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The Poetry Of A Common Indian Female: Real Women, Real Stories of Hope and Optimism!The Poetry Of A Common Indian Female: Real Women, Real Stories of Hope and Optimism! by Virendra Narayan Desai
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It’s a story of ups and downs-of hope and despair- of tears and joys.
It’s the saga of the common Indian female.
common Indian female who have been exploited by centuries by a male dominated patriarch society- where she is considered a commodity- a mere commodity like the cattle of the house- sometimes she is valued far below than the valuable cattle.
Today she is making her presence felt in every sphere of life- she is proving that she can perform far better than her male counterparts even in the fields which were once considered as male bastions.
She is still tormented on the roads for no fault of hers- heinous crimes are committed by the human flesh greedy vultures on her- her dignity is everyday robbed by her near and dear ones- if she dares marry outside the choice of her family-she is killed in the name of family honour.
Welcome to the world of twenty-first century Indian women.
still she of today has the passion of standing under the open blue sky, feel the fragrance of April through her hearts , feel the joy of freedom of a flying bird- hovering above and above3 and above her……..
she has the passion to overcome all odds that may come her way- her indomitable will power makes her victorious against all obstacles……..
The Poetry of A common Indian Female by Virendra Narayan Desai is the story of being triumphant of the common Indian female overcoming the fragile life. They are common yet so uncommon. In a straightforward simple narration that crosses the heart from the very first line- the writer has shared the life story of seven such courageous women who has dared to stand against the injustice of their families and the society as a whole.
The writer has shared the first impression of such brave hearts when he had taken their interviews and then at length discussed the valour they had shown well-not in the battlefield-but in a fiercer ground than the battlefield! Stories of seven women namely Nanda Shetty, Rashmi Suri, Lila Mahipa Kavi, Komal Peswani, Dr. Priyanka Soni Rajpoot, Shila Govindarajan and Gayatri Sharma have been discussed.
Nanda was literally born with a golden spoon. She had seen everything in plenty since her knowledge. So the world came crushing down on her when she was married. at first glance-however she had a husband who was a reason of envy to her friends. he was a sportsperson with good physique, well mannered, good attitude- loving ,tall, dark , handsome-well what else qualities can a girl dream of her husband. Even in her own words
“He was a good man with good manners and a cordial attitude-the kind of man that every girl would want as a husband. But the thing which ruined my life was gambling.”
Sometimes a hint of bad quality is enough to hide all shining qualities of a character- and he was no exception. Her father presented with lots of wealth, but all have gone like flood water passing through a barrage gate- and then little Neha came into her lap. She thought it was the end of her dark days.
“As Neha arrived in the couple’s life, Nanda thought that now at least her husband would become serious about earning –but it never happened. Her husband was not earning any money and she was consistently being supported by her father.”
She has now often been subjected to domestic violence- torture, brutality all started to be her daily bread and butter.
What can you do when you are subjected to such treatment? You can be completely shattered- or……
Or you can face the misery in a way that will script the true spirit within you.
She was not to give up so easily. She accepted a job at one of her relative’s office. The pay was scanty. But now at least she has the courage to announce to the world
“Look, I have not fled from the battle of life,”
From here her story goes strength to strength. Her entrepreneurial venture paid her dividends and now
“Nanda just smiled back at me with her beautiful intense eyes and offered me more tea. Although she did not answer m question I understood more than what she could have said. What a lady! a truly inspirational story of a common Indian woman, who literally fought the entire world and craved her own way in life for her and her daughter.”
And if you think that what you have read is the entire struggle she had made with her life- than these fights are just tip of the iceberg. She had to make relentless fight against her husband’s apathy, against the outside world, against the disease of her daughter, against the odds of a new venture. But still she never gave up. She literally beat her husband one day with a stick and she saw tears in his eyes after so many years!
Every story is stunning-every story is unique- the protagonists may not be heroines of reel life- but true heroines of the real life. Somebody of them had to walk miles after her husband abandoned her; somebody has dedicated her life for the cause of the unprivileged in a silent manner- all stories are true signature of their characters.
The writer did a praiseworthy job in collecting the stores and representing in a unique style that will highlight their endeavour and at the same time embracing the emotions of these next door girls.
From their true stories- one message is clear-

She is fighting her crusade for her position.
One day she will walk on the road, her head is held high, her mind is without fear of hunger, without fear of molestation, without fear of illiteracy, and without any fear about the future of her future girl child.
We all wait for the day……

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