sun God. But somehow he angered the god. Instead of controlling the magic power of the wizards-he found himself entrapped into a stone along with other wizards. And continued to remain so for days beyond count, till his soul was set free, by the little boy.
Immediately it became a concern for Mystica . The wise ruler started finding ways to combat with the situation. The wizard might not only create trouble for the administration. But also his boundless ambition can spell doomsdays for the throne. And found that Dream walkers can only set things right for the whole kingdom.
What is dream Walker? How can it solve his problem? While these questions were troubling the king, a simple down to earth girl Miranda was discovering a truth of herself that she started to feel. She discovered she is a keeper of an ancient magic and she is the abode of the problem of the king.
Journey does come as an almost inevitable part of most of the fantasy stories –and this story is not an exception. Miranda set out on a journey- with extraordinary creatures like walking bear-came across wonders and magnificent- and ultimately…….
Michelle had made writing seems to be a painting. Let us take an example from her journey
‘At a frozen waterfall that seemed out of place in the cave, Miranda stopped so suddenly, Walking Bear almost ran right into her. The waterfall seemed as if it was suspended in time. Its beauty and flawlessness awed them. Miranda felt tried and hungry. Yet, something about the waterfall drove her on. She lifted her axe from her side and started to pick at the wall behind the waterfall. She almost found guilty for destroying the beauty of the place. Walking Bear sat down on little edge next to the cave wall.’
Writer has a eye for minute details. Her narrations are simple yet ornate. And her creation of a wondrous world where myth, reality, legends all coalesces makes it a cherished treasure for the target age group.

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The Journey of life

Live Your TruthLive Your Truth by Sandy Cooper
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It is a literary fiction by genre. But it can easily be dubbed as an autobiography. Or it can be termed as a memoir. It is the story of a person who has seen much of life. It is the autobiography of a human who has relentlessly fought with rising waves of life. It is the memoir of an individual for whom life is inevitably full of surprises-surprises that do not give a flowery feelings any more. Live Your Truth by Sandy Cooper is inevitably everyone’s story. It is the story of life. As a debutant author Sandy has shown exceptional maturity in detailing the psychological conflict of a man who by her own words is hit by the tsunamis of life.
The timeline of the fiction initiates at the fiftieth birthday of the protagonist. Fiftieth birthday is by all means a milestone of life. And to me the timing for the story to start could not have been better. It is the age, when everyone expects to arrive at a relatively mature state of life. It is the time when individual expects to cruise through the ocean of life and arrive at a relatively safe harbor. But nobody dreams in wildest nightmare that he or she has to start a life afresh. Exactly that is what which happened in her life. Sandy could never have expected that in her fiftieth birthday a golden chariot will drive up to her house and take her to White House to have a dinner with Mr. President. But at least somebody can easily expect that a few bouquets will arrive- a few roses will come- a few phone calls-a few greeting cards. Bouquet did arrive but that is a relative different story altogether.
What moved me at the very beginning is the ability of Sandy to create an ambience-an ambience from where the story can take off. She has an inimitable style that creates a sense of suspense at the very onset and I was forced to think that whether it is a thriller or not. Believe me! Simply I was. She encounters three unexpected happenings that are enough to simply bend down somebody. Her professional career got a jolt-her personal relation got a beating-and last but not the least she has an unexpected announcement from her mother. Such was the strong impact that at first I was sure it all due to some external catalyst like some supernatural power-some spy agencies- some mastermind planning. And wonder of wonders –when I ventured deep into the book I was able to discover that catalyst was there alright-but the name of the catalyst was life.
Like the icing of the cake she was burdened further with managing the financial responsibilities of her grandmother. That does mean that she does not have any material gain but to manage a hoard of responsibilities in addition to her already troubled present. And it is not the responsibility of a particular individual-it is the responsibility of the entire family. In the words of the writer
‘My mother had planned an ambush. It felt like the air was being sucked out of the room. Everything was completely silent, save the trickling of the clock on the wall which seemed to be pounding in time to my thumping heartbeat. What my mother has spent the past fifty years trying to accomplish, she had done in one full swoop over the past ten minutes. She was transferring her own powers to me. She was putting me in charge of not just my grandmother’s well being, but of the well being of my entire family.’
But it was just the beginning. She has to solve problems-lots of problems. Her father’s portfolio management is one of them. Threatened by the possible burden of income tax-her father has put up his financial investments in a portfolio that he can’t just touch for the time when it is most needed. Obviously he has done it at the advice of a man who is basically concerned about his own commission-not about the ailing man sitting beside him.
Next came the bill of the nursing care of her grandmother. When there is not enough money left at the account-can the amount bill is paid? Or in other words can a family survive with food that can barely support one individual? Is she a wizard of the Oz?
Life is a lesson that at every moment opens before us a new chapter. The fiery tests Sandy did face are parts of her lessons. The question is whether Sandy will shatter like a fragile piece of glass or triumph against all odds?
I was really moved with the narration of last few days or more precisely speaking last few hours of the life of the mother of Sandy. Bitten by an incurable disease-her days are illuminated by her zeal to live and her daughter’s desperate struggle against the course of the tide. She knew it was a lost battle already and still she tried-tried and continued to try. The narration was so heart touching that it can easily make the eyelids wet-
‘Though eventually the cancer won, I felt that my mother and I had fought as hard as possible for as long as we could. I truly felt like we had fought the cancer together. Every step of the way, we’d joined forces and fought together, until the end. My mother and I were the strongest people I knew. We were cut from the same cloth.’
It is the sincere effort of Sandy that has made her stand apart in the crowd-you can easily identify who can easily nicknamed as Courage!

