Lost glory and hidden treasure-tryst with history

A black sedan is following kitty and Andrew-and with every passing second the distance is reducing.
Kitty was yet to grasp what has just started to happen-as if a Hollywood action movie chase sequence is being enacted in front of her-unfortunately her being a very much alive part of it.
Andrew suggested an idea- at the crossroad kitty will get down from the car, with the picture and Andrew will continue to drive- deceiving their followers in black sedan. She will hide behind the sphinx statue-and when everything gets normal they will meet again. This is his Plan A-if that does not work-she will just go to the water and start the jet ski and speed up to go out of sight.
Foolproof plan-isn’t it?
But kitty has not kept in mind her inquisitive nature-something caught attention of her –made her excited.
It was the hieroglyphics.
She forgot everything in a haze-her chaser-her stolen picture- what lies ahead. She wanted to read the script with a torchlight-completely forgetting the fact that the beam of light might attract the black sedan.
And it did-exactly like that.
What kitty will do now? Will her plan B work?
Kitty Hawk and the Tragedy of the RMS Titanic by Iain Reading is the fourth book of the Kitty Hawk flying detective agency series. Anyone who is acquainted with Kitty knows quite well that where Kitty does go –some mysteries do follow her-and this time is no exception. And this is for the first time she has been actually hired by a client to solve a mystery that remained unsolved for generations-a mystery involving one of the most tragic incidents in the history of modern world. This story is an absorbing chronicle of Kitty being a part of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.
It all started when Kitty-our young protagonist and a rare blend of Mongo Park and Sherlock Holmes was met by Andrew-during her stay at Ireland. Andrew’s family received an envelope way back in 1937-containing a cutting from a newspaper and a black and white photograph-taken at the Cork harbour-during the eventful journey of Titanic. And for years the family was a part of history-and desperately questing for light. Confused? Let me explain it.
The first officer of the unsinkable ship who was bestowed with the duty of watching the navigation of the ship on that eventful night was the great uncle of Andrew-William McMaster Murdoch. The night was blistering cold-and everybody on board has a feeling that ice is nearby. The eventful night of the first and last journey was made alive by the pen of Iain. As usual it is a rare combination of entertainment mixed with knowledge. Tales associated with the sinking of the great ship found their way in such a manner that you may feel a black face-with eyes burning like coals are gazing at you-if you wake up during the night after finishing the book. The steady progress of the ship-the collision-the shock of the passengers- the struggle for existence all found their way in such a fashion in the book that you may think you are amid the tragedy-listening to the last prayers of the passengers. and then the moment came
‘For a moment, the lights of the ship blazed brightly before flickering into darkness. A terrible roar arose from deep inside Titanic as the entire contents of the enormous ship broke free-everything from gigantic boilers to tiny teaspoons. High in the air the ship’s stern seemed to hang motionless for an eternity before finally plummeting down into the icy black abyss.
As the water closed over titanic’s aft railing, the great ship disappeared from sight leaving only the horrific screams of the dying that would haunt the survivors for the rest of their lives. But slowly even those screams died out, leaving only an icy cold silence as the survivors waited in the darkness for rescue.’
But nobody knows what happened to the first officer-the ancestor of the Andrews. Somebody said they had seen him suicide in gunpoint- somebody said he had been swept away to the depth of the ocean-but one thing is certain. He had been portrayed as villain by media at large-and his image remained almost the same after so many years.
Andrew wanted Kitty to unearth what really happened on that eventful day? Was he really to be blamed? It went all wrong on that night. But was it a collective decision or a personal blame?
There is another mystery shrouding the envelope that Andrew family received years ago. There is a rumour that Rubiyat e Omar Khayyam –the original eternal book of love poems- dazzled with gold and gemstones had been lost with the sinking of the ship. The director of the white star linear- whose proud possession was the titanic – had somehow escaped the tragedy and Andrew’s family believed that he had managed to take it to safety.
The envelopes contain threads to the mystery-the key to the treasure of the invaluable book of love!
Back of the photo contained some scribbles-maybe some code. Through generations the Andrew family tried their best-consulted all expert-but all in vain.
Now it is the turn of Kitty to make a brilliant move of detection. And she is successful-at least initially. The photo leads the duo to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Here kitty shows brilliant power of detection-deciphering the first step of the mystery.
First step lead them to the house of the former director-where a particular picture of the titanic may lead them to the second step of mystery. Now the question is-will his heir will allow them?
With every passing moment- new clues will lead her towards the truth. The story gains momentum as the plot progresses-at the speed of a rocket. The cultural punch of the British Isles imparts a whole new perspective to the entire story-the people and their culture as usual made the story alive –like other Kitty Hawk adventures.
Iain has created such a reliable ambiance of medieval London within modern London-a London city where the footstep of Jack the Ripper stole the sleep of the people, where a tall man covered in an overcoat and hat is after the criminals – it can create an illusion at times in the mind of the reader that whether he is inside a time machine or not.
But to be or not to be-that is the question.

