Won own world

How many are these ?How many are these ? by Kalyan C. Kankanala
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To them the world is a combination of sounds and some sensory feelings.
To them all the world is a shade of pitch black colour. It is eternal darkness- no light visible at the end of the tunnel.
How will it feel to an individual –if one day all the lights have been put out in an instant- all the stage is now under a cover of darkness?
Grief- depression-despair- a suicidal attitude- what will be the reaction of the individual whose lights are off one day. From Deepest in his mind- the individual knows that no longer will the dazzling brilliance of the butterfly wings be visible-the emerald green sea water is a mere description- the sky is now black.
Still the individual has to live- live amid the shapeless, colourless feelings.
To the visually impaired individuals the world is presented in a different perspective- perhaps from a different dimension. Devoid of any light- will there be only darkness?
Or a light of the heart will enlighten the individual?
How Many Are These by Dr. Kalyan Kankala is a quest in search of identities of those who are visually impaired- there is one common factor- in this anthology of short stories-all protagonists are visually impaired. There are ten short stories in this slim looking anthology-1. Old man by the firm, 2. the letter 3. Love story 4. First Flight 5.Voices 6. scribe 7. the woods 8. black out 9. job and finally The Cane.
Let’s come to the stories. The first story Old man by the Firm deals with the psychology of the helplessness of the blind of an individual. Our protagonist is resting in a country cot in his farmhouse. He could not see the world-but the eyes of his mind-his inner sense can still tell him many a things-
“Through his mind’s eye, the old man saw twinkling stars in the clear night sky and wondered how long it would take before he joins his dutiful wife, who had the good fortune of travelling to heaven a year back.”
He becomes a bit nostalgic- memories get crowded in his mind. Old memories-of joys and of tears elevated his mind- may be to away from this earthy world.
A careful footstep jerked his journey to the barren world of reality. Intruders are there in the farmhouse –and he is alone. They may plunder him-rob him or even kill him. He is helpless in face of a possible attack, first of all he is aged and secondly he has no idea whatsoever his possible attackers may be!
His alert mind calculated a million calculations within an instant. After all it is life and death question and his primary responsibility are to save his life. He saw his road to escape –of course in the eye of the minds. And when his heart is threatening to leap to his heart……
Well-here comes the suspense-here comes the thrill. The writer will never pardon me –if I reveal it now.
It is noteworthy that even if the stories are directed to a certain specially abled section of society-still no way the natural traits of short stories were forgotten. It is the snapshot of moments and as you finish it-your heart will never be content. You will think- it ends, but does not end!
Suspense and ram have their part throughput the stories, for example from where the mysterious voice that Vindod heard in the middle of the night –originated? And don’t worry-it is not a ghost story! The conclusion of the story Voices comes as bit of a shock to the reader.
It will be a fairly injustice to the reader if I forget to add one last sentence- that the writer was able to see the world from a different angle as he is one of those who had undergone the same mental turmoil that all the protagonists had undergone.
When the light has been put off…..

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