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The Magical Tiffin boxThe Magical Tiffin box by Sweta Chakraborty
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Well- they say that a man’s heart is through his stomach. What a heavily gender biased statement. As if women do not have taste buds or they do not have hearts. But the truth-and tasty truth it is that we are all addicted to good foods. We are virtually all slaves of food.
But what we sometimes tend to forget that good foods are not necessarily tasty foods and vice versa. Rich cooking or excessive cooking spoils the nutrient value of the food sometimes. To strike a balance between the taste and the nutrient value is the challenge-no, rather the fiery taste for today’s women-women who have to prepare meals for the near and dear ones in the early morning and then have to go to office to get busy with a hectic schedule. They are running against hands of the clock-and to get a breather they need to concentrate on dishes that consume least amount of time. Yet the dishes will have to be nutritious-and will have to satisfy your senses.
After all it is the matter of home-where you cannot make any compromise.
If you think the matter is like walking of a trapeze player on a tight rope-you are wrong. It is like ABC-anybody can cook!
I was a little sceptical about the cookbook written by Sweata Chakraborty titled ‘The Magical Tiffin Box’ when I first sighted it. After all there are thousands of cookbooks in the market each one proudly proclaiming- I am different. So what is so special about a new one?
Amid confusion I started turning the page and my questions are answered. This book is different-be from the point of view of its beautifully illustrated, step by step easy to grasp recipes, be from the point of view of the original cuisines represented by Sweta, be from the point of view of the nutrient value of the prepared dishes, be from the point of view of catering a separates section for the diabetic patients.
I am a foodaholic-but I simply feel feverish thinking of cooking a dish. Rather I love watching nice dishes being prepared-sizzling like the Indian films of 80’s and then served in my plate. I do love cooking experimental dishes sometimes-but those eureka moments come s o rare-that i simply forget now when such moment of triumph did came in my life last time.
Let us now come to the book rather sharing my weak points. Magical Tiffin box has a collection of 110 recipes-the common feature of all those is their utter simplicity in cooking-all ingredients are easily available-well-almost everything-time of cooking is compatible with the hectic schedule of today-and taste-ooooh….mouth watering. This is my personal experience-well-not me but my mom has cooked Microwave Apple Crisps from the recipe book –and the taste! It is heavenly! While writing this book I am eating a piece or two from the dish and………
There are five sections of the book (why only five and why only 110-not 150?)-irresistible bites, vegetarian snacks, non-vegetarian snacks, diabetic recipes and last but not the least-wow treats. If you wonder what wow treats is-they are simply deserts towards the end. Let us discuss some of the delicious snacks that the writer has innovated. And most importantly these are snacks that can be prepared within minutes.
Whole moong and coconut wonder has a cooking time of ten minutes and can be easily taken as a dried lunch for individuals on a go! It does not contain a trace of cholesterol-but has a high concentration of dietary fiber and protein (well-pulses are protein rich.) .
While searching for the next recipe-my eye suddenly got struck to Chicken Kati Rolls- it is so easy to made and yet sounds such exciting-I am now promising to myself that I will try it in the evening (well-those rarest of rare moments when I do actually cook-waking up from my hibernation). I am also thinking adding a few more vegetables to it to make it more nutritious. What vegetable-that is a secret!
If you are an adoring mother(and sometimes father) and his or her sleep of night has been evaporated simply wondering what to serve to the Tiffin of the skinny kid of yours-skinny because your child never at love with your food-then your days of worry are over. This book presents contrast as well as simplicity.
And everyone knows that perfect harmony of these two is the recipe for success!

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