entertrainment with information

(Fairy Tale Physics) by Sarah Allen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Entertainment with information-is the one phrase expression that best describes the book.
Simple principles of fluid mechanics have been covered by the book-and at the same time a fairy tale has been told. It is a fairy tale that for ages has enthralled every young mind’s heart-a fairy tale that has timeless appeal to the mind of the young mind.
Basic principles of fluid mechanics have been covered by the book- basic principles that young minds need to know-devoid of any mathematical deduction- devoid of any technical elaboration. But do not expect that it is dry definition only- it is like science coming alive. The teaching has started from buoyancy and then covered Archimedes’ principle Bernoulli’s principle, flow rate, pressure-as the story progresses.
By now you must have became suspicious-how can a fairy tale can teach you the lessons of physics. After all fairy tales are not popular science.
And once upon a time there lived a princess in the castle. Forgive me for not using the quotation mark. But such is the unmistakeable attraction of the phrases to the green mind for ages-no quotation mark is necessary. And as the fairy tales go-she has three princes charming –ready to marry her. But whom shall she choose?
She is in a dilemma, but the third prince was able to touch her mind
‘On the third night she had dinner with the third prince who gave her nothing but told her about his lands to the north; a large kingdom along the coast of a great ocean. He told her of his two older brothers, Archimedes and Bernoulli who were both powerful wizards. He had been born without the gift of magic, but with the promise that he would inherit the kingdom. Then he asked her about herself.
They talked long into the night, and he was so good and kind and funny and interesting that the princess fall deeply in love with him.’
And with her decision –not everyone is pleased. After all evil is bound to be present in a fairy tale-and the greedy evil force here struck at the right moment. It was a quest of the princess –for her near and dear ones- to rescue from the clutch of evil force.
In her voyage her mate would be science-and the powerful wizard brothers of her husband-in possession of power of magic called science. The boat of science will take her to her destiny and with that the readers will progress into the magical kingdom of fluid .the description is lucid- nowhere the flow is obstructed-like the free flow of the fluid!
‘In the canyon, there is a certain amount of water flowing. When the canyon is wide, the water can flow pretty slowly. But when the canyon gets narrow, all the water has to make it through less space, so it has to go faster.’
An added attraction would have been addition of some humorous diagrams illustrating the basic laws- but illustration makes up the deficiency of diagrams. And the concept is innovative-storyline with physics.
Towards the end i would like to quote the aim of th e writer
‘This story won’t let you ace a physics test by itself, but it will give you a better foundation for working with equations and solving problems- having an intuitive understanding of the concepts in one of the fundamental necessities in a physics class, and it can be hard to get that from a textbook.

Plus, it’s pretty painless:’
It is sure to be enjoyed by the targeted readers…………………

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