Joy of being togehter

It is the age of the LPG-liberalization, privatization and globalization.
It is the age of the speed where everyone is after a rat race-we are like blind horses of a race where our destiny whips us every second to a target which is unknown to us.
It is the age of uncertainty-where every relation is uncertain, where every emotional attachment is uncertain-more fragile than glass.
Every day through our senses we feel how true was the theory of Darwin- for the struggle for existence and for the survival of the fittest.
It is a dark age where every emotion of human has been replaced by likes of social networking sides-where the nature of protests has to be determined by the social networking sides-where human commits suicide for not getting likes in social networking sides –and then uploads the live picture of suicide in social networking sites.
And ironically-for the first time he or she-whatever the gender may be-gets thousands of likes-probably for the first time in the life.
And for the last time too…..
It is probably the time when the words like love, regards, emotion etc. will find their way out in the dictionary-we will not be able to find them out n the real world-because in this jet speed world nobody has time to care for anybody. Nobody has simply any time to care for anybody except himself or herself. It is the harsh reality of life.
Or is it?
Even in this dark night we can see gleaming of light-a headline of newspaper catches our attention where a youth protests for the suffering of others-whose mind is without fear-whose head is held high.
We breathe a sigh of relief-that all is not lost –there is a hint of hope. Still somebody is there in this self centered world who does not care for himself alone-who also cares for the world surrounding-whose soul guides him to break away from the narrowness of life- to breathe under the blue sky-to look at the blue welkin above…..
To me this is togetherness- thinking for those who are surrounding us.
This is often described as the erosion of values-where ethics, family values are all thrown into dustbin-at least that is what we hear often. Our eyes are accustomed reading newspaper articles where the son tells his mother that he will take her to pilgrimage and then leaves her in the busy railway station.
Perhaps to the ands of the destiny……..
But still when we see that a son looks after her ailing mother-at the expense of his life-our minds gets content. We can understand all traces of family values are not lost-some faint traces are remained which still could not be washed away by the tsunami of modern day world.
To me this is the sense of togetherness-where the son cares for his parents-even at the expense of his own life.
Togetherness is a feeling-feeling of bonding. It is a bonding which is thicker than blood-a bonding that helps to overcome all obstacles of life.
Togetherness is a lesson that teaches human life may be fragile-but feeling of togetherness binds us to overcome all shackles.
We are all keen to love human-and to a starving soul even half baked bread seems sweet.
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