Wizards of Mystica

The Dream Walker, Land of Mystica Series Volume 1The Dream Walker, Land of Mystica Series Volume 1 by Michelle Lee Murray
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World of fantasy is a strange world. It is the world where improbable becomes probable. It is the world where imagination and reality peacefully coexists and they live happily ever after. It is the world where magic and supernatural thrives- but always ultimately is used for the benefit of the good. And oh yes-I nearly forgot to mention in the land of fantasy the good always ultimately wins over the evil. That’s why the orphan girl gets the prince as his husband- the prince slew the demon to regain his kingdom. It is the world where a rabbit can easily speak-not only speak but put up some philosophical questions to put even a scholarly mind into jeopardy.
That is why we are all at absolute love with fantasy. We can observe our internal wishes to come alive in the story. That’s why fantasy stories did have a psychological appeal to the old and young alike and will probably continue to have towards the end of genesis.
From that viewpoint The Dream Walker (Land of Mystica series Volume 1) is a story as precious as a pearl. Not because every ingredients of a successful fantasy are present inside but also the author is a professional storyteller-she has to tell the story day and night to her two very young twins. Never the imagination of a mother can be bypassed by a professional writer who does not have the practical experience of venturing into the psychological kingdom of the young mind. That’s why people like J. K. Rowling always ultimately win.
We have enough of critical discussions. Let for the time being focus on the story. The story begins with enough suspense. A small boy- Mortimer-and a very curious too-living in the palace of the king of Mystica finds a stone-a black polished stone-as plain as a mirror-as black as a moonless night. At the first chapter we will not have any clue what the stone is all about. And it will not be unjust to say that for the later part of the story this boy will have very limited scope in building the story. This is another feature of the writing of Michelle is that she has created lots of characters –but most of them have very limited role in the development of the story. They just came like actors in a stage- performed their role-and then have their exits-and then never reappear again. The good effect of such a style is that it does not crumple the young mind with unnecessary complexity- straightforward characters give the mind the sheer joy of reading.
Again let us return to the main story. Writer took us to past days when there were wizards who controlled the land of Mystica. And one of the wizards became super powerful-started dreaming of controlling the other wizards and stole a spell book from the temple of the Sun God. But somehow he angered the god. Instead of controlling the magic power of the wizards-he found himself entrapped into a stone along with other wizards. And continued to remain so for days beyond count, till his soul was set free, by the little boy.
Immediately it became a concern for Mystica . The wise ruler started finding ways to combat with the situation. The wizard might not only create trouble for the administration. But also his boundless ambition can spell doomsdays for the throne. And found that Dream walkers can only set things right for the whole kingdom.
What is dream Walker? How can it solve his problem? While these questions were troubling the king, a simple down to earth girl Miranda was discovering a truth of herself that she started to feel. She discovered she is a keeper of an ancient magic and she is the abode of the problem of the king.
Journey does come as an almost inevitable part of most of the fantasy stories –and this story is not an exception. Miranda set out on a journey- with extraordinary creatures like walking bear-came across wonders and magnificent- and ultimately…….
Michelle had made writing seems to be a painting. Let us take an example from her journey
‘At a frozen waterfall that seemed out of place in the cave, Miranda stopped so suddenly, Walking Bear almost ran right into her. The waterfall seemed as if it was suspended in time. Its beauty and flawlessness awed them. Miranda felt tried and hungry. Yet, something about the waterfall drove her on. She lifted her axe from her side and started to pick at the wall behind the waterfall. She almost found guilty for destroying the beauty of the place. Walking Bear sat down on little edge next to the cave wall.’
Writer has a eye for minute details. Her narrations are simple yet ornate. And her creation of a wondrous world where myth, reality, legends all coalesces makes it a cherished treasure for the target age group.

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