Life-a pilgrim’s journey…………

And then God crated the earth.
The earth was void, without any form and darkness was everywhere.
Then the God commanded –let there be light and there was light.
The story of human is the story to the quest of light- from ignorance to knowledge, from death to immortality and from darkness to the light.
The story of human is the story of optimism- a saga of breaking the shackle of pain, grief and despair.
‘Impressions and expressions’ by George Schnaider is the song of that optimism- it is a reflection of the dynamic world- captured in the water of the mind!
There are fifty well written verses embracing different aura of life and in our review we will try to critically analyse some representative poems.
Paradise sky is a poem that depicts a utopian world-free from all hatred and pain-where grey shades of life are nowhere to be found-everything is as colourful as the brightest of rainbow. This is the imaginary world of heaven where
‘Where all souls sing and love is king,
Where everyone’s amused.
There is no hatred in his house
There is no greed or pain.
Each girl and boy filled with joy,
And peace always remains.’
The poem may have some influence from the biblical description of heaven-but it is a heaven of author’s own- blessed by the rising sun, swept by the love! It is a place where the mind of individual is as pure as the driven snow-where individual is no longer concerned about caste, creed or skin colour.
I do not know why some immortal lines had suddenly crossed my mind-
‘Imagine there is no heaven,
It’s easy to try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today………’
Let us come to another poem titled reflection. As I have earlier said-this poem is truly like a reflection of mind- a conscious mind, that loves the wonderful, magical creations around us and wait for a little to smell the aroma of nature, wait a while to give a treat to the soaring eyes with the colourful fly of the butterfly amid the hustling of everyday life. They are like moments that float away in the river of life-it is an honest attempt to recollect some of these passing memories-priceless, immortal! In the words of the poet
‘Have you ever gazed at a picture?
That you thought was so divine?
It filled your heart with pleasure.
And a sense that all is fine.’
It is truly a reflection-reflection of nature in the mind-no refraction, no distortion! it is the celebration of nature-and every time you see the celebration around you ,you can’t help yourself but get amazed with the power of the creator, like Whitman had observed
“I see something of God each hour of the twenty-four, and each
moment then,
In the faces of men and women I see God, and in my own face in
the glass”.
And with this sense of gratitude to the creator, poet has concluded-
‘Fond memories of life,
Could be your greatest treasure.’
You have heard of paradise lost, have heard about paradise regained, but ever heard of paradise on hold? Does not it sound a bit unusual? Well, let us see what the poet has to offer
“While silk tie rule kings search for puppets and gophers,
Among ashes of sorrow a light sends a call .
A guideline to salvation, reaching for all.
The one, and the son, and the ghost in the three,
Offer love, peace and truth for eternity.”
Nothing will last forever- even the most powerful of the emperors is now having a sleep of tranquillity- nothing can break their calmness- and over their tombs now reign moss and fern. It is the eternal nature-the majestic creation of God that can only remain as blissful as ever.
Life is seen from a different dimension altogether in this anthology of poems. A surrealistic impression of everyday world has been imparted in some of the poems.
But more than that the poems are realization of life.
Realization, that makes life so beautiful……

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