Sword of Nemesis

The Avenging ActThe Avenging Act by Tushar Mangl
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She can feel a sharp sensation inside her-as if a rod of fire is tearing her inside.
She can feel a pain throughout her own body-the claws of a savage starved animal is satisfying his long period of starvation.
She is yet to realise what has just happened to her-or what is going to happen to her……….
Only she can now feel through every string of her nerve-that the dawn of the next day will no longer be the same for her-no more birds will be flying-no blue sky will gaze happily to her- never the sun will shine so brightly that she has seen only today.
It will all be dark-an all prevailing darkness of morning.
Like a nightmare, faint sounds are coming –seems they are coming from galaxies away- a sound that has its origination ages ago-perhaps.
For the last time her nerves tried to alert him before she plunges deep into her pain-or sleep perhaps-or perhaps getting unconscious.
Next day she may be a news ‘item’- a media clipping that sells-that will perhaps be relished best with the morning tea-at our bed.
Will we ever care about the blood and the tear?
The Avenging act by Tushar Mangl is a saga of lust, hate and revenge- a story of a simple next door girl who has shown what mettle she is made of-what a next door girl is capable of. It is a story of a girl from the land where Rani Laxmibai once rebelled against the imperialist aggressor…..
Abhita is a twenty three year old young adult and like any shopping freak ,dating crazy gal of her age band she too is conscious about her denims, t-shirts, sun glasses and so on and on and on..And what will happen to a girl who has just broken a relation with one guy and is in an endeavour to have a new one. Well-she will make more shopping actually. So she is just doing that-apart from doing her ritual duty in her workplace.
It all started in a bright sunny day-when she is fed up with shopping and get rid of her shopping-is just doing more shopping. It is time to spend time with her new found date and her sixth sense was telling her- that shadows her following her-shadows that do not have any identity. And before she could realize anything-the shadows became real indentifies in her life-identities she would like to forget…but who will haunt her again and again
“But she was pushed down by one of the men, who was kicking her, and hurling abuses at her at the same time. The shoe hit her on her groins and other parts of her body, the pain of which was excruciating to her as she shouted and walked and suddenly went silent for the pain traumatized her so much. The other guy pulled his associate back, asked him to guard the door, for some passerby’s were trying to peep inside. No one of them dared to do something or speak out. Then he felt her breasts, spreading his hands leisurely on them and slowly he moved down to the rest of her body, finally reaching his hands to her underwear beneath her long skirt.”
All the colours of the life has suddenly absorbed to a bubbly girl whose world once consisted of bright shades now turned into all black. But that is not the end of the story-or rather the end of the day that has no ending. When she tried to run to the police-the moral police told her to wear dress properly. The nurses of the nearby hospital were keener on maintaining the rules and regulation then treating a patient who has just walked away from hell.
Life- it is the story of the life of a girl who once imagined of a bloomy romance will shiver for the rest of her life even the words like love or romance is spelt before her. To her all men will appear as vultures.
Or –will they?. .
In her endeavour for justice she soon started to feel she is not alone. Her new found date readily dumped her after she had narrated him the entire sequence. But surprisingly she found a new Ankit inside her old date whom she had dumped out of boredom. And his father and a stranger came as her friend-in her crusade.
She is on a trail for their identities. This hunt is full of surprises. And once their identities are revealed-she is on the battlefield with all guns blazing.
Where the destiny will take the crusaders?
Will the criminals roam free even after committing such heinous crimes?
Will the sword of Nemesis be able to hurt the offenders?

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