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Ideas And DisclosuresIdeas And Disclosures by Thiruman Archunan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There was darkness, complete darkness at the beginning.
And then the creator said-let there be light.
Light that erases all darkness-darkness of ignorance, darkness of superstition, darkness of death………
Human intellect is a lifelong quest towards the eternal truth, towards light, towards divinity. In this endeavor human mind is often ignited with flashes of lights-they are meant to last for a few milliseconds…..then they are lost into darkness of oblivion. Flashes of lights of ideas-that makes human mind so special-so different from the other species around the world. These ideas are often like scribbles-may be of little importance when presented in isolation-but together a bunch of ideas can spin the world around.
When the first dawn of civilization arrived on the blue planet- human mind was so different from that of today. It was full of fear-full of anxiety. The human species was more intelligent compared to other species no doubt- but that intelligence was overshadowed with fear of Mother Nature. It was ignorance all around- when there was lightening- human mind imagined goddess earth is angry and asking for sacrifices. When there was storm- human mind envisaged god of wind sends the apocalypse for them. And then the process of evolution started to reveal its wonders. With logical reasoning and rational thinking, men started the quest of truth.
Ideas and Disclosure by Thiruman Archunam is a tribute to the process of thinking-a process that makes the man the rational animal. From the title of the book it is evident that the book consists of two parts-ideas and disclosures. Ideas are consequences of a rational thought process. Some matter intrigues human mind-then a series of observations, inference and conclusion completes the thought process- a sphere is drawn as a result of brainstorming-and there is an idea. But do not think I have stolen the process of Archimedes to arrive at his eureka moment. It is the process of generating ideas-ideas that have changed the world- may that come from the brain of Newton or Einstein or Voltaire! On the other hand disclosures are simple thoughts that cross the mind without much deliberation- it is simple realization without a prolonged thought process composed around it.
But often the line of difference between ideas and disclosure are so thin that at first glance you may not be able to recognize what is what. If the ornate works inside Sistine chapel is the consequence of ideas then the simple realistic work of Ruben is the consequence of disclosure. I know that the line of distinction is still not clear. In the book the ideas and disclosures have been presented in a random manner-often an idea is preceded by a disclosure or vice versa. All types of combinations and permutations have been tried by the writer in presenting his thought. But one disclosure is clear-it is a unique genre. It is the first book of the trilogy set of the Ideas Trilogy. In the word of the writer, the book is
‘this book deals with intimate, ageless and fundamental subjects like God, reason, institution, time, nature, design ,love, accident, faith, fate. It also deals with numerous day to day issues such as good, bad, man, woman, lies, power, democracy, etc. in general the word idea is a conception or conceptions that happens in the mind, as the result of one’s thought process.’
Most of the statements are consequences of deep thought process. When elaborated, there is scope to create an epic out of most of the statements. Take this one—‘fear of nature lead to the creation of the society. Hatred among men leads to culture. Envy among women lead to virtue.’ He has started his journey here from the first dawn of civilization-when men were at the state of primitive communism-afraid of most of the natural forces, afraid of the savage animals, afraid of the destructive forces of nature. Experience taught species Homo sapiens the proverb-untied we stand, divided we fall. And so begun the joyous journey of human society- man become the rationally social animal. And how the first art form has been created? How the first song was composed? How the first writing was scripted? Human life always likes to stand in solitude from the rest of the flock. It is the urge of looking different that drives man to the limit of the passion of creating the art forms-the culture-the civilization! All honorable men are driven by passion-driven by emotion-driven by greed-all negative qualities that have created al that is good for the mankind. And there is a third part of the disclosure of the writer-envy among women lead to virtue.’ Well-I am not going to deliberate on this sensitive issue-because the old proverb says about the nature of woman-‘ deba na jananti, kuto manuasa’( even gods can not predict how can human?)
The idea of god from the viewpoint of Thiruman is really interesting. He has traced back the creation of god from the viewpoint of human history-the fear of unknown, the fear of extinction. Man created god from the point of survival and later spiritual shapes and ideas are molded to give religion a perfect shape. Religious ideas are realization of man himself-holy literatures like the Old Testament, Quran, bible; Vedas are all manifestation of this realization.
He has presented the idea of two gods- the first is the natural force that created the human being –the only one so called intelligent species on earth. It is the god about which we do not have any idea. The second god is the god that has been created by men-has been modified to suit their needs. One god is natural but mystic. another god is artificial but known.
However there is ample scope of controversy from the standpoint of some of his ideas, like this one-‘art is useless mind’s useful creation. My argument lies with the phrase- useless mind. If you think Leonardo Da Vinci is an example of useless mind-then I beg to differ. To me art is a form of expression of joy that flows spontaneously from the very heart of man. In no way it is an idle brain devil’s workshop type conception.
Life is like a flowing river-every moment gives birth to new ideas. Some of the ideas are washed away by the realization of new truths- some old ideas make way for the new. As in life-in thinking world there is nothing called absolute? You can call it a snapshot of ideas-snapshots of thoughts that offers glimpses of writer’s mind.


