Quest for nine stars-indian answer to dan brown

Finders, KeepersFinders, Keepers by Sapan Saxena
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

All his senses are getting paralysed- he is feeling the footstep of the end.
Death will overcome him-slowly but surely, he can feel the cold jaws embracing his nerves- embracing his memory, past and future….
The man sitting in front of him- is he a lunatic? A psycho? Is killing a game for him?
Or he has deeper intentions-intentions that can only be understood by the helpless man dying a painful death- blood is draining out of him.
“Had he any idea of what fate he had in store for him, the Professor would have arranged a different abode for the secret he possessed, he thought. His only respite was in his belief that the strange looking guy sitting in the chair of his hotel room wouldn’t be able to solve the puzzle after he was dead. Pain was becoming unbearable and his mind was becoming numb with each passing second. “
With the last drop of life left to him- the helpless professor has to perform his last duty-duty for which he can sacrifice even his life….
Will the murderer give him the chance? The murderer –who sets the time of murder-trying to be the god himself-the destroyer of life- the Shiva?
To be or not to be – that is the question?
Thus begun ‘Finders, Keepers’ by Sapan- a gripping tale of devotion, greed and planning- a thriller that will demand all your attention right from the start. As you plunge deep into the book-you will find a mesmerising world-where there is wondrous coexistence of facts and fiction, history and legends, myth and reality.
Welcome aboard to the journey that will take you away –thousands of years ago-when India had advanced remarkably in the field of science and technology-when the sages discovered facts that modern science is yet to think of- and which needs to be guarded from the intruders, from the enemies and from any possible harms.
those days of India-when Buddhism and Hinduism are virtually in a tussle- when India was not only the light of Asia but also the light of the whole world- in those days a need was felt to preserve the harvest of Indian scientific thoughts through ages. There were apparently some twists in the history- some jigsaw puzzles. But if they are added with relevance- a complete picture will surface. a picture-where a method was devised by the Priyadrshi King Asoka-through a secret society- a society of nine unknown men-a society of nine men of promise- whose identity to the outside world will always be hidden. Each of them will act as a guardian of some secret branch of science.
Our writer has made extensive research to add up the missing link-the missing pages of history. History legend folklore, scientific facts all have been blended to form a complete racy thriller-a thriller that is sure to give you a taste of watching a three dimensional movie. It is book of five hundred pages, and the book itself compelled me to finish it one go. The secret association has been represented such mystically that I had no alternative but to compare it with one fictional association-priory of Sion and the grand masters.
“Countless. The first group was incepted in the year 270 BC era. Since then, there have been countless sets of nine unidentified men for each civilization. Anonymously, we have seen the rise and fall of dynasties and civilizations, with decades passing into centuries, but have never come into full public view with our secrets. We have always been one of the oldest and the most powerful societies, but have been so successful in being secretive that in spite off being in existence for more than 2000 years, we are still considered fictional or imaginary whenever our reference is made.”
And through ages only the faces of the guardians will change-but their vows, their duties, their devotion –will remain identical.

The nine unknown men possessed great knowledge-knowledge that is the driving force of perhaps the universe.
And knowledge is power.
Just imagine what power a man may posses if it falls into irresponsible hands.
Perhaps the power to rule the universe…………
Now let us back to the present.

Two murders in the present time- murders shrouded in mystery- were enough to excite the young officer of IB, Shoumilk Halder and writer of Indian mythology Ishan Vajpayee to go for a quest-quest for the motive of the murders. Rituals performed on the bodies of the victims are sure to spin the head of any investigator-somebody may deduce that they are the works of a psycho!

But are they? Or it is the work of a clever brain –who wants to shout to the world-yes, that is the motive behind these murders. A murderer who is there for a mission!
Or the murderer is merely a puppet at the hand of the destiny.
“The signs! Shaivas were characterized by ash smeared all over their body, a symbol to show their respect to Lord Shiva who had ash smeared all over his body. The shaivas also used to have one or other symbol of Lord Shiva on their body. On the first sight both the dead bodies seem to posses a few common and a few uncommon attributes, but if we try to filter out each of them, we can make order out of chaos.”

Murders are committed taking the victim away from their home cities-taking them away form their home as a result of a call –as if the death had called them!
Will our protagonists will be able to reveal the secret of the murderer-who thinks he is light years away from the investigators in terms of strategic planning.
Every now and then bend on the path of the storyline has made the story as exciting as watching a formula one grand prix. Sapan’s style of fading out and fading in from one scene to another has imparted a new script to the story line altogether.
But why I have revealed the secret of nine wise men and then suddenly become silent altogether……
Are there any relations of it with the murders?
Hold your breath readers- picture abhi baki hai!

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