Inside OutInside Out by Jack Kearney
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Light, camera and action…..
Life is something more amazing than shown on celluloid-because real life is directed by an imaginer who can outrace the wildest imagination of the craziest director of the globe. Life can take you to new heights-life can take you to new low. Nobody can ever imagine what would happen in the next moment. Life is a game-where twist and turn occurs in every instant-enough to beat the gifted pen of the most talented thriller writer. It is the uncertainty, the improbability that makes us to embrace the life more tightly. It is the beautiful life…….
Or, the opposite………….
Hollywood-where man walks over the stars, where man talks to the stars! There seems to be a magical sensation around the air of Hollywood, where everything seems possible. Where a common man can become a superstar-where everybody can touch the rainbow! But as darkness resides just below the light-it is not all well with the kingdom of stars. Story of Hollywood is not only the story of magic, fame and stardom-but also it is the story of sweat, toil and dejection. Everyday here comes thousands-mesmerized by the shinning attraction of the silver screen, lured by money and fame, having faith in their talents and skills. Everyday thousands discover their dreams shattered-getting into darkness. There is always a dark side of the moon-where sunrays can never penetrate.
It is like discovering another Hollywood within the Hollywood we know. Inside Hollywood by Jack Kearney is the story of that other Hollywood. It is an eyewitness account of the struggle behind stardom and tnhe snake ad ladder game beginners have to face in Hollywood.
Being a struggling actor himself Jack has a fair idea of the thorny road towards stardom-where talent is not enough. His experience has been reflected towards the whole fiction-making it a contemporary chronicle of the nook and corner of Hollywood.
After graduation from one of the country’s most respected schools of drama-Danny, the protagonist of the story was all at bay. He has talent, he has six pack abdomen, gym toned body, he is dashing, attractive, handsome-in a nutshell all the successful ingredients of a successful actor are inside him. But still something does not click-even the one film credit he does usually mention in his resume’ are not exactly the credit of his own. Trying hard to float up in the turbulent water of Hollywood-our handsome protagonist soon discovers that something which is missing from his bio data is connection and reference.
He discovered such a person in a party who has the power to propel his career. Before that He got his mantra-attend page three parties , come in contact with ridiculous people-ridiculous they may seem-but will be advantageous in your long run-and yes, get publicity in the gossip magazines and tabloid the next day. So in such a party-Danny came in contact with Veronica-ex wife of studio head of Columbia picture and still a head spinning beauty at the ripe age of forty-five. And it was in the party that the lady luck smiled at him-he got a ticket to the flight of his dream-he got an entry to the audition of a play. Virtually Veronica came to him as an epitome of hope.
It was like he was walking on the clouds in the audition. The director was compelled to comment
‘Danny, it’s not often you get to see a real actor who knows his craft deliver such a rich and powerful piece…..and to think you also wrote it. I can only say that I wish I had the pleasure of watching your performance of Happy. If your monologue is any indication of the various levels you played, it must have been something to see.’ Suddenly he breaks into applauses that naturally is followed by everyone in the room.’
And his audition, too it seems a perfect one-he was well within the character and from the remarks of the director it appeared only a matter of time before he finally grab the role and he lands into his first major assignment.
Everyday billions of sperms ejaculated, fertilize the ovum-but the probability of getting fertilized? Probably it is one in a billion or less than that. So what followed may be a song of despair for Danny but not entirely unexpected. Neither he got the call nor did the series take off! But he had a net profit out of that futile transaction-he got a good agent and some assignments-seemingly insignificant begins to pour in. After all, some work is better than no work. In between the jobs he got-he had enough time to attend an acting class by Eloise-in the words of the writer she is-‘ in her midforties, and although age has not been kind to her weight ,at first glance ,one can see that she is a beauty. A classically trained actress, Ellie, as everyone fondly called her, was not the typical head of a Hollywood workshop. She looked more like a hippie that should be reaching transcendental meditations somewhere near in Northern California.’ In this class he got a proposal from his guru that entirely took him to the crossroad of life.
He got a proposal from his teacher to assist her in a project of teaching the federal prisoners acting in the prison experimental theatre workshop. She has managed her pilot project successful-which is not easy. There are hardcore criminals within the inmates and it is not easy to get response from them. And so –Danny, the struggler took the hot seat of assisting Eloise-and with considerable degree of success –managed to get both the respect and attention of the inmates.
It is indeed stranger than fiction. Danny had never imagined what life had played with him. It was not a cruel joke-it was crueler. His world fell like a pack of cards. His life was shattered.
Inside Hollywood is not only a story of hope and despair, heartbreaking and heart mending- it is a story of realization-it is a story of seeing the world through the kaleidoscope of Hollywood-with all its glitz and ugliness, with all its light and darkness. Although it has been written in a fictional format-it is a memoir-memoir of a struggling actor who has scripted the words of his life. The authenticity with which he confesses what came into his life does not only make this book a chronicle of his struggle against the all prevailing misfortune –but also a contemporary testament of the darker side of Hollywood.
A Hollywood where no red carpet is ready to welcome……………

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