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At the dawn of civilization- there was no complexity whatsoever, at the society. Strictly speaking the concept of society was alien to the first children of God. Only fear of the outside-fear of the unknown tied them together- like the bunch of a stick. If you go hunting together-then less likely that sabre toothed tiger will make a prey of you- even that so called lesser children of god had that intelligence.
Then one day man learned agriculture – perhaps some seeds have grown up into plants around their caves. And Adams and Eves of yesterday had their first bite of knowledge apple. More plants mean more food-more food means more security- more security means more span of life! And the first concept of property was originated. Then when man learnt to tame wild animals to tame and supply them with milk and meat- the concept turned more organised. And it was the end of the cavemen-now it is the life of the historic man.
Society started to be complex and more and more human emotions started to rule human. Human became a slave of ego- a slave of lust- a slave of greed- a slave of everything that disintegrates them from their brothers. Man started too born free, but everywhere he was in chains!
That was just the beginning. At the cost of own benefit- human of today does not hesitate to kill his own brother. There is no hesitation in killing his daughter in the name of saving pseudo dignity of family. Man is running after only one thing –now.
The legendary Atlantis was sunk deep into the sea-as a consequence of god’s wrath. The city of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by the god-as the people were so full of sin.
Must the tales of holocaust through the ages and through the religions were created to remind us of something.
The messengers of god came to the world to remind us of something?
God’s table- The Last Supper by Santosh Avvanavar tries to discuss the issues that make our life-the modern human life a complex one. But if you think there is a religious perspective is imparted to the discussion-then you are wrong. There is nothing religious about it. Even the title of the book suggests the master piece by Leonardo de Vinci discussing the message of the cross- the sacrifice, but this one a little different. The modern society has been viewed from different perspective.
At dinner table, two cultured and elite couple Robert and Amrita discusses about the society from different viewpoint- the good, the bad and the ugly! Some deeper meaning of conventional life that sometimes escapes our eyes, takes a different importance through their discussions. There are twelve menus –meaning twelve topics. We will discuss about educational problems and honour killings. After all a balance should be struck between your patience and my annoying writing.
Education is the manifestation of perfection already in mind. This quotation of Swami Vivekananda is so relevant even today, that I overlooked to give quotation mark. Nobody cares about the Spartan system of sound body with a sound mind today. It is the rat race since birth. ‘You have to bring 105% marks at final exam.’ ‘Look how Sampurna had fared, you are worthless.’ it is really a tragedy for today’s boys and girls. Coupled with it the sprouting of technological institutions and English medium schools add salt to the wound. Every year thousands of thousand technological graduates are convocated. And how do they contribute to the progress of the nation? Well, you have to ask yourselves.
Sometimes you feel pity seeing a heavily book burdened child- the weight of the books he has to read combined more than the weight of the child. And all for not the decent-but the best job…..
Again just think of the donation, the development fees and thousands of such meaningless fees. Education is a thriving business now
“Most sought professional courses by many parents are engineering or medical after their children finish school. Then their aim of admission is job placement over learning and growth, a salary is often termed as a career growth in these young minds since first day of college.”
Let us take glimpses about the honour killing- killing in the name of saving the prestige of the family-or village. We will take a quick glance at practice of Khap panchyat prevailing at rural India.
In early 14 th century khap panchyats are constituted by upper caste (Jats) to show off their power. Basically a cluster of neighboring villages united by same gotra(clan)forms a khap. Within a khap all male and female are considered siblings. So same gotra marriage or intravillage marriage (like between a dalit man and Jat women) within a khap is prohibited by khap rulings. Love marriage is also a taboo. Such practice thrives in Haryana, western Uttar Pradesh, and parts of Rajasthan. Many young couples were murdered in defying khap rules. Basically, it is because due to very low sex ratio, male dominated society makes a tight control over the woman pool available for marriage.

Anybody who stands firmly on ground can only look to the sun at the sky .every day, every minute she is sinking in quick sand. To her where is the sun? Where is the sky?
Will India’s daughter claim her rightful place any day under the sun?
It is not only the question of Santosh only-it is also our question.

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