Dastun-redi GO-the car of young India

There are so many models of four wheeler in the market to suit the need of generation Y. Some offer style, some offer comfort-some models claim that they have the futuristic design to suit the need of speed passionate new generation- some claim that the space inside the vehicle is truly unparalleled. But is that all? Does today’s generation only believe in comfort and space-and on nothing else? That ‘s why Dastun has come out with a new model that can truly satisfy the need of young India- an India that believes in getting the fullest out of life!  So for us-who are the representative of always ready for the challenge young Indians- here is Dastun redi-Go – a car that is always ready to take the challenge-always ready for the move- -just like young Indian champions!

With a touch of silver in the body –the stylish Dastun redi-Go looks every inch a true winning model- its compact and sleek outline- its space- its user friendly yet  stylish instrument panel all are sure to crate an impression in mind before anybody actually starts driving. When you will have the first look of the vehicle- you will be marveled by the D-cut grill-the honeycomb pattern and the gem like chrome bezel- that truly speaks of the class. The vehicle has 185 mm of ground clearance- that is sufficient to give your vehicle to avert obstacles on the road. It is best of the class ground clearance,too! The daytime running lamps is an added feature that adds safety and hassle free journey for you! And the projector head lamps –an extended one- extended from the grille to the fender will not only make your road virtually a road of light- but also help your car to be watched among all other cars. The classy tail lamps are also distinguishable from all other cars.

Now let us take our eyes off the exterior of this gorgeous car-and take a glance at the interior. It has ample space for everyone-with enough leg space and head space. Five people can seat comfortably on the car with ample space for luggage.  Now let us come to the dashboard- which its truly a neighbors envy-owner’s pride affair. The digital computer always alerts the driver about the fuel economy-while the digital tachometer provides a sophisticated touch- both look wise and function wise to the  vehicle. And the soft stylish seat fabric is all set to impart a dreamy feeling inside you while you are on the go. But please beware of it-if you have the driver’s wheel in your hand.  Combined with the  all inclusive Radio,CD, MP3, USB, Aux-in is all set to make you feel dreamy on the go. The ease of operation of power window-both by the driver and the front seat passenger is also an added comfort to your journey.

Let us now take our gaze at the ease of driving of Dastun redi-GO-it’s 5 speed manual transmission is all set to offer you a silky smooth journey.

Instantaneous and average mileage, distance to empty, fuel remaining, and much more is displayed right in front of your eyes. The digital computer of the instrument panel will display all necessary information for you. The shift indicator will show ideal time to shift for maximum optimization of efficiency.

These are some of the salient features of the new vehicle from Dastun that is all set to make me passionate about driving this car.
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Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross – the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.


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