The last battle…………

It’s a saga of valor! It’s a saga of sacrifice! And it’s a saga of eternal quest of human from the darkness to the light!
The tale is epic in scope- depicting a journey against evil, a battle against darkness and indomitable human will. It’s an absorbing story of fantasy no doubt-but more than that it’s the story of humanity- the humanity that can fight relentlessly and fearlessly against what is evil -even in the face of death!
The children of Telm trilogy series is a work that tells the story of that human consciousness.
We are here to discuss the book three of the epic work by Dean F. Wilson –The Chains of War. Let us take a quick glance at first some background information related to the book. Years ago-it was a war of good versus evil- a fierce battle between the war God Telm and the beast of the netherworld. Agon ultimately became responsible to the death of the war god-but the beast was also got chained up in the underworld. There was peace and tranquility in the upper world, until………
Until the chains that held him in place, started to loosen up, getting weak with passing years- giving the beast more and more freedom and ultimately
“But this time the thrashing and kicking was different. His upper arm pulled on the chain, and it did not pull back. It did not tighten, but grew looser, until the very jaws of the metal ring no longer had any bite. And so with another angry strike he broke the chain, and he held up his freed arm like a trophy, and he banged his fist upon the stone roof above in victory.
All the Hales heard, and all in Iraldas heard.
The call of Agon has been answered.”
It is a matter of time before the beast gets himself freed from dungeon and lashes his terror to the peaceful human world.
The war God was long dead, is there anyone who can behold his mighty power?
The father God Corrias has resurrected just in time to stop the avenging beast-but will he be able to stop him? Is he mighty enough?
Is there any glimmer of hope?
Let us sneak a peek from the conversation of two knights who are there to fight the evil.
“Delin thought his own eyes might be grimmer. ‘Perhaps, and I would rather be a blasphemer than a soothsayer, but my mind tells me that Corrias was not strong enough a thousand years ago to defeat Agon ,and my heart tells me he is not strong enough to defeat him today.”
Is there no light at all at the end of the tunnel? Will the destiny of the people of Iraldas is to surrender meekly to the beast?
Will there be a kingdom of Satan?
The only hope is the bloodline of Telm-that may be weak with time, may be scattered now far and away-but it is still the bloodline of the God who was once put the beast into chains, albeit at the cost of his life!
In the words of the brave knight, Delin- fighting for the common cause against evil- the bloodline of Telm is
“When your people stopped treating him as a child that is when he stopped being one of you and became just a weapon. In the coming days I will show you that it is children like him that we are fighting for, that it is for children like him that we take up weapons and march to war.”
And in this battle against evil the human has been blessed with the weapons that had been used by the war God long ago- the weapons which have a consciousness of their own. Only the bloodline of the God can use those mighty weapons- to strike the blow against the creatures from the dark world who serve the mighty beast and against the mighty beast himself, probably! When the children of Telm has the weapon on their hand
“His thoughts were jarred by a strange sensation from the sword, a dull vibration that sent tiny shudders into his body, and in these shudders he thought he could recognise a pattern, as if it were a language of some kind. He then began to suddenly become aware of a powerful mind within the sword, a force beyond anything he had ever felt before,”
And then the clash began-like the waves of a sea –mighty, colossal. Different races untied by a common cause stood to fight the dark world, the evil. The war scenes reminded me some of the classic works on crusade-precisely painting the blood, sweat, bravery and sacrifices
‘The battle was a bloodbath, and though it started with the colours of many banners, it ended with the colour red. The knights did not wait for the enemy to make its move, but began their charge from horse back, drowning out the beats of their horse’s hooves with a chorus of horn cries that rent the earns of all who heard them. Lances were thrust forth, blades were swung low, and the armies clashed like a clap of thunder from the angry sky.”
But unity for a common cause is not enough. The people need something more against the mighty beast and his army. Will they be able to restrain him? Or the dark world is the destiny of the people of Iraldas?

Will the divine force come to their rescue? Or it is a win of human will against evil?
To discover you have to go through this gripping story. It is not a fluid read, with in depth narrations, but once you are deep inside the story the story will itself compel you to finish the saga …………
Just like the sword of Telm that compelled them to rise against the beast.
In this work Dean has perfectly portrayed many characters- brilliantly rendering them a shade of emotions, making them all alive. This effort on his part does not only confine the story into the arena of fantasy-but giving it a touch of humanity- a touch of solitude-a touch of belongings.
The ingredient that makes a work classic……….

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