End of days…………

The SabbathThe Sabbath by Arthur Nsenga
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It was blazing light all over. As if the sky is under fire.
For those who were at the blue planet were slow to realize what had just happened….
And buildings started to collapse like matchboxes, cars are thrown to the sky like they had been hit by a baseball pitcher and bridges and roads developed cracks within a moment……
She was hypnotized by the blazing sky, by the shower of huge meteorites……..
The Sabbath by Arthur Nsenga and Shaunakay Francis is a science fiction story depicting days of holocaust that threatens to change the destiny of humankind forever. Both the writer have amassed scientific facts and then perfectly blended them with imagination to gift us with an absorbing story .

Story of holocaust has always been a favorite subject of science fiction stories. Stating from joules Verne to H.G. Wales, from Arthur C. Clarke to Ray Bradbury stories of destruction of civilizations-be of human species or the civilization of any other alien planets has always been a favorite subject with the writers. It always has a mass appeal to the readers-there might be some hidden psychological impacts of such stories to the minds of the readers. Enthusiastic researchers can think of making a thorough study of such behavior of readers. And obviously stories of holocaust has their roots in the minds of the human from the first dawn of civilization-after all what is the story of Noah and his arc? So from time immemorial the attraction of stories of holocaust has a special space in the minds of the readers. Only with passage of times-scientific facts, psychological tug of wars, imagination of alien species have been added to make the stories popular with universal readership!
This time it was not from the alien species invasion that has threatened the existence of flora and fauna on mother earth-it is a devastating scale meteorite shower from the sky. But the sky burned not at the death of any prince-it was a cosmological affair. Or was it? From the very beginning the book proves out to be a page turner. With a narration that can arouse reader’s visual senses–through the mind of the eye (or third eye, because we are now discussing science fictions) they can have a cinematic journey. And the effect was devastating. Billions have died. Millions got vanished-simply evaporated like water drops without any trace. And an entire day from the face of earth has been wiped out. As if some wizard has arranged a journey in the time machine for the entire population of planet earth to come one day into the future.(it was the day that nobody has worked and that’s why the name Sabbath! Simple, isn’t it?) Scenes of the roads just after the deep impact are appealing-both visually and psychologically-
‘There before them was a huge pile up of as many as twenty cars rammed into each other; dozens of people had been injured in a series of crashes, which had led up to a major collisions at the intersection. Windshields had been smashed-becoming deadly glass projectiles as they decorated the interiors of many cars. Passengers were lying unconscious on the hood of cars as if they had been thrown about like rag dolls. You could hear the agony of bones having been pulled from their sockets, burnt skin, and mothers crying out for help while holding out their motionless children.’
The story revolves round two protagonists-Cory and Lana-and the chronicle of holocaust-before and after as they had witnessed it. The complex mosaic of their relations had a steady part in developing the story line.
As the story line progresses further, new aftershocks of the impact started to surface. It appears that the meteorite shower has rendered the total human population immortal. Or in other words- any member of the species simply can’t die. I am a little wrong-all other animal species have been affected by some invisible agents from the meteorite shower that has rendered them immortal too.
But like the stories of ancient mythology-immortality proved out to be curse-not bliss. Imagine that you know that you have to see the end of the days-will you ever be agile as you were days before –before you know that you have to live for ever. And surprisingly with nerve sensations reduced-the haling time for a natural cure of human body pains had increased manifold. The delivery rate of newborn babies had surprisingly dropped beyond imagination-threatening to touch zero percent growth of population. Family planner’s boom turned out to be a nightmare.
If you think in an immortal society-like the land of lotus eaters-humans coexist in a state of utopia-then you are wrong-horribly wrong. Because where there is no threat of death-human will indulge in all sorts of unethical, immoral activities-and worse still-these words will loose their practical significance. It is a complex state of the society-which the writers have described with precision-
‘music was blaring from all corners. Occasionally, you could hear the scream of someone calling out for help, but no one seemed to care-including Cory and Lana. They knew that the only way to live in peace was to mind their own business. Trash bags and dirty, used needles coated the sidewalk. Corners were filed with prostitutes running in and out of abandoned buildings. There were shadows in odd places that would strike fear in anyone who walked near them. The streets were teeming with children running and playing, looking like they hadn’t bathed in ages. People were standing outside their homes doing anything and everything to escape their harsh reality. There was the stench of rotten flesh, of dead rodents, alcohol, and cheap sex that hovered about heir neighborhood.’
It appears that by mistake the wizard of Oz has taken the entire population of earth back to the days when men lived without any respect to the dignity of other individuals, when the sole mantra of living was-a tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye. It was merely the existence of human that is alive-not the human. As if the wheels of civilization had moved backward.
Amid this backdrop of grief and sorrow-there were still humans like Lana and Coy. They are Humans who are struck at the disappearance of their near ones. They are Humans who are bleeding inside their minds with the transition of human to the primitive times-or more precisely speaking to dark, pitch black days. They decided-enough is enough and decided to hunt the reason behind.
Where the destiny will take them? At the crossroad of the fate of humanity-who is the mastermind? Who is making the whole human population to dance like a puppet by the invisible string?
Will there be any respite for the world-from the backward evolution?

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