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A Yellow Winged StrangerA Yellow Winged Stranger by Imran Usman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A murder is at the core of the story. If it is a murder that everyday happens in thousands-then it would not have been raised anybody’s interest. But it was brutal, it was cruel, it seems every inch the work of a psychopath, the work of an insane. It has enough elements inside it to raise the interest of the media –and the public attention.
Because the unfortunate victim was tortured before death with a heated rod-red hot –that burnt the skin of the victim on several places.
It was exactly the modus operandi of one of the most infamous blood thirsty serial murderers in the history of the U.S.A crime-the Black Smith. Eighty three victims have died a horrible death-and without a single clue, without a single evidence. His whereabouts remained a mystery for twenty long years. His appearance is mysterious, too. Before the serial murders have started to take place-another serial killer was on the rampage-killing only when there was full moon on the sky. The murderer came into the night of the full moon- like a lone wolf-some ghostly power overriding -to quench the thirst of blood. And one day the full moon killer evaporated like camphor-and the next murder was staged on a no-moon day. And then there was no murder staged again on no moon.
Is it a Mere coincidence? Or there is some other thread to connect the two murderers?
If we classify ‘A yellow winged Stranger’ by Imran Usman as a murder mystery story then it will not identify fully the chilling novel. Rather it is a story that seeks to investigate the roots of the crime diving to the depth of human minds. The dark sides of human minds are exposed to perfection. However there is no detective to expose the crime-a most heinous serial crime that has its roots years ago-the protagonists themselves told their story-exposing us to the chill of fear-fear of a psychopath, a sadist approaching from any corner.
Matt-the lawyer standing for the defense of the alleged Blacksmith-the murder was confused throughout the case for a single reason. The suspect is thirty five –if he has been the murderer then he has to start his journey of murder when he was a boy of fifteen. And that Blacksmith started to copy the operational procedure of the full moon butcher. It implies that the suspect has started observing the murder procedure of the psychopath when he was a boy. Some threads do not add to make a fabric.
The victim was a widow who lived alone. The suspect was identified by an aged lady-who also reported the crime. And when the suspect was arrested on the basis of identification from his residence-he was quite and calm-to much quite and calm for even a great actor to hide his mental state. The method of killing was horrific-
‘The main cause of death in all the victims of both killers was exsanguinations. The killer would cut a shallow slice in the first go, after puncturing the larynx and vocal folds and severing the nerves to keep the victim voiceless by inserting a needle, the blood spilled would be slight and he would initiate the torturing process. He wanted them to suffer. Very sadistic, and then see the life drain out of them. When the victim’s body became tried of the pain and it was no fun to him anymore, he would cut a major slice cutting throughout the trachea and severing the jugular vein across their necks from left to right finally resulting in their death.’
When Matt’s turn came to cross examine the lone witness who had reported the crime and identified the suspect-Ms. Jacob-he emerged as second Daniel in the courtroom. On the face of his logical and brilliant cross examination all her statements went hazy-like the blurred vision with which she had claimed to identify Ethan-the suspect.
But was that merely a clever ploy by an intelligent lawyer? Is Ethan innocent? After all there are other evidences too-DNA sample collected from a burnt glove collected from a waste bin matched that of Ethan and in another turn of events –burnt fiber of the glove matched the sample of fiber found on the kitchen floor of the unfortunate victim. The suspect had burnt his hand.
Does two and two always make four?
If it was crime detection story-then it will be a fairly ordinary story-but at that point of time a flashback from the perspective of the suspect gave a dramatic twist to the total event. The prologue of the story which has initiated with a happy family conversation and ended in a tragic death of the mistress of the house has been linked with the past of the suspect and that made a 180 degree rotation of the entire story. It was his past where he has been raised as an orphan in an adopting family-the family members-emotional attachments with the family members- his quest for his biological father-all started to cross his mind like the slides in a projector.
He was put in a high security prison-waiting his fate to be decided. Here h came across graffiti-on the cold silent cell wall-a silent echo of the grief pain and despair of the inmates-Something that changed the destiny of Ethan-changed it forever. As if the writings were intended for him
‘The yellow butterfly was the one that had shaped my life completely. It was an object, which brought freshness back into me, it was an object which brought freshness back into me, it was an object of freedom, beauty and the best playmate I had during the course of my childhood years. It was my reset-to-default button.’
Life may be fragile-but the writings taught Ethan to rise above the fragility –writings on the wall were songs of life.
But more than every other aspect the quickly changing scenario-the motive-the plot-the twist and turns made this story a successful crime story –albeit the fact that there is no official crime buster. It is the first writing of Usman and it is commendable endeavor of a debut writer. He has analyzed the complex psychological traits of the characters effortlessly.
It is jingle all the way for Usman.

