Saving the land-a crusade…..

The Banished LandsThe Banished Lands by Benjamin Mester
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Durian’s attention was fixed to the old man for quite some time.
At first glance-he was a simple man-gathered to witness the thrill and joy of the annual sports Surya-but Durian’s mind was diverted from the games to the old man-again and again.
It seems that the old man was mind is somewhere else-not in the games. He was from the far off land-clearly written in his stature, his appearances, and his dresses-even in his walking stick-ornately decorated.
And it must have cost him money and strength to come to the venue of the annual sports-he must be an avid sports lover-but he was not at all enjoying the sports.
What mystery is shrouded in his presence in the games?
‘The Banished Lands’ by Benjamin Mester is an absorbing tale of fantasy-a tale where myth, history, legends, folklores all coalesces into one. Inspired by the Hellenic and Roman legends and history- Banished Land presents the story of a journey-a quest of saving he land where they belong-a land which have to be saved from the advent of the darkness.
Durian is from Suriya-the land of the sunshine. He is as frank and open and fearless-as the sunshine itself. So are they all-all who will take the extraordinary journey that will constitute the frame of the story. It was the annual games of the land where the curtain of the story going to be lifted. Inspired by the idea of ancient day Olympic-the game was truly a test of mental toughness, skill and tactics-not to forget about the physical ability. Durian was in the game of swimming to watch Baron-his friend. Baron and Blair-he met the siblings and perhaps the destiny smiled at their meetings-because soon the trio is going to be the part of the journey extraordinary.
Before we proceed further to the storyline let us take a ride to a time machine and return to the land years ago when legendary king Euthor (is there some Scandinavian influence, too?)
‘King Euthor was one of the builders-men who could mould stones as through clay in their hands, and create new forms of stones with stronger properties, even magical one. He had wrought great works in the latter days of the prosperous age, but had tragically lost his wife, Shyla, just before the last battle that changed their world, over twelve centuries ago. After her death he disappeared along with the rest of the House of Cavanah, never to be seen again.’
Now once the land of sunshine is under darkness-darkness of ignorance, darkness of grief-and the land that once extended its boundaries –far and beyond are now in danger with intruders- barbarians are a constant headache to the kingdom. In this backdrop-an old man at the games raised suspicion of Durian. Evidently a man from distant land- he showed no interest in the games-rather was interested in invading the land. As time progresses- Durian’s curiosity continued to get enhanced. It seems that his identity is shrouded in mystery. Where from he does come? What is his intention? Is he a Barbarian-trying to get precious information about the land and the people? What will be his next destination?
Durian decided to take a journey in the quest of finding the truth-where he would find two siblings as his mates. It is a journey full of events-events where supernatural and natural has been mixed up together.
It is a fiction-where events come like spontaneous happenings-coming one after another-and one events leads to the exciting world of magic, supernatural and valor. The protagonists of the story are common men-men whom you can easily mistake as your next door neighbor. It is the story of extraordinary deeds of ordinary men. It is a story where the love of motherland urges the characters to risk their lives. And with a simple language that appeals directly to the heart-Benjamin at times makes us forget that we are reading fiction. At some point of time story become reality. It might be a fiction of genre fantasy, but the stories are from pages of real life-because they involved common men- not the kings and emperors are under the spotlight. All the three protagonists-or you may say the three musketeers-are from the lower etalon of the socioeconomic strata-yet they are not run of the mill persons. With their physical and mental ability they were ale to stand for their motherland, in their crusade against the evil.
Long, long ago-in the forgotten past-the king had developed magical powers into prosperity. Stones were turned wonders-woods were crafted into miracles-and with help of the weapon of the king(let it be a mystery till you start enjoy the book itself) which too have magical powers-the land was able to rise above all lands-near, far and away! But now it is all past-all skeletons of the glorious days-when no longer swords from the knights of the kingdom create a chill down the spine of the other kingdoms. It is all gone now-that’s why the people from the land of the sunshine-indulge themselves in sports activities-in an effort to make their blood warm.
But bravery is in their blood-or more precisely speaking in their D.N.A. (the concept was unknown although). So when country beckons-the people are quick to respond. Be it the quest of the jewel of the ancient queen from the clues given in an ancient poem, be it finding the mystery of the five persons who controls all forces of nature or be it the battles against the evil-the battle of survival-not of aggression, as like their predecessors.
‘The Suriyans each unsheathed their swords and stood behind the boulder waiting for the riders. The sounds of horses were heard in the distance. They were moving swiftly. Pallin picked up a mid sized stone. All of a sudden, the riders galloped past them. Pallian hurled the rock with all hiss might, hitting one of the barbarians squarely in the back of the head, knocking him from his horse, unconscious. The group halted and turned round immediately. Sheabor thrust his shoulder into the unsuspecting man nearest him, knocking him from the horse. Then he unsheathed his sword.’
Where the fierce battle would lead Suriyans?
Would there be sunshine again, or would there be all prevailing darkness?
And will the ancient braves resurrect to save the land?

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