Web of conspiracy

Where Death Is a HunterWhere Death Is a Hunter by Christopher Stookey
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She is now sitting in front of her lawyer-lawyer who is supposed to protect her from the multi million dollars lawsuit.
After all it is her negligence that has caused in the death of the patient-on the table of a simple cosmetic surgery. She was healthy-she was a promising model, a rising star –at least what the lawsuit has claimed-and now it is there to ruin the career of the young anesthetist.
But as she goes deep into her discussion of defending the lawsuit –at least how to make an honorable settlement, which will not make her pauper-she started to have a look at the medical records of the deceased.
Post mortem report, chest x ray, medical advise……all are there in a chorological way, arranged perfectly…….
But somebody inside her was telling that something is horribly wrong, what torment and agony she had undergone is not entirely due on her-there is an invisible hand who had made her a puppet at this game of life and death……
And she has ended up being a mere pawn at this game of destiny.
Where Death is a Hunter by Christopher Stookey is a medical thriller that is capable of catching the attention of the reader from cover to cover. If we say that the book is absorbing-then thorough injustice will be done to the story-seldom a thriller full of difficult technical terms and description has been able to steal my attention as a reader. Seldom has a book left me guessing at every corner of the story! It is a plot which fast developed into a spider web-where it was impossible to predict about any suspect till we reach the climax. At every step newer faces are added up to the list of suspects-but till the climax nobody will be able to tell who is masked and who is unmasked. Coupled with a racy speed-this thriller simply cannot be put down once you have started with it. And the narration-well-we will see a bit of it ourselves-as we have glimpses of the story……
It was just like any other day for young Hannah-the young anesthetist and the protagonist of our story-for a cosmetic surgery to be executed by Dr. Thad. The patient to be undergone the surgery is a forty plus woman-of perfect health. It is a relatively minor operation-breast implantation. And everything was going like clockwork-Hannah administered the drugs to make her sleep-Thad applied the antiseptics-and every monitor recording physical activities of the patient were in perfect rhythm…..
And then came the unexpected-
‘it was the heart alarm that sounded first. Just before it went off, I noticed something on the monitor screen out of the corner of my eye, an irregularity on the heart tracing. I turned toward the monitor and saw the reassuring zigzag of Debora. Thein’s normal heartbeat had been replaced by a furious line of wide, spiked heart beats at 107 beats per-minute. The heart alarm began changing, echoing through the suites: BLING!….BLING!…BLING!
And then it started to be all quiet all on a sudden. Like the silence of a graveyard, her heart suddenly started to show all symptoms of getting silent-once and for all! And despite all their efforts-her heartbeats started to get feeble….feebler….and then nothing at all.
Her patient is dead as a stone! They have done al they can mange-electric shock, cardio massage…….
She is gone and she was the wife of a very prominent figure of the hospital where our protagonist worked. They were left thunderstruck-all of them-Hannah, the cosmetic surgeon, the attendants; the head of the anesthetics section-all are left clueless about cause of such a sudden death and at the same time anxious about the far reaching impact of such an incident.
But fog around the death started to get cleared up once the post mortem report is on-
‘CAUSE OF DEATH, generalized hypoxia due to misplaced endotracheal tube. Breathing tube in the esophagus. Medical error.’
Not simple words-but Hannah felt the sensation that as if she has touched the burning coal by mistake. In layman’s language-her breathing tube is inserted in the wrong place. Chocking has caused her death! Even the chest x ray taken is in unison with the report. All pointing the finger to Hannah-you are the culprit! You killed her! You are not worthy of maintaining the high standard the Hypocretaus had once set for the doctors.
And don’t forget the deceased’s husband is a big shot-he can ruin Hannah’s career.
It was all over soon for Hannah-from the hospital. She is now alone to the world with a uncertain future. But I am a bit wrong-she is not all alone. Anesu is with her –in her fight against despair, grief and pain. Anesu is the old flame of Hannah-he was all set to marry Hannah-until one day he discovered that he has an affinity towards male and he has ended up being a sincere friend of Hannah-in her joy and in her tears.
Hannah took it all along-even she as started working part time in a charitable dispensary. Her got peanuts compared to what she used to get in her earlier position-but at least it is a start for her. But her new found peace was shattered one day when she has to face a suit of compensation- a whopping amount of $ 20 million for her negligence in the operation theatre!
She faced the defense lawyer-a frightfully young lad-who is supposed to fight her case from her standpoint or rather defending the hospital as she was covered by terms of medical insurances. And at the chamber of this lawyer-she first sensed something is horribly wrong. Something is not right. She and her lawyer increasingly become determined to defend their case. As time started to progress, they started to realize there is other side of the coin.
But that somebody whose silhouette can only be felt by Hannah-is not easily to give up. As she gets underway-that masked person struck.
The narration of the courtroom cross examination is simply mesmerizing. The way the young lawyer has broken the spidery web of conspiracy ……. Like Shakespeare I was truly provoked me to say-oh, the second Daniel has come to the courtroom!
Absorbing plot coupled with vivid description of sequence has made the thriller a complete reading delight where reading can give the rare experience of viewing.

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