A touching story of love

From YesterdayFrom Yesterday by Anupam Dasgupta
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

He met her in an ambience that can be equated to oriental mysticism- full of light and shadow, full of vibrancy. What‘s more-she had an eye catching appearance-‘’it wasn’t like a dress or a skirt, rather more like a hospital gown. And she had strange kind of ornaments on her, different kind of bangles.’”
If you think that it is the beginning of an unusual love story- then I would like to request you to think again. It is the prelude of our story-where our protagonist Advait finds the lady, Ravenna- who happened to be a fortune teller and happened to wait for her client. Our protagonist discovered she is pathetic at her dance steps and offered his help to improve her steps. At the beginning i thought from there the story will obviously go to one direction. but soon i proved wrong. In return to his favor to improve her dance steps- or rather i would say as a sense of gratitude of her newly found friend- she offered to tell his fortune. And soon our protagonist rode on a time machine- there is a flashback in the story-and they went seven years earlier.
Thus begun ‘’From Yesterday’’ by Anupam Dagupta-a story of romance with Anita, Advait and Christiana as protagonists. But it is not a love triangle- it is a simple yet sweet story of love circling over the city of Chennai and Chicago. Advait and Anita met at a social networking sight and soon became attracted to each other. From the virtual world of social networking sight –the duo soon landed in real world –where they soon fell for each other. Despite their age difference (Anita is older than Advait)-Advait alias Adi, soon develops a special feeling for the professionally successful yet horribly lonely lady at her mind.
“Adi stood in the parking lot and looked at Anita’s apartment on the fourth floor. He almost expected to see her in the balcony, but she wasn’t there. Adi glanced at his cell phone and browsed through the call log to locate Anita’s number. He paused for a moment and dialed the number. Anita’s phone was busy. Adi winced and looked back at the balcony. He was feeling hurt and restless.”
But as they have always said life is not a bed of roses. Anita had a past – a past which is a chronicle of broken trust, betrayal and loneliness! Relations came to her life-she wanted to cling to the relation till the end-but her hope had always been shattered like fragile glass. The past continues to haunt Anita in the present and one day she mysteriously disappears from his life.
In portraying Anita’s mental dilemma author has been able to make vivid coloring of her emotion and her action. Anupam performs credibly in framing Adi’s state of mind,too.
In the second part of the story- the story revolves around Adi and Christiana-his new found crush in the city of Chicago- his new workplace. We are telling that it is the second part of the story –but we must not forget there is a time lag of more than seven years. Times have changed and so did Adi. He is now more mature- he has seen lives. He is no more the passionate kid who was dumbstruck when Anita suddenly departed from his life.
But still Adi feels presence of Anita everywhere. Her shadow never let him settle to a love Life. But is it only a shadow?
That question continues to haunt Adi and I am sure will continue to haunt readers alike. The narration technique will simply let the reader waiting anxiously for the climax.Although it will be a bit of spoiler but I must say the climax made my eyes a little moist.
The number of characters in the storyline is relatively smaller-but that make storyline interesting and reliable. After all we have to rely on old saying-too many cooks spoil the broth!
However I would like to add two points-one is Anita’s love for mirror-and another is author’s passion for Salsa. Anita always looks to the mirror before her meeting with Adi . And it is better for the reader to discover the Salsa.
The book is a light read. Just before I conclude I would like to add that I got opportunity of reading this book in a three hour train journey yesterday and I finished it. I did not get bored once- especially in the light of the fact it was a local train journey in a crowded train where four persons usually sit on a railway seat for three persons and persons usually stand right in front of your nose with their belongings which will constantly poke you throughout your journey.
Now let me make a personal confession. These days I rarely got an opportunity to read light books. Scholastic monumental editions are my destiny these days. This book is a sort of rejuvenation for me. It feels better to think that even in these days of Corporatization of romance- real love still exists.
You may argue- it is only a fiction.
But fiction is the mirror of life-isn’t it?

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Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Frog Books (7 March 2017)
Price- INR 225

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  1. For some reason your links were not opening and I’m not sure if it is your or my computer. In any case, love your reviews and would be honored if you ever got around to reviewing my autobiography?


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