Warriors of DharmaWarriors of Dharma by chandranshu chaudhary
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She is waiting eagerly- waiting for her son to return. The boy will be backing home after so many years- she was imagining how the lad will look like in his full youth.
Glory of youth sometimes tends to erase the line of differentiation between possible and impossible. And impossible does happened on that eventful day- her workaholic boss himself told him to take days off.
Perhaps he has guessed that the lady is overburdened with workload. Or there is some other reason-some deeper inner reason that she is not able to guess.
When she is preparing tasty food for her son-perhaps the destiny thought otherwise. Perhaps she has forgotten-‘some straight curves in this world-takes the shape of a perfect circle in another world.’
Warriors of Dharma-Sins of the Gods by Chandranshu Chaudhury –a practicing medical professional is a fiction where modern world and mythology coalesces. It is the first book of the possible trilogy. The initial feature of the story that attracts mind is the sheer pace of the story. Based predominantly on the backdrop of Mahabharata- the reader will discover every human emotion –love, hate, revenge, conspiracy within well knitted storyline that never let the soul of the reader rest in peace before finishing the story……
The story unfolds-where Lucy- a central character working under her boos- the Director of the Archeological Survey of India- Mr. Chaudhury. It seems like a little coincidence that both Lucy and her boss are impatient. Chandranshu has a gift for creating suspense-so it seems the reason is shrouded in mystery for her boos to be impatient. For Lucy, it was pretty straightforward though- she is waiting eagerly for her son to return- her child whom he had not seen for years- a boy who has transformed into his youth from his teens without his mother’s knowledge. And suspense does built up- questions like what, who, when do get fumed inside the mind of the reader.
And then impossible becomes possible. Workaholic boss of Lucy asks her to take a week off. It seems that even eyelashes of Lucy gaze in wonder- as in her long work life-he have never, ever asked her to do so. But she accepted it gleefully. And the ball is set rolling. But why the nature of the boss has been changed suddenly? Is it a mind change-or is there any deeper, inner intention inside?
While reading –at every corner of the story the reader cannot help but start guessing-such is the beauty of the world with which Chandranshu introduces ourselves. It is a strange world where improbable rubs shoulder with probable- impossible becomes possible….
‘Just then a corner of the box hit one of the building sides. Bahadur saw a portion of the wall falling and crumbling down. He couldn’t breathe, his lungs choked with pain. Bahadur opened his mouth gulped almost large volume of air. Dusla kept running. She was not at all affected or bothered about the consequences. Unbelievably, the wall falling apart did not slow her down. As soon as she left the building,she jumped in a white SUV parked outside. The driver didn’t wait for the door to be closed. He had already started the SUV.’
Suspense and thrill is two essential companions in this quest for truth. Like Mahabharata-where Pandavas fought for the restoration of religion-religion for the welfare of the people, here the characters are all engaged in a journey- a journey that may lead to their soul searching-or a journey that is performed for restoration of religion for some – for some it is for restoration of darkness . who will win? Evil or good?
Why the immortals form the mythology is suddenly out in the lurch?
Story ends with a suspense-paving way for future incidents to take place.It is a great read no doubt- but still better is the fact that spine shivering incidents are yet to come.
It is just the beginning……..beginning of a journey……
Other information of the book
Paperback: 170 pages
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd; 1 edition (16 February 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9352017471
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