Kitty in the land of the Vikings….

Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue (Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency, #3)Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue by Iain Reading
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A piece of lead whistled past her ears-like a piece of fire. This is the extraordinary experience of her life.
Before she had close encounters with danger-but it is a completely new experience-first time in her life she has a tryst with death!
Somebody inside her is alerting her-‘run! Run for your life.”
Will she run away from the danger? Will she give up her investigation?
Kitty Hawk and the Icelandic Intrigue by Iain Reading is the third book of Kitty Hawk flying detective agency series- where Kitty has a rendezvous with landscape, people and culture of the Iceland-the Nordic Island country. She is on a globe trotting spree- not by foot of course. To those who are going to be new fan club members of Kitty Hawk- she has a burning desire for flying-which is genetically-inherited from her father-and from mother she got a love for nature-that is as spontaneous as Kitty herself!
So our young protagonist is in the most sparsely populated country of the world-country with a landscape of volcanoes, Glacier Rivers and mountains-a country volcanically and geologically active. The first welcome sight of young Kitty to the land is as enchanting as her adventure
“As I got closer, I could see that what had appeared to be tiny icebergs from thousands of feet in the air were actually enormous frozen castles set adrift in the waters after breaking loose from the ice packs and glaciers that make up the coastline. In the sunlight, these fortresses of ice were a blinding blaze of white light that made me shield my eyes from the glare. The white faded to an exquisite and ethereal blue that I was quite familiar with from the glaciers I’d seen in Alaska the previous summer.”
It was like a dream for her-and she had met her old friends here again. What a pleasant surprise. the humpback whales that he so eagerly studied in her first adventure were back again here-in the waters of Atlantic! Well-as usual Iain enriched us with his lovely little encyclopaedia on the language and singing –I am serious, singing and universality of singing of humpback whales.
But when there is Kitty-can mystery be far behind?
It all started after she gets acquainted with the geothermal and hydroelectric energy projects of the country. It is a massive scale power generation endeavour in the island country for the need of the aluminium smelting industry-which is attracting giants of the field. Gigantic construction works are in full swing.
But it is not a cakewalk for all those projects. Sometimes there are obstructions like bolt from the blue. Literally it is-as it appears that invisible forces do obstruct the work.
Maybe they are not invisible force-but hidden people!
I sometimes wonder- how easily this intelligent minds smell problem. Like Kitty did-amid such an obstructed smelting project. Her analytical mind soon set into clockwork-and she
“I scanned the ground for any unusual traces that the invisible creatures might have left behind on their mission to sabotage the construction equipment. a number of different people had been walking around this particular machine this morning. I could make out tracks from different types of deep –treated work boots and running shoes, I could even see from the impression that my own boots were leaving in the mud that someone at the construction site has been wearing the same kind of Blundstone boots I was wearing, except theirs were a large size, I couldn’t find anything that looked remotely like elf footprints, though.”
She must have a sigh of relief that this time she does not have to fight with supernatural power-it is al human mind behind-after all!
But there is no light-only thick smog of mystery is surrounding the characters present in the stage.
And meanwhile in a meeting on judicious use of natural resources in the country –she met Albert- working on a process that has capability to revolutionize the smelting industry. And in the same meeting-she has her first ray of hope-something that gives her a clue –set her on a trail to the possible ‘invisible’ people!
Her encounter with Albert later thickens the mystery-he was supposedly killed-may be by some foes-may be by some mercenaries. But are there any motive? Greed? Rivalry? And why those people are after Kitty herself?
Is she a keeper of some secret?
At every twist of the story-unexpected revelation is sure to make the pulse rate of the reader rise a bit higher- with every page your heartbeat will be faster-until you come to the climax- which has the biggest surprise in store for you.
Can Kitty be able to untie the complex knot of mystery this time?
First racy narration coupled with sense of humour of Iain will take readers to far distant land –presenting a three dimensional movie effect that is sure to mesmerize the reader for quite some time after the last line of last page is finished.
One aspect that I have noticed in Ian’s writing is worthy of sharing with readers before I finally wrap up this review. Gradually I am becoming a fan of Kitty’s villains! Villains in the stories of Kitty are not evil intending, satans! Somewhere they steal the sympathy of the readers in their acts. They are merely d
But they are not bad men ………only victims of circumstances!
That’s why their acts always end –perhaps with a drop of tears!riven by some emotions-deep within their heart-maybe it is greed…….
But they are not bad men ………only victims of circumstances!
That’s why their acts always end –perhaps with a drop of tears!

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