The life and strange facts of Sid

DeadAliveDeadAlive by Sandip Khade
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You have looked at him million of times.
Everyday when you look at the mirror- you have glimpses of him-sometimes grinning, sometimes sobbing, sometimes sad……
So much predictable he has become- that you think he is a part of you- an inseparable part.
And one day you see a different him- no, not a victim of aberration, but a totally different you.
Suppose you are sad-and you see him laughing at you with a taunting smile……..
How you are going to feel-will not your heart leap to your mouth?
Imagine one day you have a novel got hold in your hand- and you started reading it. You started reading it- because you have no work on hand. And soon you discover that the characters are much known to you- seems that you know the protagonist since birth-seems you have made other characters thousands of times. And events narrated in the novel are all reminds you happenings that you know much earlier.
Mere coincidence?
Or something more deeply rooted……
Individual soul floating in past, present and future….

There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio- that your philosophy can hardly think.
Dead and Alive by Sandip Khade is a story of that unbelievable-when the individual soul discovers a mirror image of his life on the printed pages. And yes, it is too strong to be a mere coincidence. From page one- the call of the supernatural will let you feel chilled down your spine. Chapters after chapter will pass- and the reader will find that his mind has been gripped by unknown fear like an octopus.
The story unfolds amid the backdrop of a holiday of a gang of friends in a picturesque farmhouse away from home – on the pretext of a preparatory leave. Let us describe a little bit of the ambience—in the words of the writer
“We crossed the river and walked for around ten to fifteen minutes before reaching the farmhouse. As we reached there, we saw the farmhouse; it was an awesome structure, surrounded by the mountains and very calm place. We entered in the farmhouse; it was a two story building with wide open balcony cum terrace on the second floor. The Farmhouse had a small ground on the front and small swimming pool near it. It was also surrounded by big compound for security purpose; as out of the compound there was dense forest.”
Strange happenings started to happen after that. It was a challenging task for Sandy- a friend of the protagonist Sid among the friends. The task was to collect some water from the river they crossed on their quest to the farmhouse. It is a crazy idea-as the farmhouse was surrounded by dense jungle-it was pitch dark outside and river side becomes the favourite place for wild animals at such hours. But to the youth sometimes the craziest of ideas seems most brave, and Sandy was uphill to the task after some initial fuss.
Times passed but there were no signs of the brave heart. Ultimately the friends decided to search and found Sandy on a riverside. But he is a different Sandy altogether. His jovial nature has just disappeared. And on their way back to the farmhouse
“Sandy gently rose from the rock, and then we started walking in the same direction from which we had come. I walked with Sandy. In entire time, I observed that something is wrong with him, as Sandy didn’t say anything. We followed random trails, as we couldn’t see properly because of darkness. We wanted to reach farmhouse as soon as possible, as the place was eerie. After walking for a while, we realized that we are following same trails, and we are coming around, again and again on the same place, and the conclusion was that we were lost.”
From here begins the suspense- and twist of the tale. Sandy was holding a book on hand – a dust laden book, a novel. The friends all discovered themselves awake by the call of Sandy- more likely the Sandy they knew. And he told them that he was not at all there in the riverside on the last night.
Then who was he?
Then why he was there?
Then what he was holding in his hand?
Millions of questions will bubble in the minds of the readers and the writer will keep them guessing. Maybe that other Sandy is from another universe of different frequency- maybe that other Sandy is a spirit. Boundaries of supernatural and speculation overlap. But this is just the beginning. More and more thrills are waiting for you-my dear reader!
Sid started reading the book and what he found afterwards we have already told. an addiction that haunt the boys in continuing reading the book-everything has been described. If everything of past and present has been described-the what about the future? What the future beholds him for Sid?
A golden romance-a bitterly hate- a success story- grief- despair- a failure- and from where the twist of the facts in the life of Sid will begin?
It is a tryst with destiny-and there is nothing more strange than your mirror image showing you a future you.
you will love every bit of it- racy language, supersonic narration and a frequent time travelling between past, present and future will never let you put down the book before you are finished with it.

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