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A science fiction magazine with a difference

The journey of ‘Tachyon node’ – a bimonthly magazine has started with publication of its July-August issue 2015. The magazine can be categorized as a speculative science magazine that publishes stories and articles related to outer space. otherwise speaking in the words of the editors the magazine can be described as -‘dimensional nexus of the mutiverse.’ the magazine is edited by J Carrell Jones-who is a war veteran and whose interests are multi dimensional-just like the content of the first issue. If the old proverb-morning shows the day-is to be judged on the appearance of the Tachyon node-then it has a very promising future lies ahead of it. Not only the stories and the lone article published in this issue are different from thousands of science fiction writings produced every day-but also there are honest and sincere attempt to look at the world around us through futuristic spectacles-perhaps from a different frequency, from a different dimension.
There are three complete stories in the first issue-In His own Words by William Hayashi, Melody by Brandon Hilland Artifacts by Kelly King. There is a single article ‘Can planets be rejuvenated around dead stars’. There are two serial stories- first one is Beneath Red Tail Wings by Patricia I Williams and Gemp by the editor. Let us start the discussion with the story ‘In his own words.’
Pictures associated with the story sometimes tell a thousand words. What about if the title picture depicts Michelangelo’s famous creation of the Adam ,where connection has been established between the heaven and the earth. Or connection had not been established. There is still a gap between the fingers of the mortal man of earth and the divine. Just like the mystery shrouding the significance of the painting-the story itself too is mysterious. Even after ending the story the echo will continue to resonate within the brain-again and again.
It is a journey of the spacecraft to prove the practical aspect of a theoretical calculation. The narrator of the story was in charge of documentation. And on their way they arrived at a space which is literally a vacuum-where there is no radiation, no atmosphere, no gravity and even no radio static. Their instrument says that there is no light either but through port hole a white heavenly glow was coming through. But wonder of wonders-the glow does not create any shadow. ‘The scene outside was of a white sameness in every direction, like being surrounded by milk, but no shadow was cast inside the ship when Eric raised his arm in front of the viewpoint.’
And then everyone started to receive a voice inside their brains-as if by some telepathic means. It was a voice that explained to them who it was-or rather who he was. Where the species Homo sapiens has reached through their journey of civilization, and where they will lead into. And the space where the astronauts now belong-space out of reach of time, space and frequency-a space specially created for their rendezvous with ‘God.’ Yes, God-or the supreme creator you may say. And after the meeting was over-the space was mixed with the vacuum-no trace before and no trace will remain after.
‘Suddenly I was blinded by a brilliant flash outside the spacecraft window and then when my eyes could finally focus; all I saw were stars through the viewport. We had returned to our own universe.
When we rendezvoused with our sister ship Pathfinder, stationed a thousand miles away as an observer, we were surprised to discover that form their perspective we haven’t left our universe at all.’
If you think that I have already spoiled your joy of reading the wonderful story by revealing too much-then you are wrong. The climax of the story is so strong that it ca easily make you shake. It is A climax which puts a big question mark on the ultimate quest of the human species, the only ‘intelligent ‘species of the blue planet.
There are brilliant graphics and illustrations where I fancy the illustrators have reached their zeniths of imagination. Use of dull colors, a mysterious ambiance has created an unearthly sensation throughout most of the illustrations.
Let us come to the article of the issue. It is about a planet that has been proved by NASA to exist on space-which is ‘billions of years younger than its actual age’. The article describes the life cycle of a planet in layman’s language-and then the study has been elaborated. Two photographs have added attraction of the article.
If the standard of the magazine is maintained throughout –then no doubt the circulation of the magazine will be on a steady rising exponential curve.

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