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And the views expressed by me is my honest thinking of the book.

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Life endless

She has looked to the body of the lady –covered in white clothes-for the last time.
Maybe after a long time-she is absorbing the company of her mother with all her senses- after a long, long time!
Because what memory she has of her mother is the painful haunting nightmare of her-getting her snatched away from the company of her mother-from the warmth of her family- to the dark cold corner of the orphanage-when she was merely five-and was not able to recognise what cruel joke the destiny has played with her. When the kid is expected to enjoy the company of her doting parents-she was exiled from the home.
For the rest of her life-it is all blurred nightmare- her father always thought she is the witch of the family-who is going to ruin the fortune of the family.
She has asked god a million times-looking at the dark night sky-twinkling with million zillion diamonds-‘why me god? What wrong have i done to deserve this?’
The god remained silent!

And now- she is in front of her mother-her lifeless, cold body-for the last time –or you maybe say for the first time in so many years.
And her father-or rather whom she has hated throughout his life being her father- is still abusing her-yelling at her
‘Don’t you dare touch her, you filthy whore’
Thunder of thousand rivers is nearly to explode in her mind-all the atoms that has made her is about to start a chain reaction-unleashing of anger is going to be like the eruption of a volcano after thousand years of dormancy.
Everything is getting erased up-her memory, soul, future.
Darkness everywhere-is there any light?
KLASS by Prita Yadav is the story of a girl-who has to fight with the ghost of the past to survive in the present or more precisely surviving in the future- because she has chosen her present to be like an aimless ship. That’s why when her parents got her admitted in the KLASS-an elite sports school in the state of Maharashtra-her single point agenda was to behave so strangely so that she might get expelled from the school in no time. If you think it is self destruction-then I am afraid you are quite right. But from psychological viewpoint –her only wish was to see her parent’s endeavour being crashed. In the word of the writer-
‘Just the ideal school where I always dreamt of studying’. Jo thought looking around the majestic school. ‘Then why do I have this nagging feeling in my heart? It is only because she selected this school for me? Why do I feel I don’t belong here? Is it because of the other people or is it because of the Kelvin Jordan? I need to teach him a good lesson.’

It is hard to express the dilemma of a girl who has gone through this storm-persistently since her childhood and who is about to step into adolescence. Prita has made that challenging work look amazingly easy with her free flowing style of narration-story –line is spontaneous-like a fountain or you may say- like the first experience of unbound adolescence.
So let us return back to the story. From day one she is determined to challenge the rules and regulations of the elite institutions at every step, so that the authority may have no option but to expel her from the school. And her start was perfect- on her way to the school-in the bus. She had an encounter with Nick and Somesh-her would be classmates.
‘But before Somesh could complete his statement,Jo casually stood up, stretched her limbs and landed a hard punch on his stomach. Somesh let out a cry and in blind rage flung himself as Jo, she moved out of his way just in time and he went crashing down the aisle.’
But human mind sometimes plays with the individual. Brain commands one way- and the heart directs the other way. Little did she knew that she will encounter a mofussil girl –with her hair smeared in mustard oil- wearing an typical dress-who will change her destiny?
In the class she is amid confusion-lots and lots of confusion. Only the extremely meritorious students are admitted to the school. Then how come she-an average student or rather what she projects of herself got her admitted. How come her class teacher knows all about her parents? How did she-who had proudly told the world that she is jack of no trade, have her ranked in the blue house? (Blue house students excel in one sport.)
She is also a mystery to her friends. Why she always inside a hard shell? Why her past haunts her present? Why she likes to attack the outside world? Does she believe in offence is the best defence policy-or it has something to do with her past-shrouded in mystery.
It is a story of friendship-love –hate, of infatuation and of romance, of emotion and relation, a story of a dream being woven and a dream being broken. Emotional moments of her reunion with her mother- amid the silence of the tomb-has really transformed this story into a classical perturbation.
But as life never stops at anything-as life has the force to dominate over all fragility of life-so has the story-it does not stop at the last page.
Voyaging towards endless possibilities………….
Possibilities of life………

