She loves me,he loves me not……

Deeper than the Mariana trench, higher than the Mount Everest……
Had anybody been able to predict the unpredictable? Even if Albert Einstein was asked to formulate and predict her behaviour through a mathematical model- he would have been put to shame!
We are talking about woman-because nobody can predict what she will do next. And particularly to persons from opposite sex- who is madly in love or it seems who is madly in love with the angel!
Boys are always to the mercy of girls. They can never understand how to please them and sometimes how to displease them. But still human has a thirst for discovering the unknown. And this quest lures males to discover woman psychology.
And this book is an honest attempt for unearthing the secret of well-not woman, but woman psychology. And since the target group is the adolescent –there is a saturator warning-parental guidance is solicited while reading the book.
Santosh has a witty style of storytelling-and this book is no exception. Even when he writes on something serious such as mentality of society towards AIDS affected –he can make the environment light with his razor sharp humour. This book is no exception. It is a fascinating first person account of how the writer has made his love affairs, how he manipulated everything and ultimately lost everything (well, this is my personal remark. every coin has two sides, you know.)
It is all a game of pituitary- they said. Love is nothing but chemical phenomena. That’s why seeing somebody makes our pulse rate faster-there is a sudden rush of adrenaline. and then comes the calculative risks taken from both the persons involved into a feeling named love-and ultimately she may be yours, she may not be yours. Sometimes all the love affairs may produce a letter like that
“Lifelong I would wait for you’ was the desired reply but ‘all the best, happy married life’. Was your reply to my marriage invitation card? Whether you were playful or serious about your decision is still an unsolved puzzle. Even if you had decided to be part of that ceremony, I was not sure if I would be happy or sad. Though, I had no ill intention behind the invitation sent; I had also invited your father, but he turned down the request to join. I can understand.”
Well, I have already replied that this author has a rare ability to crave out funny moments out of serious incidents. Four years of campus life is a game of snake and ladder of love-sometimes somebody has to rise a little for impressing somebody-somebody has to sink a bit deeper to make an impression in the eyes of another body. Though they said love is blind-but it is not always the case. Sometimes person in love can be a sly fox. And if he can logically analyse the picture of life-it will read something like this-
? ? ? ?

Well if at least falling in love and departing from love could not be explained through any mathematical relation-let we see if there is any accepted model of science that can explain love ka side effects-not in filmy style, silly! Let us take entropy as our role model. The entropy of a system never decreases-it increases and attains a maximum point of equilibrium. it is the measurement of disturbance-greater the time ,greater the disturbance- to the love birds and to the outside world. And then one day comes the moment of maximum equilibrium –and then comes…….well, the rest is silent. All truths of the universe like big bang theory can be compared with this eternal truth of the universe. Even the writer dares to venture into making a SWOT analysis of falling in love.
So what you are waiting for? You can start reading the book yourself- get some tips- after all case studies are your tips. Whoever ever heard that he is boosting that he knows everything about her-and then go to the battlefield. You are now experienced with the experience of the author.
After all your battle can make or break your life-if not it is a battle of life and death. And finally I would like to dedicate this review to those tormented unfortunate souls who have suffered enough by the arrows of the cupid.

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