Santosh has a flair for representing the bitter truth about life in a coating of sugar of humour-and this book is not an exception. The book deals with issues like gender discrimination, domestic violence, crime against woman ,but still the stories will be like a journey of fun to you –at least until you start thinking after finishing a particular story.
The story of human kind is the story of the relentless conflict between the good and the bad. Deep within our mind- human conscience tells us what is good and what are bad- but we often tend to overhear the voice. Interests drive us, passion drives us, lust drives us, greed drives us…..and we often end up being a slave of the Lucifer! Not everyone is Doctor Faustus-who will be the worshipper of truth unto his death. Often we try to dominate over the weak ……
To those who does not have any voice- and this book speaks of those voiceless. that‘s why the tile of the book is untitled.

“Men in our families are like the sun, they have a light of their own (they have resources, are mobile, have the freedom to take decisions.) Women on the other hand are like satellites, without any light of their own. They shine, if and only if, when the sun’s light touches them. This is why have to constantly compete with each other for a bigger share of sunlight, because without the life there is no life.”

Thus thinks the woman of today! They constitute half the sky……
According to National crime clock 2005, one crime against women is reported in every 3 minutes, one molestation every 15 minutes, one rape every 29 minutes, one dowry death every 77 minutes, and one sexual harassment in every 53 minutes. This is the tip of the iceberg-as majority of crimes remains unreported. Many of these heinous crimes are committed by the close acquaintances, close friends and……
And their near and dear ones.
How will it feels when a girl who has just attained puberty is told that he is going to be married. A girl-who is full of promises- who love to study-, loves to feel her place under the blue sky! From her childhood she has seen that her brother is getting pampered-getting all that is well and good- and suddenly she was told that she is to marry her own Mama(maternal uncle)!
“In spite of topping the school every year, my parents neither appreciated me nor gifted a smile to my happiness. I would often go to the open area and pray to god to give me strength.”
How it feels when the dreams are shattered? How it feels when the family wants the sacrifice of their own flesh and blood in the name of family values?
How it feels when her protests are met with cruelty that can not even be imagined in Medieval India?
The first story of the book-Kamli-the desires of my heart- is the story of tears of an innocent girl who only wished to live a life of her own!
But is the picture is same everywhere? Certainly not. The enlightened girls of today doe take advantage of the law that is heavily tilted in favour of them. Take the story of Mr. Kapoor. A techie-he dreamt a dream life- own family, loving wife, adorable children…..
And probably live happily ever after.
It does not take long for his world to break odd. After the marriage-her lady love went to her father’s house and one fine morning came the summon-……
Summon for torturing his wife under Cr.Pc 498!
It is a heart breaking story of how the law can be misused for personal greed of human-as usual served with spicy humour.
‘As laws are made for Sita(needy woman) but Surpanakha(woman on legal terrorism) are encashing.’
After every story has ended there are no light diary-offering valuable insights into the problem related. It can be considered as a personal chronicle of the writer’s thought. And certainly there is light-light at the end of the tunnel.
There are eleven stories in total-every story is a burning testimony of a problem that is plaguing the society of today (and in some cases, of yesterday). From the evil perspective- we Indians are strict custodian of customs- degradation of woman in the name of values and ethics still goes on and on……..

Unless someday somebody dares to break the shackle!

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