Ayana in the wonderland

the dragon of the month clubthe dragon of the month club by Iain Reading
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They are voyaging on the blue ocean- the endless ocean-like Columbus did years ago.
There is a slight difference though- the sailors were about tom rebel against the great sailor- and the pets of our protagonists are as loyal as it can be.
If such adorable pets are available, who will need a dog?
There are some minor differences though- two kids are cruising on that journey- on the back of their pet- happily flapping its wings to propel through the water.
A cool ambiance is prevailing on air and on sea.
They are yet to discover that in a few moments the environment will be completely different. A hungry pair of jaws with sharp teeth will target them-as if a ship has been targeted by a submarine. Its periscope eyes are measuring their location- it is getting thirsty- thirsty of blood- it is getting hungry-hungry for the taste of raw meat.
A sea monster perhaps? Well, you are almost right.
Any shore is on sight?
The Dragon of the Month Club by Iain Reading – is the first of the multi volume series of the adventures of Ayana and Taylor in a land of fantasy is a classic tale that combines imagination and reality to produce an absorbing tale. It is a book that presents the scope of imagination and thought to the target readership-the greener generation-the young adults. Here the protagonists had not fallen to the wonderland through the rabbit hole- but their entry into a fantasy-land is not less dramatic than that of little Alice!
Ayana was new to her school and like every kid she has adjusting problems with the new school mates- particularly when there is an arrogant girl like Heather to deal with. It is just adding insult to injury-because she is already shocked with her new place
“She almost cried when she first saw it-everything as flat as a pancake instead of the towering beautiful Rocky Mountains she was used to. Dusty and dry instead of lush green rain-forests and pen blue sea. Small and boring instead of endless possibilities.”
Then come Heather and her gang-who does not appear to have slightest respect for the human dignity. It is like a favourite pastime to pull her legs. When you show no resistance, the magnitude of aggression increases. They got them one day with her world of imagination-a world of her own where she writes about the fierce sea monsters, fearless heroes……
They threw Ayana’s notebook to the water…
It was a complete emotional breakdown for the little kid- but to a kid who has just stepped into her adolescence- showing her tears to public is shameful. So she did exactly that what kids of her age will prefer to do-hide her tears and harbor to a safe haven to make her at ease with this brutal, heartless, unresponsive world.
Who can avoid fates of destiny? There she meets Tyler- who will change the future of their life-
“The boy blushed some more and shifted his feet nervously.
‘I am Tyler’ he said, nervously sticking out his hand toward Ayana.
Ayana giggled again and scooted forward, reaching up to formally shake his hand.
‘Ayana’ she said as she slid her cold hand into his warm one and shook it.
And with that strangely formal and awkward introduction began a very unlikely friendship.’
A very unlikely friendship where both started to share their emotions- two introvert children sharing their own worlds of imagination-where impossible one is possible. And one day they found THE BOOK that will always be etched deep inside their mind into capitalization.
Why? What’s so special about the book?
Because it describes-‘how to conjure your very own dragon in six easy steps.’
you do not have to rub your eyes-what you are seeing is true- assembling a dragon full of life out of lifeless materials-and some movements of the hands. They started with the most easiest-assembling water dragon. Their first attempt proved futile, second attempt too……
Then bingo….
Well-it was sheer magic of description that will cruise you to the kingdom of imagination. Here logic is blended with imagination, legend is fused with history, science and philosophy goes in parallel tracks.
surprising twists in the story-line will lead you with our protagonists to the kingdom of wonders- before that story will speed up in the speed of a bullet train-encounter with their first dragon, mystery in the book, mailing to unknown destination, getting the membership of mysterious dragon club……………
Too much for the little head to bear-but the narration makes it really a surprise package. But it is just the tip of the iceberg- the climax of the beginning comes from their entry into the land of mystery.
surprisingly they found everything is linked to the little world of their own-where the ocean blue of the bed sheet has been transformed into an ocean of reality-and the countless islands with only one palm trees depicted into the bed sheet has been taken their physical form.
Wonder of wonders – books read by Tyler sneaked form his mind into the physical world. it is a strange world where they travel through space to the planet of Arrakis- where creepy sand-worms as huge as an express train roams- where the human has to wear a suit to filter their discharges into usable water –and where everything ends in a biggest surprise that is eternal companion of human psychology. just like fairy tales of thousand and one Arabian nights- when the protagonists are in danger or in dire need of performing some impossible trick-a new dragon is assembled by them to make impossible possible.
Not space travel-time travel is permitted by them. They discover themselves in the London of late 19th century- a London of Sherlock Holmes. They come to the city where mysterious silhouette moves shrouded in thick fog- where every suspect wears a mask. In this mysterious city Tyler actually helps Holmes to solve mysteries.
They found themselves among many an adventure-throughout their entire journey. but like a pearl from all adventures- I am lured to quote a narration after their encounter with a Chinese wise man
“The only illumination came from an array of dozens upon dozens of brightly colored paper lanterns that were burning brightly and floating on strings throughout the courtyard….like restless wild horses, the lanterns were tugging and pulling on the strings that tied them to earth, trying to get away and fly freely into the night sky.”
This part of the story has a very important role in the plot-but it is a secret.
And will they be free from the magic spell? Will they again set foot on the soil of the earthy world they are more familiar with-where giant hands with scissors will not run after them?
Well-imagine and fly high above the ground of reality- because this book will give you compound eye like a fly.
Eyes that will create a haven of your own.

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