Prelude to the book review of ‘The Poetry of a common inidan female’ by virendran anarayn desai

Indian women went through many ups and downs. From a nearly equal status to men in early Vedic ages to an all time low in medieval period to the introduction of many reforms in colonial times. Today, in all spheres of life Indian women are making their presence felt. But as in India the woman groups are heterogeneous to lion share of women economic dependency, poverty, hunger, illiteracy, ill health, exploitation are day to day reality. The gender bias, falling sex ratio, reproductive health statuses of women, female foeticide are areas of major concern. This hinders the progress of India. Absences of land right coupled with domestic injustice make Indian women totally non- liberated.
In a heavily patriarch society, women’s utility is judged by her utility to the household. Her right and dignity is obstructed in the clout of male dominated society’s interest. Out on world, she is target to soft prey by men. Female trafficking, kidnapping, rape and crime against women are increasing due to the mindset of men, their lack of education, sentiment and ethical values. Consciousness is increasing and protest against this brutalization is coming up. Indian judiciary and legislation is doing their bit by responding with time, but what is needed a mindset of both the sexes coupled with education for both of the sexes, not mere literacy and socioeconomic liberalization of women. Mahatma Gandhi once said “the day a woman can walk freely on the roads even in midnight safely, that day we can say that India achieved independence.” But to be really independent in this context a lot needs to be achieved to envisage woman as citizen of an equal world.


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