Monty: The Courageous Survival of a Rescue DogMonty: The Courageous Survival of a Rescue Dog by Janet Squires
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Thousands of years ago-one arrow, -struck a crane, who was flying high above the sky, perhaps talking to the clouds, like a stick of fire.
It came crushing down-withering with pain. The destiny of the crane was beyond doubt-to be the prey of a greedy man.
But destiny had scripted some other fate for that crane-it came near the place where a young prince was playing.
He came rushing down to the crane-took it in his lap. The young prince soon became busy thinking ways to save the crane.
His brother-whose arrow had struck the crane-came running. He demanded the wounded crane. If that crane had some power to guess human behavior-his heartbeat would have gone faster. Did the young prince have sensed its trembling heart? He refused to return the crane.
What the crane had felt returning from the jaws of certain death? How the speechless creature had expressed its thanks?
We can only imagine when we see the expressions of the creatures saved by people like Janet Squires –to whom concern and love for animals has been turned out to be a mission of their lives in their unconsciousness. Monty-the courageous survival of a Rescue Dog by Janet is the first person experience of the writer in rescuing the mute creature-from the clutch of death.
Janet discovered Monty-wandering aimlessly on roads-shuttered with pain. And the most terrible part is that he could not express his feelings of pain. His left leg was broken, there was a sharp wound in his body and when Janet discovered him he was waiting for the silent death. Janet-who runs a rescue centre for wounded dogs with her husband, took the injured animal to his car and to his house eventually.
But it was not a smooth sailing to heal the wound. Firstly he was injured that requires more than one operation. Secondly he needs constant care. Thirdly the dog itself needs will power. Perhaps he needs to be his own doctor to heal himself. It was virtually a herculean task –next to be impossible. But the team effort had made the impossible possible. The book depicted the story of how the impossible has been made possible.
With a language that can easily touch the mind –Janet described how the dog had gradually recovered himself, he was courageous beyond compare. In the words of the writer-‘it was that friendliness and courage that prompted Nichole to name this new rescue, Monty. He reminded her of a scene in ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ where the Black Knight keeps getting cut with a sword but responds with’ it’s just a flesh wound’ . That was Monty’s story.
Monty’s story is not merely a story of a rescued dog-his story is a story of courage-with courage he was able to triumph over the obstacles. His story is a story of feeling and sympathy for non-human by a group of people. His story is the story that shows people still cares.
Brilliant color schemes and a good number of photographs showing different stages of rescue and after of Monty-has made this book richer.
If you are for animal rights, if you believe that non-humans have the right to live under the sun-.then this book is for you……

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