To the kingdom of darkness

Jack tried to recollect his memories once again. He was inside a cave-and everything was pitch black around him.
He could not see anything-only his senses are telling him that something horribly unpleasant is going to happen.
What he could think was that he had opened the lid of the trunk-it was a free fall for him through the trunk, like he had fallen for eternity and now he is there –a sensation of chill is passing through his spine. He can feel rattling –a rattle snake? How it could be? Will the end come this way? Away from family-nobody knows where-the venom of poisonous snakes will make him blue.
Soon he realized that not one-but countless baby rattles are crawling-crawling around him. Suddenly he felt that the ground below him trembling. The baby rattles were away from his body. It was a sensation of relief for him-but it was too short lived. Soon in the flickering light he can see a monstrous snake-a rattlesnake of the size of a gigantic python! Its head looked larger than a soccer ball-all he could see that two cruel eyes are looking at him-like two burning coals.
The gaze is hypnotizing-soon he is going to lose his consciousness!
Wishapick (Touched by the Spell) by M.M.Alllen is an absorbing tale of fantasy-a type of tale that have mesmerized the younger generations for thousand of years-classic, timeless. It is a story where reality of rattlesnakes have been merged into fables, where small innocent possums led an uprising …… it has a flavor of its own!
Little Jack’s father has gone to the stars and with his father disappeared from his life the fun, the adventure and the joy! The life is now so boooring! He gets irritated when his mother told them the story of the breath of all god things. Is it possible? Can there be existence of such ridiculous thing? He does never believe and gets more itchy seeing that her little sister do believe it by heart! But he loved the mysterious gigantic black trunk in their house. It is locked and never got opened by their mother. Its contents are shrouded in mystery. What could be inside? Jewels of Cleopatra-sword of Julius Caesar-or the harp of Athena-anything can be inside. He thought and thought-but there should be some limit to imagination. When he got fade up with imagination, he decided to open it up. Secretly-of course, as his mother would have never allowed him to . And what happened is entirely beyond his guess-
‘With a loud creak, the lid opened up. Jack edged away from the trunk. He felt a soft breeze blow over him. He stepped back close to the trunk. The breeze, warm and inviting, was coming from inside. He peered in. nothing to see-it was pitch- black. Then he saw tin lights, little stars, deep in the trunk, but he couldn’t see the bottom. He felt an uncontrollable urge to jump into the trunk. ‘
And eventually heart won over the brain –and he jumped. Is it a fall like the fall through the rabbit hole? Or he fell to another time-the trunk opens the doorway to time travel?
And what has happened to his little sister in the meantime. Well-some strange happenings were around her-which is best enjoyed when read from the original text-so I will not go into details. But after some events and anti-events-just like matter and anti matter-she discovered herself to the edge of the iron trunk-pen and inviting-and a ladder is prepared to take her into the deep of mystery. And she accepted the invitation.
Both have landed to the strange kingdom of Wishapick-but to different locations-after all, it is ‘wish-a-pick.’ Jack –as we already know is in the den of the mighty king –the lord of the rattlesnakes-Sirus, while his little sister has landed to the pathway of little Dr. Tumalum-the possum and the dentist of the kingdom. As both jack and lily went on to discover-that the king is on a dangerous ploy. He is in a mad game to cover the whole kingdom with darkness. A deep melancholy has now covered the entire kingdom. When there is no light-can there is happiness? The only hope to the subjects of the kingdom is the queen-who is a source of light herself and lights the gardens of the subjects when there was no king’s man to look around.
‘When the dark came upon us so quickly, many of us were frightened. We didn’t understand why it had come. Many who lived in Wishapaick all their lives ran away in fear, and we forgot the name. In the beginning of the dark days, some of us remembered. But we thought we had been completely abandoned, and eventually all memory of the name was known was lost to us, and we quickly forgot how to summon the Breath. Some are chosen to always remember the name. even if they can’t recall it in a particular moment, it will come back to them through the Breath.’
But things are getting hot-as the mighty powerful king with his army of hawks and royal guards and legendary toves proves out to be too strong compared to the subjects. But it is existences of life for the residents-either defends or get wiped out! Against the magical might of the king-they too now have a weapon-Jack-whose destiny is to help them out in this magical battle. Here magic will meet magic-as iron cuts iron-with the help of breath of all good things. Now the question is-will Jack believes in himself?
Allen has created some absolutely adorable characters-imposing human characters in their nature has imparted a new dimension in the story telling.
However after finishing the book one idea has crossed my mind. In our minds lives evil intent like the king Sirus. He always wants that our mind to be remained in darkness! And there is a continuous struggle between darkness and light-ignorance and knowledge.
The struggle has probably started from the dawn of civilization-and will probably continue till the holocaust!
And who should win? Well-it is up to you to decide.

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