Quest of saving humanity- a journey through times

It is an epic tale of blood and sweat, of valour and heroism and of devotion and determination. In this saga Dean has weaved a fabric of fantasy with history, folklore and legends from medieval Europe- which results in a fascinating tale that captures also a mirror image of the culture and lifestyle of the land and the people.
the thread of the story takes us to the days when there was a fierce battle taken place between the god Telm ,the war god and the beast of the underworld ,Agon who had a sole target in mind-making the whole human race his slave. The war resulted in the slewing of the war god by the beat, true-but not before the fearsome beast was chained up and thrown to the dungeon of the Hales.
Times had passed and this time the world is facing another day of holocaust – there is a probability now that the beast may have escape from his dark world- and the world will be dark again. Is there any saviour?
There is bloodline of the god still existent- although their courage had diminished considerably with time-strength weakened. One of them is Ifferon- now hiding in a coastal monastery by the fear of the forces of the dark- the forces of evil who still serve the beast of Hales. And his fear was not without basis- there was a storm soon to come and it took his world upside down. but he has the blessings of overworld and the scroll that prophesised that he has to perform the duty of making sure that the beast remains vanquished. The scroll had the words of blood-the words of the dying war god.
Saved by the prince of Boror- they are on a wondrous journey through the land of Irelads- that encompasses many people- their works of bravery and of courage, the lands that are full of fascinating feats, the creatures mighty and fierce. Now the question is where the destiny will take them to their quest of saving the humanity. This journey sometimes makes me remind the journey of Sindbad the sailor- with all its glory and stunning facts.
Coupled with a fascinating plot the story echoes the legends and folk tales and the legends echo the reflection of life and reconciling with the fact that both legends and lives all eventually meet their ends.



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