In life and in death

Unns-The CaptivationUnns-The Captivation by Sapan Saxena
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

After so many years –they met again. This time they met thousands of miles away- in a different continent.
But one thing remained in common between them- she is still the fairy princes of his dreams. And what about her? Is he still the prince charming whom she always cherished?
To be or not to be-that is the question?
Is it sheer luck that arranged their reunion or is there deeper play inside-is they puppets at the hand of destiny or is it not probability, but calculated movement?
A pretty straightforward story of romance and heartbreak at the first part and a sizzling story of mystrey with many twists-this is how the book UNNS-The Captivation by Sapan Saxena can be summed up. The story may be a simple single layer story in the first part but in the second part he story becomes multilayered. As the storyline progressed thrill increases- and there is everything in the story- crime, suspense, romance, betrayal, suspense, patriotism and of course-action-lots of it!
Atharva- the protagonist of our story and a brilliant student too- found the girl whose presence is enough to play the chord of violin in his mind in his school days. She was Meher- a girl full of innocence –a girl whose father was an army officer. Both got attracted towards each other-and as the story will progress we will see both have fallen for qualities of the character of the other sex. Although I think both fall for each other a bit too quickly- but whoever ever have heard love follows the logical route. And Sapan created magical moments at the time when he proposed to her. A quote from the scene will be worth quoting-‘”wait, what? Did she just? Propose?’ He asked himself. She likes me?’ wait, yes! She was waiting in the class alone for me to come out and talk. She missed the selection for me. Am I dreaming? ‘He said as he pinched himself.
‘Meher likes you, Atharva! ’He jumped out of joy and punched his fist in the air.
‘This is the greatest day of my life ’he said, beaming with happiness.’’
The book has been written in an epistolary form- where our protagonist Atharva is with the diary. The flashback love sequence has been duly complimented by an environment where Atharva is in- snow falling all around- it is chilling cold outside contrasting picture of spring and winter- warmth and cold-love and heartbreak!
But the story in real always does not end in and they lived happily ever after ‘mode. Destiny compelled them to be separated and they did separate. After all, life is a stage where the characters have their entry and their exit. But what I can say is that to me their separation seems to be a little artificial.
Their lives flowed in different channels- she went to an alien country-with her in laws. And he remained in his land. Simple profanity tells that their chance of reunion is heavily odd. But god had other intentions.
So curtain once again rose after so many years. This time in a country far away from the motherland of Atharva. He is no longer the wide eyed student he used to be- but a responsible officer of the Indian secret service. He is in the far away country in a secret mission- a mission that concerns the security and sovereignty of his motherland.
In this land –far away-Atharva found Meher. He discovered-that even after so many years his memory of her is still as bright as yesterday-time has failed to make it dusty.
It all makes senses now’ Said Meher, still stunned and shocked by the realization of truth ‘why, it’s the 2nd time you saw me this way. Why you practiced and perfected chilly chicken the last fifteen years. My interest that I used to have in history, and of course, the colour of the roses. You remember it all.’
Atharva remained standing silently for a few minutes ‘what could I do ,Mehjer? You fished me out of your memory, so I made your entire memories mine.
‘Why Atharva,why? How could you?
Í never tried anything else,never had the option.’
After all this years? ‘She asked, her voice getting deeper.
Always. he replied.”
It would have been wonderful if it ends like the fragrance of spring flower. But almighty had other wishes- so the suspense and the thrill builds up and so did the relation between the two. In the words of the writer-they crossed sevens stages of love. May be consciously- may be unconsciously!
Never forget that the ultimate stage of love is death.

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other information of the book
Paperback: 220 pages
Publisher-Inspire India
Price -INR 189
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