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Kung Fu Kitty: Laying Down the LawKung Fu Kitty: Laying Down the Law by Lauri Bortz
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well-she is a lady version of Moses-who had the dream of liberating her men from the slavery of anther race-or in this case from another species.
The difference is Moses was not very successful in his endeavour-but she was and she became the first president of her country.
So much was her burden of gratitude on her species-that even today a member of her species remembers her when he or she has a favourite meal.
Well-by now I am sure that you have started wondering whether I am speaking about a member of the species Homo sapiens. You are right, my dear Watson in your suspicion-that I am not talking about human- I am simply talking about species-Felis Catus-or in other words- simple cats.
Yes-I am talking about adorable cats. Have you ever wondered that they too can have a guiding rule of Ten Commandments type or like three laws of robots? It is time to check your imagination- they do have and they have an aggressive attitude- development oriented mind……………
Just before reading Kung Fu Kitty-Laying Down the Law by Lauri Bortz I too do not have such perceptions. But now I have been baptised with the faith and nobody can change it- such is the narration skill of the writer.
It is a perfect literary nonsense- with a curious mix of fantasy and science fiction. But if I do speak that the writer has a satirical perspective of contemporary world imported into the cat land, I think I will not be that wrong. And the book instantly does not get confined to the very young readers.
in a yet not discovered part of ancient china-the cats were in chains under the not so brutal regime of Monkey Kingdom –until Wu Zhua-the five clawed president guided them to freedom. the president although had a shared childhood with the queen of the kingdom- after their separation-or rather freedom on the part of Catland-there was a little dent in their friendship. But the queen was not heartless

“A less difficult, more permanent sacrifice was also made by Shuang Wei to benefit the cat’s new domain. She surrendered her most prized possessions, the Royal Monkey Heirlooms, to a Catland development fund. Their exorbitant value permitted the necessary transformations from Simian civilization to cat habitat.”
Now they have become an independent nation-they are in dire need or a parliament-an elected government and a government by the cats, for the cats and with the cats. They have very eligible leaders-do not underestimate them and they have the reconstruction work in full swing- industrialization of milk and dairy products were their first priority. Cats are cats-after all! And gifted craftsmen from the species of mice (who else better understand the taste?) were hired from the far off country called SWITZERLAND!
Statutory warning- any resemblance with dead or alive things is purely coincidental!
But everything in excess will have a foul effect-cat’s excessive liking to dairy products-and perhaps who made them –who knows-started to be a reason of headache for the leader. They are getting too big-too fat-too idle-all in too quick a time.
It is little too much for the little head of Wu Zhua and one day in her royal garden she found the spaceship-the ship of her destiny-and probably the destiny of the Catland. She discovered a catfish there that started to tell her the story of the faraway end of the galaxy where space cats do live- their planet-their hope and aspiration- their leaders-their stories of conflict……
The story goes from strength to strength- voyaging to the depth of the human sorry-cat’s emotion. It is a story that is more perfectly suited to the young mind-as it imparts the essential teaching of values that are becoming so rare to found in those days.
And I simply love the conclusion-within the depth of eternal friendship-bond of friendship that has the power to break the barrier of space and time……

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Ayana in the wonderland

the dragon of the month clubthe dragon of the month club by Iain Reading
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

