simply horror-nothing else

It is a Cold-shivery night. You are under the warmth of your blanket-asleep. Suddenly your sleep is shattered like a broken glass.
A nightmare that has of late become a daily feature of your sleep, has struck again today. You know that for the night there will be no more sleep on your eyelids.
Are you going to be an insomnia patient?
Or the nightmare that haunts you every night has something to deal with your subconscious?
And this night-will it be the same as every night or will be something different?
The attraction of dark, horror stories to the minds of the readers is timeless. Practically we do enjoy such stories more than any genre-yes, I repeat more than any genre. Probably there is a dark side-an unexplored side of the human psychology-about which the individual have little consciousness. There is a constant conflict between the dark and the ignited side of the mind-and we want to know who wins. That’s why edger Allan Poe becomes an all time smash hit-that’s why we love the sensation of chill through our spines. Horror stories are mirror reflections of our alter ego-our own personality. That’s why anxiety started to creep us as we progress deep into the story-and that’s why we breathlessly wait for the climax!
The Laws of Nature is an anthology of stories from the dark genre by Ashley Franz Holzmann. It is the debut endeavor of the author-and he had shown exceptional maturity in framing the stories. All the stories are just about the perfect length, the ambience of fear has been created gradually-at the beginning you will get confused whether it is a horror story or a family drama, but as you sink yourself further into the story you will suddenly realize that you have developed drops of sweat over your forehead-even if the climate is chilling cold. And finally the twist comes at the climax-that makes each story an element of fear for you. As a side effect, for some nights continually your sleep will be broken, you will look at the window pane again and again and you will have problem in going to the toilet. Of course I am talking about the night time –there is some inseparable connection between fear and darkness-is not it? Even if the twists at the end are created deliberately-they seem spontaneous, as if there could have been no other conclusion. There are twenty short stories in total and each one has opened up a new horizon in the blood red sky of fear!
We will keep our focus on two stories from the collection-the first one is Hush. It is a first person narrative –and the wife of the narrator is the protagonist of the story. They have a long, happy and successful married life-at least our narrator has that notion. They are like a perfect orchestra-complementing each other and always in unison. But I am talking about the past tense-now no more discoveries have to be made and the warmth has tuned into a chill. Even if Mozart’s symphony is repeated every single minute, every single hour, every single day then it is bound to be irritating.
But still he expects some fire is left in the relation-and the kids are the catalyst. They know each other-they know what to expect and what not to expect from other-and yet they do not know anything about the other one. They now sleep separately-but sleeping is not the only zing thing in relation. The narrator has long forgotten when they forgot to open up their minds in each other’s company-when they forgot to share everything. Everything looks like a distant dream now. But still the narrator thinks he is happy! Happiness is a relative term of course-
‘If I compare myself with the other men I have met, I am certain that they would have faced the same as me if Jolene had married them. Women were all the same. Janice’s emotions were what he let the marriage fall to where it was. She used to act differently like she knew what she wanted. Back when we were dating, love felt like a game without rules. Anything was possible before the structure of a long term relationship set in. when we got married right out of high school, we were two kids playing grownups.’
When a relation lives in vacuum-does anything is expected? So one day while taking their kids to shower-he discovered she was crying. And a shocking ending awaits our narrator-where anything is possible in an empty relation.
What bloody truth is waiting for our narrator behind the closed door?
It is suspense, suspense, and suspense-suspense all the way!
Plastic glass is another story that plays with the complex geometry of relation- it is a story that deals with a complex personality-the mother of the narrator. she is a disturbed soul-aimless, apparently without any emotions. She used to sleep late-used to be glued up to the worst of channels-and wake up when her daughter woke her up. The house was filthy, full of plastic-their house is as dry and lifeless as the plastic waste that filled up the house. And the worst thing is, narrator is gradually becoming like her mother.
‘In a lot of ways, I was like my mother. Even back then, I could see that, I knew what I was becoming, and I knew it was due largely to her influence. It didn’t matter what friends I picked, it didn’t matter what books I’d sink myself into, or how often I’d try to do the self-improvement thing; my mother would always be there to either build up or break me down to her level.’
What dark destiny awaits the mother and the daughter? Truly the conclusion will not only make you shiver, but also raise a question or two on the purpose of the existence. From that point of view if we conclude that Ashley’s stories are based on psychology and dark secrets of life-then probably we will not be far from reality.

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