A case for print books in a world that’s gone digital

I am of the same opinion……..Pleasure of reading a freshly printed book ,its heartwarming aroma can never be equated with dull, lifeless rows of alphabets on an electronic screen-never!


To all those that thought print books would go the way of the dodo because of the ebook…think again.

A New Republic article states that sales of ereaders have plateaued, despite consistent year over year growth. The reason? People still like to read print books. In a survey conducted by Scholastic, of kids ages 6-17, 77% of them said they preferred to read print book over ebooks.

Why is this? Naomi Barron, author of Words Onscreen: The fate of reading in a digital world, surveyed over 300 college students in the U.S., Japan, Germany and Slovakia, and found that print books won in a landslide over ebooks, especially in the “serious reading” category, where more concentration was required.

While the format didn’t seem to matter as much for light or recreational reading, there was still considerable feedback about the importance of holding a physical book, feeling it in your…

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