the world of Kitty a. HAWK

Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold (Kitty Hawk Flying Detective Agency, #1)Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold by Iain Reading
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She is free like a bird flying in the sky- she is free like a wild horse running in the wilderness.
She is still into her teens-and she is enjoying every bit of her youth- unbound, unrestricted youth- like a dolphin singing in happiness, like an eagle flying high above the clouds.
She is adventurous, skillful and posses admirable power of observation and judgement that is most unlikely to be present in a girl of her age.
She is Kitty A. Hawk the little protagonist of our story –sweet, naughty, jovial. Kitty Hawk and the Curse of the Yukon Gold by Iain Reading is the story of her mesmerizing adventure into the land of the whales- amid the backdrop of the saga of Klondike gold rush coupled with an absorbing tale of the landscape, life and culture of the Alaska and the Yukon area of Canada. While I was reading the book- my minds were flown to the days when I first time ever read the adventures of Tom Sawyer-the naughty, witty and cunning boy with a dash of romance. Kitty Hawk let me return to those days of my imagination- my greener days once again. Well- Kitty is not cunning, she is not naughty too-but somewhere lays the similarity with the born free boy- perhaps a sophisticated modernized version!
Flying might be in her genes-she started flying a plane when she was a baby. Well- no need to rub your eyes- she was a baby then. Her father- a pilot used to take her in his flights and she was always fascinated by the curious looking instruments. And in one of such flights- the kid held the plane perfectly leveled when her father gave her a chance to fulfill her dream. In the wonderfully crafted narration of the writer
“Can you imagine that? There we were the two of us thousands of feet above the surface of the Earth, with a baby flying the plane.
I was a natural, my father said, and maybe that shouldn’t have surprised him all that much since I was named after the town where Orville and Wilbur Wright have made the very first successful powered-aircraft flight in history; Kitty Hawk, North Carolina . From the day I was born, I was born; it seems I was destined to fly.”
If father gave her wings to fly- mother gave her the eyes for nature. She taught her to feel the pulses of nature- get amazed by the scintillating embroidery on the wings of a butterfly- watch the blooming of flower – fascinated by the chirping of an unknown bird and yes of course- the joy of being a part of nature
“I approached the tree carefully and touched it first with one outstretched finger. Then two. Then three. And finally with the palm of my entire hand. his skin was rough and old, but as I drew closer I became less afraid and was convinced that I could feel him breathing. I closed my eyes and learned forward to put my entire body next to his and gave him a hug, just as my mother said so.”
What a lovely poetic narration to express the emotional state of a teenager –isn’t it?
Somewhere within everybody’s mind lives a David Livingstone-who never let you be timid. Now it is up to you- whether you choose to listen or choose to neglect the eternal adventurer within you- to step out of your cocoon. From this viewpoint everybody is a discoverer within their limits. So is our little protagonist, who chooses to study the social behavior of humpback whales-during her holiday days. Who knows- she may discover another Migaloo? What can be more exciting than study these giant friendly creatures in their natural habitat in the waters of pacific- from her plane?
Who else she can think of sponsoring her trip than her favorite adventure clothing manufacturer- and her joy was boundless when she received the reply
“The ecstatic scream that I let out upon seeing the check sent the crows flying off in all directions from the fir trees surrounding my house. Exploding out of the back door, I ran and ran and ran, screaming all the while and waving the check over my head like a prized trophy.”
And long journey it was- from her native town of Tofino to Juneau-the capital city of Alaska. she has to make stopovers- like a frog leap journey .from a hamlet to a big city which houses actual Wal Mart- a journey that will land her into mystery world of whales and…..
Well-for now it has to be a part of the mystery!
it was a fun filled adventure for the little girl and in her destination she received reception Fromm the relatives of her friend back in her home- that immediately make her at home. And that home has to be her home too-for the next one month!
The writer has presented captivating picture of the feeding habit, social nature and behaviour of the whales through the eyes of the girl. No doubt that the narration is the fruit of in depth study. She became famous overnight and newspaper articles have been started to get published on her
“Her name is Kitty Hawk and she has chosen to chosen to come here all the way from Canada to call Juneau her home this summer so the can soar like a bird over the waters of the panhandle in search of humpback whales.”
She had it all in between her endeavor-fun, sharing the life of the native, a little romance and of course the absorbing story of the mad rush for gold. But when Kitty is there, can mystery be far behind?
Encircling of the eagle caught the sight of a little boat-an insignificant boat- apparently empty but appears to be nearly sinking. What can be the reason?
Mystery trails took our little Miss Marple to the deserted historic city of Dyea where
“There was a shadow over the small town of Dyea, after all and it was a dark and evil shadow. It was the dark shadow of greed.”
The hunt for the stolen gold begins. Destiny took her to be a captive of the four brothers- dealing with a huge quantity of stolen gold. And from there begins her fascinating adventure that made her a part of the life and landscape of the land. at every page then on you will witness unexpected to be expected, improbable to be probable……….
Well, narration is so prominent that you will have an effect of visualizing the entire story on the screen of your mind.
And what will happen at the end? Will the gold thieves be caught?
Well- human action is to complex to fathom and the first impression is not necessarily the last impression.
one more thing that I will like to add towards the end-the story came like a splash of fresh wild aroma to me- let me have a return to my teenage days-igniting my imagination- giving it a new dimension.
when I imagined to be like Kitty Hawk……

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