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Sunrises And Other StoriesSunrises And Other Stories by Paul Marriner
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Life is a wonderful journey through the rainbow-where human soul encounters almost invariably encounters zillions of passing moments-passing moments which glimmers like diamonds. They are so simple-yet so extraordinary-so priceless-yet so invaluable. Some of these moments are lost into oblivion- some moments are there for the mind to preserve. They are all so simple-yet they present all the shades of colour –some are bright. Some are not. A successful short story is a collection of that passing moments-like a pearl recovered from the clutch of forgetting.
Hope and despair-joy and tears –life is consists of opposite. It is the contrast that makes our life so much worthy of living- rising above all fragility of life- life always voyages towards completeness. Sunrise and other stories by Paul Mariner is a quest for taking the snapshots of these moments-moments of all sheds-moments that make an wonderful journey called life, because collective they take our life to the meaningful completeness.

Christine is the second story of the anthology and is a perfect mosaic of human relations. Anthony-our protagonist of the story is in the university to finish his course in architecture and where he encountered with Trudy. narration of his first encounter with the lady has been drawn precisely by the writer form the psychological viewpoint- a young man trying desperately to be on the social sphere-and as a consequence doing everything that he is capable of doing. It was a taste of freedom for him-and he is sure to drink every drop of his new found freedom like a man walking for three days on Sahara without a drop of water-
“Fresher’s Week passed okay. The halls were full of nervous excitement and he enjoyed the energy and optimism and sense of liberation, even while waiting for it to abate as lectures and libraries took hold. They did, but didn’t bring any kindred spirits and he felt the outsider. To begin with he thought he imagined the difference and perhaps it was not the two years on the sites but his perception. So he took part in as many events as possible and blagged as many party invites as was polite. But connections weren’t made and he found himself drifting to the edges until bumping (literally) into Trudy and sending her vodka and tonic crashing to the floor of the Students’ Union bar, four weeks into the first term. Trudy: tall, loud, laughing, sometimes angry, often drunk, quick to judge, quicker to forgive, smart, grounded and, so it turned out, enthusiastic and passionate.”
Obviously he was in hope for a long lasting relation but Trudy was not that stereotype girl-or rather the stereotype girl who is simply not capable of being in the web of a particular relation for two long. Soon she started founding him boring-and eventually left him. but being out of mind odes not necessarily means being out of sight- so he has to counter his attack often-sometimes for a loan-sometimes for a relishing cuisine. The Trudy episode taught him invaluable lessons in his life- at some point of time it is good to have a person in life like her. Then came Leslie n her life- who you can call will remain as silent companion throughout the entire story,
But the twist of the story comes after Anthony visited her grandma’s funereal. The Writer has portrayed some emotional moments with bold brushstrokes and then enters another girl in his life-and destiny of Anthony’s life has been changed.
In the meantime Christine – the new girl discovers both the other girls in Anthony’s life. It was a peaceful co existence you can call. And then comes the turning point-Christine discovers Trudy in the company of Anthony-pregnant. The dilemma in Christine’s mind added a new perspective to the whole story-judging the character of Anthony from her own viewpoint- her blind faith towards Anthony.
Hardly had she imagined the same storm will soon be there in her life. Being a devout catholic-what she will do? Can she? Can’t she? And where the destiny of Anthony will take him?
It is a very successful short story-where smaller moments of life have been summed up towards the fullness of life.
Moments that makes our life so much worth remembering!
Angel is a story from the anthology that has a striking effect on my mind- even after finishing the story I was in a haze for quite some time.
Thousands of souls-both men and women came to meet him-every year. They get mesmerised, get amazed, get surprised and all the superlative adjectives that can be attached for the state of mind for being astonished. They come in pursuit of something to happen-something miraculous-something that may life them from their shattered dreams-from their black and white life. And he remains a silent spectator of their wishes- a silent witness to their dreams.
And miracle did happen one day…….
But now that you must have started wondering-Who is he?
Let it not to be disclosed-because this is the biggest surprise.
But one last word I should say-his central character is man-man who is the pivot of the world.
There may be some queries regarding the fault of the stories-about his notion of life- about the philosophy he presents-about the cultural transitions that the alien readers like my countrymen from India would face reading the stories.
We are starved to love man-and when you are starved even half baked bread is sweet enough……..

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