Traditional style and feel

The cradle is elegant- structurally it looks and feels sturdy. Dimension of the assembled set is better than expected. The design is ornamental also. The hooks are made up of sufficiently thick steel rods-resulting a secure and safe swinging experience for the newbie.
Bakelite joints and screws are also made up of thick material-which again is a safety measure which will comfort both the newborn and parents alike. The sky blue steel colour combination looks aesthetically perfect.
The assembling was easy-we did not have any problem. Demonstration is also available on youtube.
The net used in the cloth bed is ideal for the protection of the baby from the insects. However thicker cloth can be used for the bed –to suit the older age group. Otherwise such a beauty would be used by the baby for a very short span.
And to accommodate all the assembly components-the bag would have been made a little larger!
Overall it is a very good product-recommended up to the age of six months.
Buy the baby cradle at


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