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Power Shift: From Fossil Energy to Dynamic Solar PowerPower Shift: From Fossil Energy to Dynamic Solar Power by Robert Arthur Stayton
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Wheels of progress of human civilization have been moving too fast I for the last two centuries or so. Scientific inventions are added up to the existing knowledge every day like downpour in a black clouded day. In science and technology- species Homo sapiens is making remarkable strides to expand the sphere of human knowledge to its zenith. Newer inventions are making lives easier for them.
But every convenience comes at a price. To achieve the peak of human convenience mother earth has to make too many sacrifices. To make human species cool- coolant gases are increasing the temperature of the earth-in every passing second. To account for increasing energy hunger of electric turbines billions of tones of black gold has to be used. For increasing traffic billions and billions barrels of fossil fuels have to be used. For knowledge thirst of human species-millions of trees are cut each day. As a result the biological balance of the blue planet is facing a crisis of existence. Due to enhancement of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere- global warming is threatening the existence of some of the countries like Bangladesh. Thousands of species of flora and fauna are getting sacrificed at the expense of the human prosperity. It is all because the ecosystems of sensitive vegetation regions are in danger. And like a chain reaction a small gap somewhere can pave out the way for bigger erosions. And it is all due to the increasing energy thirst of human civilization.
Is there any way out? Cleaner-safer energy may be a possible alternative. We keep on talking about renewable energy- but nobody takes it seriously as the popular myth is that renewable energy can never account for the geometrical progression wise population multiplication. Power Shift by Robert Arthur Stayton is a popular science book that depicts the use of solar energy as a viable alternative for the world of tomorrow! In a language that can easily be grasped by even a layman the writer describes how the world of tomorrow will be facing energy crisis in a planet where the reserve of fossil fuel is fast exhausting.
Robert starts with the very definition of energy and how the chariot of mankind is dependent on it. The energy monoester is threatening to pollute our air so badly, making the effect of global warming felt so badly that some environmental measures needs to be taken fast and taken seriously. The second problem is that the reserve of conventional sources of energy like wood, coal, fossil fuel, natural gas is limited and getting exhausted fast. Within a gap of 50-60 years there is every possibility that the global reserve of such energy sources will reach the bottom. Both developed and developing countries are signing treaty after treaty on the control of indiscriminate use of conventional energy- but nothing substantial is getting produced of it. Standing on that crossroad there is need of safer, cleaner and most importantly abundant sources of energy. To the writer solar energy is the answer. In his words-
‘ The good news is that despite the inability of world governments to agree on a path forward, the transition to clean solar energy is already proceeding at a rapid pace. The greatest progress is being made by individuals, business, and organizational deciding for themselves to switch to carbon free energy. You have that choice too. It is actually easier for you for big governments and energy corporations.’
The discussion started as early as the dawn of civilization when human species was yet to muster the art of weapon making or fire production. From that time beyond count- human is closely dependent on energy in his struggle for existence. As time passed-species Homo sapiens or more correctly the predecessors of the species Homo sapiens got acquainted with newer and newer forms of energy like fire from burning of fuels etc. which is nothing but merely a conversion. Tamed animals served the purpose of being the source of mechanical energy to our forefathers. Then wheel was invented and human civilization took a giant leap. With the advancement of chemistry newer forms of energy conversions started to add up to the prosperity of mankind.
But nothing can be compared to the discovery of steam as a source of constant production of mechanical and kinetic energy. It was a revolution- both in the industrial and the transport sector. And then gradually came more and more inventions making life easier for men. But at the same time those inventions accounted for the pollutions of the surface of the earth, threatening the existence of certain sensitive biospheres. At the same time the limited reserve of conventional sources of energy portrays a gloomy picture for the world in the years to come.
Robert has made an in depth analysis of the various uses of solar energy and a sustainable plan that might be able to solve the energy crisis n the years to come. At the same time this may be the answer to the endangered biospheres, effects of global warming and ozone hole. Towards the conclusion he has made a socioeconomic analysis of the hindrances that still holds us back I using solar energy.
Robert does not believe in easier said than done principle. He is the rarest of the rare who believes that it is best to teach the world by doing the same what he preaches and let the world follow him. So he and his wife built up a passive solar home and outfitted it with an off-grid solar photo voltaic system.

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