Small glitering delight

The Vanity Box by Kurtzy India comes to you in a simple yet sober white package- but once you do unwrap the small sized box- it becomes a glittering experience for you. The vanity box is made up of good quality plastic imparting a sturdy structure to the box. The exterior is glittered with beautiful heart shapes. The startling silvery handle, making it easy to carry along and the decent looking lock – working good having two keys give a delightful first impression about the product.
Once you have opened it is an optimum utilization of space for storage of jewellery. Actually three red layers are all set to welcome precious jewellery inside. It has ample space .the design is innovative for the layered structure of the product. In the bottom layer fragrances can find a perfect rest while the upper two layers can be used for storage of jewellery. But i do personally feel it would have been wonderful if a little more space is added to it.
The twofold closure of the box is also a part of the experience. It is smooth; it is as perfect as the staircase structure of the product when fully opened.
Overall it is a perfect gift for your valentine.
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