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The Sire of HumellisThe Sire of Humellis by Aditya Prakash
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He looked in amazement to the huge monstrous machine placed inside the cave-as if the machine has been taken here straight from the sets of Star Wars. But at this remotest of places of Himalayas-inside a cave –where probably he is the first member of the species Homo sapiens to explore –can it be possible?
He pinched his skin to check whether he is awake- a sharp sensation of pain-sharper than the pain of starvation. He is not dreaming………
Some moments ago he was just thinking that his destiny is to die a confined rat’s life-without food, without communication with outside world, without sunshine-but now his fear has gave way to surprise.
Where the destiny will take Adam? Will he be taken to the end of the genesis-or to the beginning of a new genesis?
Is he really the chosen one to save the planet?
The Sire of Humellis by Aditya Prakash is a curious mix of science fiction and fantasy based on mythological facts. It is the story of a person realizing his true potential. When you have the rare time of looking at the night sky-full of zillions of glittering diamonds-full of black holes, pulsars, galaxies-have you ever wondered that there might be some planets where there might be conducive environment for evolution of life. There might be some planets whose civilization is at a more mature stage compared to planet earth. What will happen if they fix their gaze to the earth? Out of curiosity, perhaps-or………….
And if there is a holocaust and the intelligent species has to start all over again. A new civilization-a new hope-a new possibility-just like Noah’s arc did to the world…….
The curtain of the story unfolds in a small town near Castle Mountains range in Alberta province. Our protagonist has got his passion for cycling in his genes. And soon in mountain biking sector-he turned out to be unparallel. (Well, it is a bit exaggerated). And life seemed to be all at heaven, until that cursed day
‘With the next coming closer, I started applying the rear brake and soon realized that with this speed turn is not possible. I might overpass the turn sliding hard into the trees. I applied the front brake and brought left leg down to meet the surface. As I turned the handle to left the brake jammed and due to inertia in me the bike throws me off in middle of the middle of the air. With the same speed, I banged on the surface and after two flips hammered a nail on a big rock. My last memory of the moment was only of pain and some people rushing towards me. After that, the morning turned into night and everything went pitch black in front of me.’
Life was no more the same after he had started recovering. His mind was occupied by a sense of depression-grief and despair. And at that moment there was light – it was like the rise of the phoenix from ashes. He decided to continue with his passion-on unknown, unexplored, unheard tracks-this time not for fame, name and wealth-this time only for himself-for the joy of himself. Hi friend Joe came up with an exciting plan-to explore the unknown paths of the mighty Himalayas- perhaps where the path does not exist at all and parajumping from the peak-like the mighty bold eagle sailing through the air-with pride, honor and dignity. The proposal created a ripple in the mind of Adam
This is like a dream you have planted in my mind. I am already feeling excited with a mere ‘
Second part of the novel is an absolute delight to read in the backdrop of the beautiful landscape of the Himalayas-in Himachal Pradesh and in Kashmir. Exploring new horizons-exciting sports- breathtaking moments –all have been drawn by the writer on a wondrous canvas called India. There are moments which will let the readers forget whether he is reading the book or is a co passenger in the wonderful journey of Adam.
In the way to Ladakh-he came to a sleeping hamlet called Thanzi which had changed the course of his life forever. It is a strange village-where the life of the residents are controlled by principles-principles of a book that legend says has been scripted by Lord Shiva-and the lake near the village has magical powers. For ages-the village has been shrouded in mystery to the outside world. And now the secrets have been shared with Adam. As the old saying goes-everything is pre destinated. But what is the purpose?
It is a journey of the lifetime-journey with the abundance of nature-strange happenings-smeared with Indian culture that finally lead two close friends finally reach Ladakh.
‘After 1000 kilometers of our journey, we finally reached our destinations in five days that brought us close to the nature and especially India. Joe and I hugged and patted backs of each others and congratulated ourselves. We both are ready for klunker in the beautiful valleys of Ladakh. Our dream is going to come true.’
In the desert of snow-his dreams indeed came true-but from a different perspective. Trapped in a cave-he met with his destiny-a surprising, destiny that is beyond his wildest of imaginations. And the rest of the story is a thrill to read-where the reader will encounter surprise at every corner, amazement at every turn and not to forget the effect of visualization at every scene. I have used the word scene consciously- because here rare experience of cinematographic effect on paper-not on celluloid indeed can be experienced.
It is the journey of hope-from the darkness to light. it is not only a neatly woven speculative fiction- there are something more than imagination-and fantasy –something that portrays human nature –its indomitable will force in face of all resistances.

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