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The Life and Times of Halycon Sage or The Last Book Ever PublishedThe Life and Times of Halycon Sage or The Last Book Ever Published by Karima Vargas Bushnell
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The world-well almost the whole world is after him. Everybody is thinking –who is that man? Or who is that woman? Or who is that creature?
I think the mystery personality can never be a creature. First of all-the person writes novels in perfect English-certainly an animal can not write. Secondly there are instances that the person is afraid of bills –certainly no intelligent species other than Homo sapiens has till date made use of bills and money.
So our immediate conclusion is our protagonist is human. And as the person writes full length-(well, length is a relative term, you know. One minute in the heaven is thousand years on earth may be! ) novels-the human must be an intelligent human.
But still the identity of Halycon Sage is shrouded in mystery. After all, the person is a sage-and bound to be wise. And secondly the person is famous. Critics are making remarks and counter remarks, praise and criticism for the writing of Halycon Sage.
Can the book-‘The Life and Times of Halycon Sage or the Last Book Ever Published’ by Karima Vargas Bushnell throw some light on the mystery silhouette of Halycon Sage. The book is no doubt a humorous account of the life of the person no doubt-but is the writer a Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery of the identity and disappearance mystery of Halycon Sage?
Method of elimination is a popular method in mystery detection? Let us take the approach. We will first identify whose writing skill matches most with the writing skill of our famous and well-controversial protagonist. Let us take an example of his one of his most famous novels-One hundred and One Cows. Because the novel is so short-we can quote the entire novel in our discussion-
‘There are no cows in this book. What there is, however, the story of Rory McPhooey, who sailed from the fog bound coasts of Ireland all by himself in a tiny-tiny boat, all the way to shores of the native Americans ,who turned him right back around and sent him home again.’
I know that by now you are now so much excited after reading the masterpiece that you temporarily have lost your power of speech-so let me make the encore on behalf of you. After all, everyday you do not get the opportunity to visualize ocean in a droplet of water. And the founder of post modern, minimalist, neo symbolist, pseudo realist school of literature certainly deserves attention. But unfortunately the world is full of unsympathetic, rude persons called the critics. They shot the persons with arrows-arrows of words. Fortunately there are persons who told that one word of sage is worth a thousand words-but it was not enough to heal the invisible wound of the genius writer-with an epoch making style of writing( is it self proclaimed?)
But the odd critical analysis had a deep impact on the genius. Genius was upset-so upset that genius seriously considered giving up the writing. But since writing is what the person could do-jack of no other trade other than writing (well-it is still debatable, whether our genius is jack or Jill. So let us end the debate. Our genius is jack. It is also easier for me to write’ he’ instead of writing T-H-E-G-E-N-I-U-S or T-H-E-P-E-R-S-O-N!) .so he decided to disappear-disappear from the frightening bills that were composed by machines, disappear from the critics whom he respected a lot, disappear from the his companion-his horse which is going to miss watching the television of Sage-sleeping on standing mode at the corner of his room. And after all he had good excuse-he was going to find the root of himself-he was on a soul searching expedition.
Or it may be an expedition to save the world.
To find the roots –one thing you must know is to know your roots. It is like knowing thyself. So he took the help of a firm for DNA testing-and after spending a good amount of bucks he knew his roots-
‘According to our precise, scientific calculations, your heritage is probably from New Mexico, or Arizona. Or maybe the northern part of Mexico or Nevada. There was a lot of intermarriage of tribes in that are, so science has not yet been able to distinguish the precise tribe with any accuracy.’
In this journey extraordinary the man comes in contact with many persons-like a self declared inventor who is utterly confused about his invention-whether it will move the wheel of civilization forward or backward, a lady who teaches her the meaning of womanhood, a critic who is utterly confused with what to criticize-all teaching him the true meaning of life (or probably the meaning of life as these confused souls envisage). Can his faithful companion –no name stupid-who likes his freedom more than his owner, but as if by some magnetic attraction returns back to his owner-helps him reaching Halycon’s goal?
And his dream of writing the masterpiece he had always hoped for writing is fulfilled?
Halcyon Sage lives within everybody. At some point of time we do realize that what a life of stupid we are living. And then begins the quest. Now the million dollar question is-where does that quest can lead us into?
Critics can make water seems as complex as the theory of strings. But life has its own wings.
The wings of wish……

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