River of life…..

Maybe you have noticed her- on the way of coming back from the office.
Maybe you are coming back from the office-and saw her playing with her friends.
But you have never asked about her name-she is so common, everyday seen-who bothers to know her name.
She is your girl next door.
Have you ever thought that one day you will read about her in the media- her deed will shook you from your very roots- her work will take you out of your cocoon.
No longer have you afforded to be hibernated.
This is the story of the girl next door-this is the story of a girl fighting with the enemy within and outside-this is the story of grit and determination-determination and courage
That has the power to overcome all obstacles.
This is the story of Brandi- her fight against fragility of life-her fight for love in life!
in the cosy comfort of our sitting room-we are used of watching the news-news that reflects the words like domestic violence- news that are full of words like child abuse-but have we ever thought how it will feel to us if the kid from our house becomes a victim of such words. Have we ever heard how his or her psychological word will be stormed- how his or her mental emotions will be shattered!
Even he or she does not know in which direction the radar less ship will be cruising.
it takes lots of courage to return from this point of no return-and that’s why L.O.V.E by Brandi Jones- depicting her true life chronicle of her fight against the world around her- is so remarkable. Written in a simple narrative- the appeal of the book is straight to your heart!
It’s like a peeping window-window to look back to the past.
Or you can call it a time machine-time machine that can take you to the past.
Some way or the other it is time of remembering the past-getting struck by the waves of nostalgia. It is a book that can take you back to the early days of the author- Brandi Jones.
But memories of greener days are not always days of happy memories-particularly if you do have a past like Brandi has.
In your youth what will you expect? Caring and adoring parents of course….reverse may occur. It is not uncommon at all-it happened with great personalities.
But we often forget to think how it can affect the psychological world of the child-like the turmoil faced by little Brandi. In her own words
“Everyone knows or should know that the adolescent years are the make or brake years. Children need a lot during that era. A lot of hugs, affirmation, encouragement, agape love, respect, an identity, to be appreciated and that is just the least bit is need. Well, during my adolescent years I didn’t have that. I had hatred, hatred for everyone around me and hatred for myself. I was ostracized. Do you know what that does to someone? It makes them feel like they are not wanted, that they are not good enough, not wanted, that they are not good enough, not important enough to be 0part of something bigger.”
Memories of mother of Brnadi are synonymous with memories of pain, memories of torment, memories of despair! It was like a pleasant pastime for her mother to insult her daughter-always making her feel insecure-in front of her nieces always making them her feel the burden of inferiority. A glimpse of such an incident-
‘My niece, who is one year younger than I, did what she always did. She ran to my mother and told on me. I am not sure what she said, but my niece came back and said ‘Grandma wants you.’ I went to her room not to explain my side. She didn’t even ask. I just got sent to the basement.’

Brandi seeks the answer from psychological viewpoint- the reason behind such strange behaviour. Maybe it was because she was too the victim of injustice, reluctance at her childhood days.
It is not easy to stand up against such odds-particularly when the dagger is struck by your near and dear or I may say by your nearest and dearest one. It is not easy to stand firmly on ground when the earth beneath you is trembling….
‘A monster was created. –a giant, a devil lower. In the basement I started to have a liking for the devil. ….my nail polish was black, my thought was black…”
But Brandi was not run of a mill person. She chooses to protest.
But suddenly at the most crucial moment of her crisis- she discovers herself remarkably alone.
And then she suddenly discovers she is not alone-when one door is closed, another door gets opened up.
And then comes in her life-her prince charming….
But will destiny be merciful on her this time or play a cruel joke to her……..
It is a story of self realization-realization to the power of love-love may be platonic, may be a blood and flesh affair or may be a love that has the capability of lifting us all from the daily narrowness of life.
To me it is a pious attempt on the part of the writer to narrate the story of her life- the life which was devoid of true love- a life that has found the true love.
It is a story of a fountain-where life and love has mixed together!
A fountain of joy…..

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