the hunt of kitty…..

Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway's Ghost (Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency, #2)Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway’s Ghost by Iain Reading
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She looked in amazement to the figure whom she just saw coming out. Maybe she is ready to shout in disbelief-but turns dumb thinking the absurdity of the situation.
How can it be possible?
She is seeing the noble laurite author who has given the world some of the classics like The Old Man and the Sea, Far from the madding crowd etc. etc.
Is it possible that Earnest Hemingway- all in apiece with a blood and flesh body coming out?
She rubbed her eye in disbelief- no, it can’t be!
Had she just seen the spirit of the great writer!
‘Kitty Hawk and the Hunt For The Hemingway Ghost’ by Iain Reading is the second book of the Kitty Hawk flying detective agency series.
Stories of adventures and thrill have attracted man in a way that no other story can ever attract.
While reading the adventure of little Tom Sawyer we can easily imagine us in the place of little tom –and be a part of the adventure in the island- like a free bird in the air!
In our unconsciousness we feel a shiver down our spine when little Jim is on a treasure hunt in a remote island.
Why man is so fond of stories of adventure.
Perhaps quest to know the unknown is an inherent character of man since the dawn of civilization. Probably it is in the genes of species Homo sapiens!
For ages that call of the unknown had never let man sit idly in the corner of the house- David Livingstone, Mongo Park, Marco polo-the list is endless…
This review of Kitty Hawk and the Hunt for Hemingway Ghost by Iain Reading is a tribute to the desire of man to identify the unknown.
Three separate pieces of writing -apparently meaningless are in front of her. One is a piece of black impression of the engraving on a brick work, the other a meaningless piece of writing-meaningless to her, of course and the third –a sentence written in English of course- but hard to fathom any meaning out of it.
All are spinning like the dancing men of Sherlock Holmes –in front of our protagonist Kitty Hawk. She is really mystified this time.
‘What the hell? I blinked my eyes and tried to make sense of the various bizarre markings. Some of them seemed to be made up of familiar characters and numbers, but the rest of the markings were unlike anything I’d ever seen before. What does all of that mean?”
For those who are not familiar with this modern sophisticated version of Tom Sawyer-she has a brilliant power of logical reasoning and presence of mind-coupled with an passion for flying her own small plane like a sea gulf-which she has inherited from the side of her father and a love for nature that has been bestowed upon her by her ‘crazy’ mother.
Last summer she had a remarkable adventure involving gold rush and stolen gold. She was on an expedition of observing humpback whales.
This year she has a greater mission, though. Following the footsteps of her icon, great Amelia Earhart-she has a mission of circling round the earth. and en route of globe trotting she has arrived to the southernmost point of the U.S.A-perhaps to take a little rest from the hectic days ahead in her little future carer of globe trotting!
‘It was so impossible to believe this was really happening that I had trouble convincing myself sometimes, but I was actually doing it. I was actually flying around the world. And if I ever doubted it and wondered if it was all just a dream, the only thing I needed to do to convince myself that I was on the adventure of a lifetime was to look out of the window of my trust.”
Like every tourist-she too visited the house of Earnest Hemingway. And that’s from where the mystery stats to thicken like a fog. You will not believe how fast it will cover you! Strange sound of typewriter inside the house of Hemingway, and witnessing the boat of the noble laureate was all set to play a little orchestra inside the mind of Kitty.
Has the great writer has resurrected after so many years?
Our young protagonist has also visited the fort Jefferson –for a leisure time pass perhaps and for a close encounter with the sea wolves- Barracudas! But when Kitty is here-can mystery is far behind.
A glow of light in the night sea, a boat, two mysterious persons-all are enough to make kitty’s mind into action. She is on a run …..
Suspense, suspense, suspense….
At one point of time you will wonder it may kill you!
The rest is an absorbing story of adventure involving the history of the early ages of colonial rule, tale of a failed project and a saga of failed endeavour of greed. Narration with a dash of humour will make you just visualize everything.
For young adult and adult alike-it is like propelling the imagination –just picturing them in place of Kitty.
And be her globetrotting companion.
The writer has supplied so much material form the pages of history, culture, people and life of the lands that the plane will never crash…

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