The dark secret

The Things We Don't Say Out LoudThe Things We Don’t Say Out Loud by Rochelle Walters
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She is a bit nervous-a bit tense- a bit afraid too!
After all this is her first step to the world of independent hosting of her own show-a show that was previously made very popular by her predecessor!
It is five minutes left to be on air- and still her guest is missing! After all her guest is a celebrity-and a name of the community.
Her blood pressure is raising high- will her propeller plane of will, will crash land-or will it have a successful take off?
When she is nearing the point of her nervous breakdown-then suddenly ……
this is a gripping story with a mosaic of relation-the ups and downs of psychological world-a world where relations are made for getting broken- a world where mental cliff-hanger between the characters takes them towards making a complete circle of understanding. It is a story where the characters are very much from the soil-they are so lively that it times causes an illusion we are at the real world.
The world, which was created by the writer.
The first member of the world and the protagonist of the story is Sheila-a radio anchor who has just stepped to the world of hosting her own talk show. She has come a long way from being a neglected child-now she has reached the peak of the success.
Well-almost the peak-because success is a very relative term!
She has a wall around her- like the Great Wall of China-which makes a barrier to the world of relations with males. She has no taboo about sex- but enjoying the company of one is another thing and choosing a man to walk together for the rest of her life is another. But why she is so reluctant?
She is a psychologist –and inspires people to overcome their difficulties in her show. But does she have a difficulty of her own? Is there any dark secret that haunts her?
Physician -heal thyself!
She had some questions from different corners asking about her secrets, of late. She should wipe them away. But can she?
Her friend James-who had tried hard to be the special man in her life and ended up being the brother-is burdened with an unresponsive bride. Only his adoring daughter and his zeal towards criminal investigation keeps him moving.
But one day his passion for detection gave him a shock. Can he reach to the depth of mystery?
The third point of the triangle is Derek- a former football star who had a crash on our protagonist when she was sweet sixteen and he was seventeen. She needed someone experienced and older-but she discovered his passion for women. Countless women came in his world-but nobody was steady. It was easy come for the modern Adonis!
Why? Does he too have a secret?
If you think it is a straightforward love triangle story-then you are a bit puzzled. It is a complex plot- neatly woven fabric of relations-where many characters have found their places.
One last word- in the world of us many snakes creeps in the facade of men. Their venom is not only poisoning the greener generation- but also placing them a trauma on them that they never be freed off.
Even if they play with minds in future……

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