They are voyaging on the blue ocean- the endless ocean-like Columbus did years ago.
There is a slight difference though- the sailors were about tom rebel against the great sailor- and the pets of our protagonists are as loyal as it can be.
If such adorable pets are available, who will need a dog?
There are some minor differences though- two kids are cruising on that journey- on the back of their pet- happily flapping its wings to propel through the water.
A cool ambiance is prevailing on air and on sea.
They are yet to discover that in a few moments the environment will be completely different. A hungry pair of jaws with sharp teeth will target them-as if a ship has been targeted by a submarine. Its periscope eyes are measuring their location- it is getting thirsty- thirsty of blood- it is getting hungry-hungry for the taste of raw meat.
A sea monster perhaps? Well, you are almost right.
Any shore is on sight?
The Dragon of the Month Club by Iain Reading – is the first of the multi volume series of the adventures of Ayana and Taylor in a land of fantasy is a classic tale that combines imagination and reality to produce an absorbing tale. It is a book that presents the scope of imagination and thought to the target readership-the greener generation-the young adults. Here the protagonists had not fallen to the wonderland through the rabbit hole- but their entry into a fantasy-land is not less dramatic than that of little Alice!
Ayana was new to her school and like every kid she has adjusting problems with the new school mates- particularly when there is an arrogant girl like Heather to deal with. It is just adding insult to injury-because she is already shocked with her new place
“She almost cried when she first saw it-everything as flat as a pancake instead of the towering beautiful Rocky Mountains she was used to. Dusty and dry instead of lush green rain-forests and pen blue sea. Small and boring instead of endless possibilities.”
Then come Heather and her gang-who does not appear to have slightest respect for the human dignity. It is like a favourite pastime to pull her legs. When you show no resistance, the magnitude of aggression increases. They got them one day with her world of imagination-a world of her own where she writes about the fierce sea monsters, fearless heroes……
They threw Ayana’s notebook to the water…
It was a complete emotional breakdown for the little kid- but to a kid who has just stepped into her adolescence- showing her tears to public is shameful. So she did exactly that what kids of her age will prefer to do-hide her tears and harbor to a safe haven to make her at ease with this brutal, heartless, unresponsive world.
Who can avoid fates of destiny? There she meets Tyler- who will change the future of their life-
“The boy blushed some more and shifted his feet nervously.
‘I am Tyler’ he said, nervously sticking out his hand toward Ayana.
Ayana giggled again and scooted forward, reaching up to formally shake his hand.
‘Ayana’ she said as she slid her cold hand into his warm one and shook it.
And with that strangely formal and awkward introduction began a very unlikely friendship.’
A very unlikely friendship where both started to share their emotions- two introvert children sharing their own worlds of imagination-where impossible one is possible. And one day they found THE BOOK that will always be etched deep inside their mind into capitalization.
Why? What’s so special about the book?
Because it describes-‘how to conjure your very own dragon in six easy steps.’
you do not have to rub your eyes-what you are seeing is true- assembling a dragon full of life out of lifeless materials-and some movements of the hands. They started with the most easiest-assembling water dragon. Their first attempt proved futile, second attempt too……
Then bingo….
Well-it was sheer magic of description that will cruise you to the kingdom of imagination. Here logic is blended with imagination, legend is fused with history, science and philosophy goes in parallel tracks.
surprising twists in the story-line will lead you with our protagonists to the kingdom of wonders- before that story will speed up in the speed of a bullet train-encounter with their first dragon, mystery in the book, mailing to unknown destination, getting the membership of mysterious dragon club……………
Too much for the little head to bear-but the narration makes it really a surprise package. But it is just the tip of the iceberg- the climax of the beginning comes from their entry into the land of mystery.
surprisingly they found everything is linked to the little world of their own-where the ocean blue of the bed sheet has been transformed into an ocean of reality-and the countless islands with only one palm trees depicted into the bed sheet has been taken their physical form.
Wonder of wonders – books read by Tyler sneaked form his mind into the physical world. it is a strange world where they travel through space to the planet of Arrakis- where creepy sand-worms as huge as an express train roams- where the human has to wear a suit to filter their discharges into usable water –and where everything ends in a biggest surprise that is eternal companion of human psychology. just like fairy tales of thousand and one Arabian nights- when the protagonists are in danger or in dire need of performing some impossible trick-a new dragon is assembled by them to make impossible possible.
Not space travel-time travel is permitted by them. They discover themselves in the London of late 19th century- a London of Sherlock Holmes. They come to the city where mysterious silhouette moves shrouded in thick fog- where every suspect wears a mask. In this mysterious city Tyler actually helps Holmes to solve mysteries.
They found themselves among many an adventure-throughout their entire journey. but like a pearl from all adventures- I am lured to quote a narration after their encounter with a Chinese wise man
“The only illumination came from an array of dozens upon dozens of brightly colored paper lanterns that were burning brightly and floating on strings throughout the courtyard….like restless wild horses, the lanterns were tugging and pulling on the strings that tied them to earth, trying to get away and fly freely into the night sky.”
This part of the story has a very important role in the plot-but it is a secret.
And will they be free from the magic spell? Will they again set foot on the soil of the earthy world they are more familiar with-where giant hands with scissors will not run after them?
Well-imagine and fly high above the ground of reality- because this book will give you compound eye like a fly.
Eyes that will create a haven of your own.

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the hunt of kitty…..

Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway's Ghost (Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency, #2)Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway’s Ghost by Iain Reading
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

She looked in amazement to the figure whom she just saw coming out. Maybe she is ready to shout in disbelief-but turns dumb thinking the absurdity of the situation.
How can it be possible?
She is seeing the noble laurite author who has given the world some of the classics like The Old Man and the Sea, Far from the madding crowd etc. etc.
Is it possible that Earnest Hemingway- all in apiece with a blood and flesh body coming out?
She rubbed her eye in disbelief- no, it can’t be!
Had she just seen the spirit of the great writer!
‘Kitty Hawk and the Hunt For The Hemingway Ghost’ by Iain Reading is the second book of the Kitty Hawk flying detective agency series.
Stories of adventures and thrill have attracted man in a way that no other story can ever attract.
While reading the adventure of little Tom Sawyer we can easily imagine us in the place of little tom –and be a part of the adventure in the island- like a free bird in the air!
In our unconsciousness we feel a shiver down our spine when little Jim is on a treasure hunt in a remote island.
Why man is so fond of stories of adventure.
Perhaps quest to know the unknown is an inherent character of man since the dawn of civilization. Probably it is in the genes of species Homo sapiens!
For ages that call of the unknown had never let man sit idly in the corner of the house- David Livingstone, Mongo Park, Marco polo-the list is endless…
This review of Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway Ghost by Iain Reading is a tribute to the desire of man to identify the unknown.
Three separate pieces of writing -apparently meaningless are in front of her. One is a piece of black impression of the engraving on a brick work, the other a meaningless piece of writing-meaningless to her, of course and the third –a sentence written in English of course- but hard to fathom any meaning out of it.
All are spinning like the dancing men of Sherlock Holmes –in front of our protagonist Kitty Hawk. She is really mystified this time.
‘What the hell? I blinked my eyes and tried to make sense of the various bizarre markings. Some of them seemed to be made up of familiar characters and numbers, but the rest of the markings were unlike anything I’d ever seen before. What does all of that mean?”
For those who are not familiar with this modern sophisticated version of Tom Sawyer-she has a brilliant power of logical reasoning and presence of mind-coupled with an passion for flying her own small plane like a sea gulf-which she has inherited from the side of her father and a love for nature that has been bestowed upon her by her ‘crazy’ mother.
Last summer she had a remarkable adventure involving gold rush and stolen gold. She was on an expedition of observing humpback whales.
This year she has a greater mission, though. Following the footsteps of her icon, great Amelia Earhart-she has a mission of circling round the earth. and en route of globe trotting she has arrived to the southernmost point of the U.S.A-perhaps to take a little rest from the hectic days ahead in her little future carer of globe trotting!
‘It was so impossible to believe this was really happening that I had trouble convincing myself sometimes, but I was actually doing it. I was actually flying around the world. And if I ever doubted it and wondered if it was all just a dream, the only thing I needed to do to convince myself that I was on the adventure of a lifetime was to look out of the window of my trust.”
Like every tourist-she too visited the house of Earnest Hemingway. And that’s from where the mystery stats to thicken like a fog. You will not believe how fast it will cover you! Strange sound of typewriter inside the house of Hemingway, and witnessing the boat of the noble laureate was all set to play a little orchestra inside the mind of Kitty.
Has the great writer has resurrected after so many years?
Our young protagonist has also visited the fort Jefferson –for a leisure time pass perhaps and for a close encounter with the sea wolves- Barracudas! But when Kitty is here-can mystery is far behind.
A glow of light in the night sea, a boat, two mysterious persons-all are enough to make kitty’s mind into action. She is on a run …..
Suspense, suspense, suspense….
At one point of time you will wonder it may kill you!
The rest is an absorbing story of adventure involving the history of the early ages of colonial rule, tale of a failed project and a saga of failed endeavour of greed. Narration with a dash of humour will make you just visualize everything.
For young adult and adult alike-it is like propelling the imagination –just picturing them in place of Kitty.
And be her globetrotting companion.
The writer has supplied so much material form the pages of history, culture, people and life of the lands that the plane will never crash…

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The review was done courtesy to the copy provided by the writer in association with bookpublicityservices.com,

And the views expressed by me is my honest thinking of the book.

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Kitty in the land of the Vikings….

Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue (Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency, #3)Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue by Iain Reading
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A piece of lead whistled past her ears-like a piece of fire. This is the extraordinary experience of her life.
Before she had close encounters with danger-but it is a completely new experience-first time in her life she has a tryst with death!
Somebody inside her is alerting her-‘run! Run for your life.”
Will she run away from the danger? Will she give up her investigation?
Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue by Iain Reading is the third book of Kitty Hawk flying detective agency series- where Kitty has a rendezvous with landscape, people and culture of the Iceland-the Nordic Island country. She is on a globe trotting spree- not by foot of course. To those who are going to be new fan club members of Kitty Hawk- she has a burning desire for flying-which is genetically-inherited from her father-and from mother she got a love for nature-that is as spontaneous as Kitty herself!
So our young protagonist is in the most sparsely populated country of the world-country with a landscape of volcanoes, Glacier Rivers and mountains-a country volcanically and geologically active. The first welcome sight of young Kitty to the land is as enchanting as her adventure
“As I got closer, I could see that what had appeared to be tiny icebergs from thousands of feet in the air were actually enormous frozen castles set adrift in the waters after breaking loose from the ice packs and glaciers that make up the coastline. In the sunlight, these fortresses of ice were a blinding blaze of white light that made me shield my eyes from the glare. The white faded to an exquisite and ethereal blue that I was quite familiar with from the glaciers I’d seen in Alaska the previous summer.”
It was like a dream for her-and she had met her old friends here again. What a pleasant surprise. the humpback whales that he so eagerly studied in her first adventure were back again here-in the waters of Atlantic! Well-as usual Iain enriched us with his lovely little encyclopaedia on the language and singing –I am serious, singing and universality of singing of humpback whales.
But when there is Kitty-can mystery be far behind?
It all started after she gets acquainted with the geothermal and hydroelectric energy projects of the country. It is a massive scale power generation endeavour in the island country for the need of the aluminium smelting industry-which is attracting giants of the field. Gigantic construction works are in full swing.
But it is not a cakewalk for all those projects. Sometimes there are obstructions like bolt from the blue. Literally it is-as it appears that invisible forces do obstruct the work.
Maybe they are not invisible force-but hidden people!
I sometimes wonder- how easily this intelligent minds smell problem. Like Kitty did-amid such an obstructed smelting project. Her analytical mind soon set into clockwork-and she
“I scanned the ground for any unusual traces that the invisible creatures might have left behind on their mission to sabotage the construction equipment. a number of different people had been walking around this particular machine this morning. I could make out tracks from different types of deep –treated work boots and running shoes, I could even see from the impression that my own boots were leaving in the mud that someone at the construction site has been wearing the same kind of Blundstone boots I was wearing, except theirs were a large size, I couldn’t find anything that looked remotely like elf footprints, though.”
She must have a sigh of relief that this time she does not have to fight with supernatural power-it is al human mind behind-after all!
But there is no light-only thick smog of mystery is surrounding the characters present in the stage.
And meanwhile in a meeting on judicious use of natural resources in the country –she met Albert- working on a process that has capability to revolutionize the smelting industry. And in the same meeting-she has her first ray of hope-something that gives her a clue –set her on a trail to the possible ‘invisible’ people!
Her encounter with Albert later thickens the mystery-he was supposedly killed-may be by some foes-may be by some mercenaries. But are there any motive? Greed? Rivalry? And why those people are after Kitty herself?
Is she a keeper of some secret?
At every twist of the story-unexpected revelation is sure to make the pulse rate of the reader rise a bit higher- with every page your heartbeat will be faster-until you come to the climax- which has the biggest surprise in store for you.
Can Kitty be able to untie the complex knot of mystery this time?
First racy narration coupled with sense of humour of Iain will take readers to far distant land –presenting a three dimensional movie effect that is sure to mesmerize the reader for quite some time after the last line of last page is finished.
One aspect that I have noticed in Ian’s writing is worthy of sharing with readers before I finally wrap up this review. Gradually I am becoming a fan of Kitty’s villains! Villains in the stories of Kitty are not evil intending, satans! Somewhere they steal the sympathy of the readers in their acts. They are merely d
But they are not bad men ………only victims of circumstances!
That’s why their acts always end –perhaps with a drop of tears!riven by some emotions-deep within their heart-maybe it is greed…….
But they are not bad men ………only victims of circumstances!
That’s why their acts always end –perhaps with a drop of tears!

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The review was done courtesy to the copy provided by the writer in association with bookpublicityservices.com,

And the views expressed by me is my honest thinking of the book.

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